Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Good The Bad and the Ugly - Volume 2

Well I know you all are hearing about the shooting in New York City where three cops shot 50 some odd bullets into a vehicle that killed a man on his way to his wedding, and severely injured the groomsmen. Unfortunately this sort of thing happens and the news is not being very forthcoming with the entire scenario so I am not really up on the whole story. I am concerned that this is finally the “Oh Shit” moment that the news media has been desperate for because the whole “Hero” persona that the New York City Police Department has been carrying since 911 doesn’t sit well with the organizations that want to strip the law and order mentality from the people of the country. The mainstream news is all about whining about corruption whether they have to invent it or simply enhance it, so I just want to give my two bits about the New York City Police Department before I find out the rest of the story and then I am willing to write a follow up if I am incorrect or if it needs more facts interjected. Then I want to give contrast to the whole story by explaining a story about the Boston Police Department.

Here is my overview of what happened in New York City as a person who lived in the area, I think that from what I have read that the officers involved are probably crumb bums purely based on their actions regardless of their excuses. Firing off 50 shots is bad enough but the fact that only 26 of them hit the car means that they were out of control. With that said I want to condemn the spectacle that Al Sharpton and his people are performing as well because it is counterproductive to the investigation that hasn’t even had time to start properly. These cops are BIG TIME guilty and will be punished and I believe that Sharpton and his people are making a spectacle out of this so that they can take credit. Had they not pulled all of this race baiting we could see justice, and now they are placing the world in a position to have to defend racism out of plain old fashioned stupidity, and I am offended by it because the area of New York that this happened in actually is a rather crime laden area which needs the police, and a few bad apples are going to brand the Police Department neutered in that area forever. Here’s what I mean as I take us to the community of Dorchester in Boston Massachusetts which desperately needs Police as well and doesn’t have any.

Sunday morning at 3:30 AM a Gunfight broke out at 67 Milton Ave. Dorchester which is one of the worst neighborhoods in Massachusetts. It’s common for people to die and for homes to be ransacked here, because there are no police. What is my reasoning for their being no police? Well there was a party going on in this condemned house that had been going on since Wednesday night. The house had no electricity or plumbing and the music was so loud that the neighbors were up watching television at 3am because they couldn’t sleep over it. Neighbors had been calling and begging the Boston Police Department to go and deal with this party for 4 days. Elderly women in the neighborhood were terrified as the 12 to 20 year olds that had seized control of the place were defecating on their front steps because, as I said before, there was no plumbing in the house. The electricity was being stolen from the house next door, and the party was being advertised on the internet. The Police in Boston could not be bothered until an 18 year old boy was shot and killed out front along with the 14 and 15 year old girls,16 and 17 year old boys who were shot and only injured along with the slain teen. 4 strait days this was going on in a house that the City of Boston had boarded up and condemned.

Now the Boston Police Department is completely corrupt, and everyone knows it, but the state house has been run by the Irish Gang Lords on and off for most of my life, but here’s the rub of it all. When a good cop does decide that he is going to try to police this section of Boston the people out there usually attack him. Last year a police officer that was chasing a perpetrator into a back yard ended up getting attacked and beaten half to death by the people having a bar-b-q in the back yard. Nothing came of that because no matter what a police officer does in that section of Boston, they are branded a racist. Arrest a black person, then you are a racist, or get the shit kicked out of you by a gang of black people, then you are a racist, and it is a paradise for the people who earn a living pointing a finger and proclaiming others “racist.” Meanwhile the community is falling farther and farther into becoming a war zone, and the murder rate in Boston this year is going to eclipse any other year in history. When the Governor of the state offered to send the State Troopers to Boston and let them assist the City this summer, Mayor Menino {aka Mumbles} said “absolutely not” {or at least that is what it sounded like} because he was beholden to the Police Union that was furious over losing it’s over time. The end result is a neighborhood in Boston with no Police, and a Mayor who accepts this. What’s worse is that the people of Dorchester accept this as well.

I hear it all about how “There are good people in Dorchester” who are being held hostage by all of this, but when Menino stops winning re-election to Boston’s top chair on an overwhelming 92 percent Dorchester vote, then I will start to believe that the people of Dorchester actually care about what is happening to them. When they start doing something about crime towards Police then perhaps the Police will be more willing to patrol their neighborhoods, and the bullshit about how the Police need to be sensitive to the community is a pile of crap as well. Police need to enforce the law and people need to expect to be arrested for committing crimes, PERIOD. Neither of which is going on in Dorchester and it is a sad statement on society. I fear that this type of behavior could be coming to New York City pretty soon if the new generations of “Slave Masters” like Al Sharpton don’t stop dictating street policy on the people who happen to want the courts and the police to do their jobs, and don’t personally care what the color of a man’s skin is. If 80 percent of crimes are committed by a certain sector of the community then the people in that community should be outraged at the people committing them and the community itself for letting them get to that point.

One more time, I believe that the police in New York City that were involved in the idiocy that it took to commit the acts of shooting over 50 bullets at a vehicle are going to be punished severely, or at the very least I want to see them get punished properly. I don’t want to see a circus that will taint whatever happens, and create more of a unnecessary rift between people of different ethnicities because quite frankly it is getting very old. Change doesn’t happen through dissension unless there is something to dissent. By creating dissention before there is even anything to dissent is just going to create yet another cartoon atmosphere so that people like me are forced to rebel against it, and whether anyone involved wants to admit it or not I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but I do fear the people who want to create racism in everything they touch or purvey. Those that do that call it racism so that they can cheapen my dissention and I am not going to take it with tape over my mouth. We can’t keep allowing an “owed” form of lawlessness on either side of the argument ;8o)

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