Monday, November 13, 2006

The Truth About Cats & Dogs - Volume 11

I want you all to think about that little yellow bus that drives past your house once in a while, but in a lot of circumstances, every day. We have all made some sort of wise ass remark about it, and for the most part it has grown to be known as “the Yiddle Yeyyow Bus” and especially when we are trying to hammer the point home that we think someone is stupid, we would insinuate that that is the bus that they take. Sure, I am going to get some indignant people who are going to pretend that this is something common only to hateful people like me, and that is alright, I deal with people who have no ability to be honest all the time, but this is a really serious topic that I bring up today which does effect some innocent people who are pretty much defenseless to this. I have known people, who rode this bus, and most of them were disabled, but quite a few were also mentally handicapped, autistic or otherwise. I am here to talk about the drivers of these busses because of what happened last Friday, and I can’t bang this drum enough, but it doesn’t resonate with a lot of people or worse yet it simply gets ignored because after all I am a hate monger.

Cynthia Lee drives one of these busses and after dropping off a 9 year old autistic girl to her Princeton Massachusetts home 20 minutes late, ran over the fence of the little girls house and sped off. The girl’s father decided that he would follow the bus when he spotted it driving erratically on his way home from work, and it was swerving into the wrong side of the road quite often. He called the police in Sterling, who promptly pulled Lee over and arrested her because her blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit {which I think is .24 if Mass has a legal limit of .08} and worse yet they had found evidence that she was mixing her own Rum and Cokes as she was driving. I hate to say this, but I am rather angry that people have the audacity to be shocked and astounded by all of this because it happens to be common. Nobody wants to talk about it though, but that’s what I am here for because I don’t give a crap. This woman should hopefully spend time in jail for this, but won’t because that is not the way the state of Massachusetts operates when it comes to these sorts of things, despite her charges of child endangerment etc.

Here’s the problem that nobody wants to touch and I have been going on and on about for years here, and it all comes down to the perceived belief that the cities and towns care about handicapped children when it isn’t an election debate. Why I would say this is because of the way they pick the people that are in charge of their well being to and from school which makes me rather angry. Most people know what I am talking about, but let me paint a picture for you. Should you have the wonderful fortune to have a “hopeless welfare mom” living in your neighborhood, you should be able to spot their home from a mile away. I am not saying everyone who is on welfare or a mom, and I shouldn’t have to explain myself on that one but I do anyway. I am talking about the ones that you snicker at because you have seen them being nothing more than a government breeder for a long time, and most people think that is wrong on the inside but are too afraid to say it out loud. Again I don’t give a crap because now we are talking about the safety of other people’s children, when I remind many people that sooner or later a lot of them will have a “Little Yellow Bus” parked out front of their house out of the blue, to go along with their underdressed, under clean children, running around it. Again, not always, but enough that we have all noticed it, and have probably made a comment about it.

This goes back to “Welfare Reform” during the first Clinton Administration. It was one of the few things he did right after he vetoed it 3 times, he finally signed it so that he could get re-elected, and the gamble paid off, but thanks to the line item veto, he took a lot of the teeth out of the bill. Instead of cutting off welfare for certain mothers who refused to work and appreciated their role as a “Government Breeder” {Government Breeder – More than 2 kids more than 2 dads, and questionable amounts of paternity tests} but sooner or later were supposed to be forced off of it anyway, could take a minor city job and be “supplemented” for the rest of their living expenses. I imagine I the beginning by handing over a “Little Yellow Bus” to these women the cities originally assumed that the job would be too difficult on them or stressful, and they would seek employment elsewhere, but then again why should they? The job benefits of working part time, and getting full time pay and benefits {at the expense of the tax payers} are far too enticing when you consider that a lot of them are professionals at sucking at the public nipple anyway. A large majority of them around here simply park their cars in the backyard and let them decay, without registering or inspecting them, buying gas, upkeep etc, and opt to simply drive the bus everywhere they need to. You would think that this may be a tolerable thing, but here we are with yet ANOTHER woman driving this bus while mixing her Rum and Coke, and lord only knows how long she has been doing this too.

Nobody even thinks to ask this simple question but “Does it occur to anyone that a woman who has been incapable of working at McDonald’s or ANYWHERE for so long that she is forced into city employment, might actually have some problems?” I realize again that this makes me a hate monger, but I think it is a serious issue, and speak from experience. My ex wife who I have often called the queen of the useless, who had her own children taken away from her for being “dangerous” used to drive one of these busses, and if she was awake she was probably drunk. She did the very things that I outlined, and in the end the state finally took her drivers license away because she refused to pay her fines. She had 1800 dollars in fines that she hadn’t paid, and can you imagine how bad you have to drive to get 1800 dollars in fines? Worse than that she was ecstatic that they took her license away because they couldn’t make her work, and within a month of that her house mysteriously burned down, because the “police report” stated that my son had been playing with a lighter all alone in the living room, while her and whoever she had been sleeping with that night were asleep. This woman was driving THAT “Little Yellow Bus” and wasn’t even allowed to have her own children after that day. The state of Maine fought diligently to get her license back to her so that she could drive the “Little Yellow Bus” again and get her kids back from her mean ex husband … ME!

Over 4 years later I still have the kids, she still has no license {because now on top of refusing to pay her fines, she refuses to pay her child support, and 4 years of that on top of her fines makes for a 15,000 dollar drivers license} but I see this happening with the woman down in Massachusetts, but while I was looking up the information on the internet, I found HUNDREDS of cases of drunk driving while driving a school bus, and most of them were the “Little Yellow Bus” which leads me to believe that not only do e have a serious problem on our hands that effect the most innocent among us, we also have to change our stereotypes, in today’s day and age. It’s not the passengers that make it “The Yiddle Yeyyow Bus” it could be the driver, so be very careful around it, until the cities and towns care enough to take care of this issue properly. ;8o)

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