Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Never Ending Plight Of The More Equals - Volume 1

I decided yesterday when I got home to change my blogs at the last minute because the one I had been planning one, which was going to talk about breast feeding in public I felt needed more data. I have actually been one of those evil “penis bearers” that thinks that breast feeding in public is ok as long as a woman is discreet about it, but I have a common sense set of values when it comes to this, which are not allowed in any sort of conversation that involves a woman and “her” rights. This is going to be one of those types of blogs because I am furious not only at myself but the women that are involved in all of this, but mostly myself because I was actually going to make a statement about the rights of the woman on the plane, until the rest of the far left Nazi Kook Bimbos got their hands on this topic, and reminded me that out of principal you can’t agree with these women … EVER!

The woman in question who had been thrown off of the Delta plane had indeed been wronged in my mind, BUT her reaction to it was wrong as well. I usually like to have a grain of common sense when it comes to who is more wrong and that is NOT easy in a lot of these scenarios. The fact remains that she was on a very long flight that had already been delayed 3 HOURS, which is not getting reported all that much, so people like myself who usually wish that women would breast feed more discreetly still have to say, “Damn, what the hell was that woman supposed to do?” because the baby was going to be damn hungry by that point. Even if she indeed overreacted because the stewardess handed her a blanket and asked her to cover up, I actually still place the blame on the airline for all of those delays that brought us to this point, and YES we all would have temper management issues in that regard. People should have been told the whole story and should have had a responsible moratorium on breast feeding in public, but NOOOO we had to have the Left Wing Nazi Kook Bimbo approach to it all which is what I am now going to trash because it was handled EXACTLY the way that Right Wing Nutcases like myself said it would be.

The “Feed In” or whatever these idiots disguised as mothers called it at Delta terminals all across the country were the typical “shock value” deals that under the very best of circumstances may have worked. The people who organize these things always come out and talk about how people have rights yaddita yaddita yaddita, and then they do what ever the hell they want regardless of who it effects, and I’m sorry, that is NOT ok! As I was watching the news footage of this and listening to the “Breast Feeding Activists” talking about how “All women are discreet” when they breast feed I wanted to reach into the TV and choke the women that were talking about it, or at the very least turn their heads to see the “perception” being demonstrated to everyone. It was one exposed boob after another one, then a baby attached to it. Sure it was about 50/50 the mix of women who did it discreetly and those that were making a statement of “I have boobs, live with it” and that is not ok under any circumstances in a public place, or at the very least should show the rampant insensitivity of the people branding others insensitive. The most ardent argument I got in behalf of breast feeding was “That’s what they were made for you idiot, and it is a biological function that you can’t deny because it is natural, so you shouldn’t even be looking!” and then the other one which was “In other countries they don’t even have bans on boobs being exposed you closed minded such and such,” so I figure what is good for the goose is good for the gander, or maybe it is the other way around.

I have to piss a lot because I drink so much coffee. It’s a biological function, and in more cases than even Ron Jeremy can attest to that is what THAT part of my body is used for. It’s natural, and there are many parts of the world where you simply take it out and piss when you need to. Some of those countries are actually considered American trade partners like India, Thailand and Indonesia, so perhaps I think that everyone is being a bit restrictive of my rights to take a piss. Especially on a long airplane flight, where there were probably delays. I know someone is going to say that there are littering laws so perhaps I carry a jar around with me, so that I can simply whip it out in a cramped airline seat, with total disregard of disturbing the people crammed into the seats next to me. If they look then they are simply being nosy. Perhaps I can get about a hundred like minded people to go to the airport and we can all piss in jars out front of the airline terminals. Besides the fact that that is totally absurd, how about the fact that a bunch of men wouldn’t even be allowed to hang out at the airline terminals to begin with, now that there is security issues that apparently pregnant women don’t have to worry about! “Oh Maury it’s just a bunch of those PregNazis coming to protest something, let them through so that the ACLU doesn’t come and get us … No they ALL are butt ugly and have bushy beards,” will be a famous last statement when terrorists blow up an airplane somewhere! That is yet another one of those “more equal” things that people like me are constantly rallying against, but will probably never change until something bad happens.

Other arguments that the woman on the television last night was trying to get across to me and all of my “penicularly challenged” comrades in the testosterone bearing world {because no woman would ever consider breast feeding in public to be bad} were making me rather infuriated too because they totally defy logic. These women that are all for the right to breast feed anywhere they want actually remind me a lot of the Moonbats that believe we blew up our own buildings on 911. They take the most obscure research data, or some sort of theory that has never been proven, and then they beat you up with it. Actual facts and almost every bit of research I have ever seen, show that breast feeding is only most beneficial to a baby’s health the very first day. Beyond that I consider it a choice, so when she was explaining that a 24 month old won’t let a blanket be over them when you feed my alarms went off. Now we are entering the territory when my mouth can get me into trouble, but why does a 24 month old need to be breast fed in public, when they probably shouldn’t even be breast fed at all! I know it gets done until kids are in their adolescence in many parts of the world and have witnessed some freak who’s child has walked up and actually placed their own head under their mother’s shirt right in a grocery store. Some parts of the world are fighting for the right for parents to come into school to breast feed their children {in front of everyone of course} when they are 6 years old! This makes a lot of sense to me realistically since we do after all have politicians out there that would love nothing more than to have everyone sucking at the public nipple for their entire lives ;8o)

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