Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Good The Bad and the Ugly - Volume 1

Well so here I am the day after election and I have had time to do a lot of thinking about it all. It was a very strange and fascinating day for me because initially I tried to look at the positive side of it all, but there really isn’t any for me that doesn’t seem petty at best. I mused this morning over the theory that one can never be too cautious of what they wish for because they just might get it. The house was handed over to Nancy Pelosi through a three pronged assault that is not going to be as much fun for her as she thinks, and I will find humor in all of that because of a few things I will outline later in this post, and it the whole thing isn’t going to be quite as gloomy as others think. The hardest part of the day was dealing with all of the liberals who felt it was important to gloat, but not that I mind someone gloating after a victory it is the fact that liberals have no on/off switch for being cruel despite what we all get told often. Basically I sat through a few sessions of listening to several people tell me that I was stupid, and my radio shows that I like to listen to were inundated with callers wanting to hammer that home. It was after I heard the President’s press conference today that I was rather pleased about some things that will also come later in the writings.

First of all let me reiterate what I said last night which is truer then I had even imagined. I went and looked into the Democrats that were picking up seats in the more conservative areas, and had made some notes that they were more conservative than the Republicans that were running in most cases. At last count between the House and the Senate, the Democrats added 44 MORE Pro Life candidates then were in there prior to the elections. There are now 28 MORE people against Illegal Immigration reform as it presently stands, and are pushing for stronger border security. There are 3 MORE seats that are held by people that are AGAINST stem cell research funding with tax payer dollars. Then there are the issues that I stray from my own party on like “Same Sex Marriage” which actually placed 14 more people AGAINST “Same Sex Marriage” but unfortunately dropped the amount for “Civil Unions” by 4. You add this into the rough count of about 50 “Blue Dog” Democrats being added to the House and Senate, and there will be a lot of humor over the fact that they will have that gridlock that they had lost when Reagan was in office. This was also something that they had thought that they were going to get rid of when they got Lieberman defeated by Ned Lamont. How did that work out for them?

As I look at the Republican Party itself I watched the Democrats take care of a few of the issues that I had had with my own party as well. Lincoln Chafee is GONE! Olympia Snow remains, but it is all about baby steps. Most of the Republicans that actually lost their seats were the wishy washy moderates that always made the party look bad by siding with the other side anyway, and were replaced by more conservative Democrats. I watched this happen a while back in the New Hampshire local elections where the Democrats took the Senate and then half of them voted with the Republicans to get the “chosen” Senate Majority Leader thrown out of the Party. It’s not what I like to see actually but it made for good fodder. All of the Republicans that denounced the President and the Party LOST, including that clown in New Jersey, but unfortunately my Congressman lost. To be truthful with everyone, every single person I voted for lost, and both of the ballet questions I voted for lost, so what the hell do I know?

The bad of it all is that after 6 strait years of hearing that “Republicans Are Bad People” I got to hear how last night was a mandate on that. The problem with that is that it had already worn rather thin on me before now, because I never really saw myself as a bad person, so I am going to have to take issue with that one for a while longer. Unlike the Democrats in Congress and in this country I actually HAVE spent a majority of my life in the Minority Party, so this really isn’t a deflating thing to me. I can now go back to being in a position of defense when I really should be which is an interesting position that the Democrats never got used to, and they might have a hard time with the position of authority as they had been out of it so long. Unfortunately for us all, the President had given up in all of this too, and is in the Clinton mode of simply trying to make it out with a higher approval rating. This will never change the way people talk about him, and by giving up Donald Rumsfeld to them today is never going to satisfy them. They will be after Condaleeza Rice, and perhaps Dick Cheney. I am pretty sure that his talk on the phone to Nancy Pelosi was simply to tell her that he’ll rubber stamp whatever she wants, and I heard it in the concessionary way that he said, they won and he needs to work with them. The way his attitude totally perked up when they talked about Immigration Reform and how he can get that done finally with the Democrat sealed it. There will be some interesting times ahead as they work on killing off members of the Bush administration, and possibly going after fake legal charges on most of them. I’m sure the American public will love that, but again, what do I know?

Here is what I do know, and denying this will be part of the new theme around this country, but a lot of those Democrats won with the votes of Republicans. The Republican “Get Out The Vote” effort worked, but the problem was the 10 percent or so that jumped ship, which I am not blaming them for, but I am reminding everyone that the “Republicans Are Bad People” tenor will have very short legs. In the coming years, the Republicans that jumped ship will have jumped off that boat, and swimming, the lazy and uninformed that went out to vote purely based on hatred will be satisfied, and float back into their role of the ignorant masses, and what will probably be left are the two parties, and their respected bases, as it had been for a much longer time than this last year. The Democrats in the House and the Senate will have a period of time to prove whether they should keep their new jobs in the House and the Senate. I’m pretty sure, at this time that the President will be a swinging door for all of the Democrats policy changes, legislation, and entitlements, but will they be able to accomplish these things or actually have the balls to do it? Remember that there are now a lot more Democrats that don’t agree with the Democrats then there are Republicans that don’t agree with the Republicans. In a year and a half they will all be standing up for that vote on the President’s tax cuts for example, and do you think they will actually have the votes to do it? They are already talking about cutting Iraq spending but already are seeing ripples in the new Blue Dogs that are calling their own on making another Vietnam. As I said, watch what you wish for.

Now we throw out the fact that another year or so of listening to “Republicans Are Bad People” gets old, while at the same time Democrats start initiating their policies as they wanted to, it makes you wonder if the Democrats finally shut up people like me, and the answer to that is “not if my life depended on it” because I already am a bad person so appeasing the people that hate me just because of what I believe is not an option anymore. The President will probably finally be MY scratching post along with the Democrats and I no longer have to make excuses for the stupid things that the Liberal Republicans were doing because there is no political benefit in Republicans being Liberal any more or they were finally voted out! I will be able to simply be the pest that God intended me to be. When they vote in the new 7 dollar an hour minimum wage I can stand up on my soap box and say, “Why not 10 dollars an hour? How come it isn’t 20 dollars so I can get a pay raise too?” and keep raising the bar? I can stop sitting on the things that I don’t talk about because I am too busy explaining to morons why we should have allowed Dubai to have the ports since the President wasn’t going to! I can bring up the woman who had a baby in the bathroom of a mall a few weeks ago and left it in the toilet. By the logic of the Party of choice these days, they had absolutely NO right to arrest that woman because she was just executing her right to choose, and was just a day late. At best she is a victim of evil ideals and perhaps littering! Who among us has the right to victimize this woman for simply making a mistake in the timing and way she executed her right to chose? If you think I am off base then you are simply closed minded. No, trust me, there isn’t a person in this world or an election in the world that has shut me up, and more to the point this election did nothing but hand me a can of gasoline and a lighter. ;8o)

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