Monday, November 6, 2006

Let's Talk About Votes Baby - Volume 1

Well the news cycle on what is wrong with one party as opposed to another one must be really slow today because an old story has gotten legs again, in an attempt to do God knows what and for what reason. This story actually dates back to last June as a motorcade in Seattle Washington carrying the President and a Congressman through the streets of one of my personal favorite cities. The facts are in at this point that a school bus carrying Middle School children from the Woodland Park Zoo was passing by, and the children on the bus started waving out the windows to the President, who put his window down and waved back to them. This is pretty typical stuff for a bus full of 12 year olds, and the President to do really, but the bus driver flipping the President the bird was a little over the top.

Now the stories differ here depending on who hates who, and from who the story is written or told by, but the facts remain that the bus driver flipped the President the Bird, and was fired for it. The Congressman who was in the car insists that he called it in and had the bus driver fired, the person running against the Congressman agrees and says that he is an evil such and such for taking away her freedom of speech, and if the story is written by someone leaning towards that point of view they will remind you over and over again that she is a single mother of 43. Those that lean towards the Congressman will remind you over and over again that she was doing it in front of a bus full of children, and on and on and on. The bus driver has filed a union grievance to get her job back, and the truth be told, the stories pointing to her bragging to her coworkers about doing it is what seems the most real in all of this. There were a lot of complaints filed against her conduct by the other bus drivers who were ashamed of her actions around the children.

I shouldn’t have to sit here with my fingers clattering away at this keyboard and then stop to wag my fingers at any of you about the fact that flipping off ANYONE when you are driving a bus full of children is wrong. I don’t care if the woman is a 43 year old single mother, because in my mind it makes her case even worse because she should have the decency to think that that is not right with her own children and a bus driver, and I think that the Congressman and his opponent are both knuckleheads. The fact remains that some people in this world actually believe that it is ok to teach children to have this level of disrespect for those in authority, and they are usually the same people that sit behind the wood rail at their children’s trial. Defending this sort of behavior is irresponsible, and I personally would have been leading the charge for that bus driver to be fired IF my child was on that bus purely to teach my children better than the bad example that she had no problem setting for MY children. It’s why I don’t behave that way when I am driving a vehicle as well, and I will be damned if I am going to let someone get paid to undermine what I try to teach my children on a daily basis.

Here’s the problem realistically in this world today. If we go back about 15 years we would come to a point where we might actually remember that politics were not about hate and slander. Sure we watched George H. W. Bush get voted out of office for one lie {“Read My Lips … No New Taxes!”} and replaced him with a man that brought lying to an art form. To be completely frank with all of you, I don’t think Bill Clinton has ever told the truth in his entire life. He was raised in Hope Arkansas {Lie}, He never inhaled {Lie}, He’s going to give a middle class tax cut {Lie}, He never had an affair with Gennifer Flowers {Lie}, He remembered the churches burning in Arkansas {Lie}, He didn’t know where the Rose Law Firm documents were {Lie}, He never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky {Lie} He took international flights into Laguardia Airport so he could walk around Harlem {Lie} … Geeze, I don’t have enough bandwidth to write them all down here, but let’s just say, he lies! The worst part about it all is that he always got caught, he never admitted anything, and he forced people to have to investigate these things to the point of nausea, and in the end it made the people that think like him extremely bitter, and out for revenge, and those that simply hated his lying and hated the people that slandered others on his behalf, were growing ever more bitter by the day. We finally had that watershed moment where we ended up having an election in 2000 totally based on, “I HATE the other one” which was followed up by the most irrational smear campaign to invalidate the election.

After 4 strait years of lies, about President Bush coming at him from all directions, and piles of seething hatred, misreporting of any and all facts, and worse yet an extremely divisive election that was totally based on “You either hate this one enough, or the other one is a bigger pussy,” the Peckerhead lost to GW in another election that did nothing but create more hatred. It’s been 24/7 hate and lies for two more years, and this is where we are now, that people think it is ok to demonstrate irrational hate out in the open, and then complain that they were called on it. I am watching one party use the fact that there are gay members of the other party as some sort of phalanx against the other party’s voters going out to the polls and I am terrified about the sort of lies that are going to come out of this if that party loses. On the off chance that the Republicans lose the house and the senate tomorrow then it is going to be 24/7 “It’s because the Republicans hate Gays” which is a total crock of crap. The problem though is that even those things are “taboo” amongst the members of the right wing in this country by the way they are being reported as well. Yes the Republicans are upset with Mark Foley because he “supposedly” was being promiscuous with under age boys {which NOBODY can prove because it was a Lie, go figure} and now Ted Haggard {the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals} has the Republicans upset because he was having sex with prostitutes and jeopardizing the health of his wife. The fact that it was with a man means NOTHING to the right wing, but try to find a story about it that doesn’t read Ted Haggard “The Gay Marriage Hatin” head of the NAE.

I have to say that it is the most ruthless trickery I have ever seen and I really should have seen it coming. The black population in this country is starting to grow very weary of being used as the political football every two years. All of the black men and women I know around here happen to be Republicans now, either through disgust at the dirty tricks proclaiming Republicans racist {and you have to just accept it, it’s a fact yanno} or because they are pro security, pro school choice, or pro life, so the next logical solution is to move on to the Gay Community, and start using them for a while. The elderly stopped falling for all of the Social Security scare tactics obviously, but again it is all about fear and hatred, and worse yet there is an underlying issue at hand that nobody actually knows about as well, especially if you don’t get your news from outside the mainstream. The terminology that “all politics are local,” has a much larger grain of truth to it as well. You see, if you live in one part of the country and think that you know what is going on in another, then just for shits and giggles find a local newspaper online for another city far away from yourself and you will see something amazing out there. The Democrats are running as Republicans.

I saw some bullet points from a candidate in Arizona that was a businesswoman. She is promising that she will not raise taxes, etc, and her entire platform looks like a Republican ticket. People are a bit sick of the Republicans so they say “Hey this is great, I can get rid of that Republican and still have the things that matter to me,” and they feel good about themselves. The voters over here in Massachusetts vote for more Democrat congressmen and women then the people in Arizona do, and they don’t even joke about things like Tax Cuts, it’s all about RAISING taxes, unapologetically, and on everyone that isn’t poor. As we all know, the poor are anyone that isn’t working, and they don’t pay taxes anyway, but the voters out here don’t think about these things. You end up with Democrats all over the country talking about all the things they are going to do when they get to Washington, and then they elect Nancy Pelosi to be their speaker, and she then places everyone in their positions to dictate the agenda’s like Charlie Wrangle, Barney Frank, Alcee Hastings, etc, and you have not only given up your voice, you have emboldened the voices of those that you DON’T agree with! It’s incredible how na├»ve people can be when it comes to all of these things.

Of course I blame the Republicans for all of this really. Rather than actually taking a stand for conservatism, they have surrendered their majority to the kooks of their own party that they have had to rely on just to get enough votes to keep Denny Hastert in the third seat to the President. Senators like Lincoln Chaffee in Rhode Island have been able to undermine the political process for the Republicans for so long that it is impossible to get anything done, while people like Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Arlen Spector, John McCain, and other glory whores have made the case quite clear for there being no difference in either party. I like to remind my “far right” friends that tow the line {unlike myself who is in favor of Gay marriage, and adoption for example} that if the Republican Party has not been able to brand the “left” with being a bunch of Ted Kennedy’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s, John Kerry’s, Barney Frank’s, Robert Byrd’s {former Grand Klegal of the KKK}, Dick Durbin’s, and just about every other unapologetic, far left wing, hate monger who nobody really admits that they like, then they deserve to lose. It was far too easy to do ;8o)

P.S. Please remember to go out and vote tomorrow, no matter who you are going to vote for, because in the end, we always get the government we deserve, especially if you DON’T vote!

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