Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let's Talk About History Baby - Volume 7

I guess that little blip on the Russian radar screen known as Boris Yeltsin has finally been eradicated to the point where I find myself concerned about the same things that most Americans were back in the 1940s and 50s. The problem is that I don’t actually have faith in the American population anymore, to see what needs to be done about the looming threat that the Russian people seem to like to unleash upon the world as often as they can forget about the last time they did it. I mean we can talk about oppression all over the world, and the issues that seem to get the press in the major news organizations until the cows come home but Mother Russia might actually hold the answers to many of the world problems if we could just sit down and be honest about it. Since the days of Peter the Great we are talking about a nation that has been so unrealistic about its own destiny that it is far from being a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

Many people in this country {America} like to believe that Gorbachev was the reason for the fall of the Soviet Union, and with their heads firmly implanted up their asses they might actually think that he cared about the freedom of the Soviet block nations, when in reality, that was not the case. Our friends in the United Nations were so enraged by Ronald Reagan’s visions of American sovereignty that they have aided in the complete lie that Gorbachev had anything to do with the Soviet Union crumbling at all aside from the fact that he couldn’t keep Boris Yeltsin in line. After 70 some odd years of the Soviet Union becoming the failure that it had always been so publicly and the constant demands of a Russian President that was not willing to follow the Polit lines, as well as an aggressive American president, it was simply impossible for Gorbachev to maintain the status quo. Years of aggressive tyranny in the Islamic Middle East had also taken its toll on a Soviet Union that had to many problems looming in its own “family” as well. The big problem though that had been raging since the days of Peter the Great was a population of Russians that never really belonged in the Western arena to begin with, and to this very day find their viability in the Western world through theft and cloak and dagger ideals.

The issue is still Socialism in its purest form as the Russian people were so easily sold a Vladimir Lenin version of Marxism that created the most brutal dictators and the worst police state in the history of mankind. The radical left in this country alone still weep over the loss of their great treasure, The Soviet Union, and refuse to admit that creating a total Patriarchal society doesn’t do anything but create failure, death, famine, and the type of things that the Russian people have come to know as history to themselves. Nobody seems to be paying attention to what is going on in Russia now as the government has declared a Police State, and is in the process of ramping up to somehow start the next cold war, whether the rest of the world likes it or not. It’s in their nature, and is what happens in most societies that really have no fundamental viability in the world arena. It’s very easy to forget sometimes that Russia really is an Eastern country that simply stole a lot of Western land, and like most “middle eastern” countries it has either killed off, alienated, or exiled its own educated masses, so that in the end the people of that country may never be able to take care of itself. This “rest period” that the rest of the world has handed the Russians between its own aggressive needs to steal what it wants from others and hold onto it all in a tyrannical form of ultimate socialism needs to stop before it is too late. In the outer noises of the news you can actually see the traces of the tired old Russian way of creating it all, all over again. They have after all used the world at war to create the perfect cover for it’s Dark Ages way of conducting business.

Lenin came to power during World War 1 and used the cover of that Great War to execute or exile any of the critics to his tyrannical ideals. This trend continued until his death when Joseph Stalin used the looming back drop of World War 2 to create alliances with the other “Socialist” countries to start the world assassinations of his critics outside of Mother Russia. This has been the way that Russia has always done its business, and as we are watching any of Vladimir Putin’s critics getting killed outside of Russia it reeks of olden days Russian politics as well. World War 2 was a boon for Joseph Stalin, as he sent any of the well educated Generals who would have stood to oppose him into suicide battles with every intention of them not returning. The problem with this sort of espionage that takes away your critics is that it thins the herd of the people that tend to be necessary in a successful society as well. The overwhelming Communist government, like the Bolshevik dictatorships before it simply force anyone of means or of superior intellect to flee from the country, and what you are left with is actually what the dictators want, and that is an undereducated “under class” that is indeed a hell of a lot more susceptible to oppression, but under the same vein, incapable of taking care of themselves. This happens to be the real truth behind the “fall” of the Soviet Union, which was quite simply “they were incapable of matching the American ability to over adapt” and in the end Gorbachev was faced with dealing with an American President {Ronald Reagan} who was willing to stand up from the bargaining table and leave. Without the willingness of others to be afraid of the Screaming Bear, the Russians have absolutely nothing to bargain with, so the thought that America could build a missile defense system and Russia could not was terrifying to a Dictator that was losing his power because of an angry Boris Yeltsin anyway.

What happens after this is what has me baffled that nobody wants to pay attention to it, because after creating a “false” sense of security over losing the great “Russian” threat, we went into a form of Socialism of our own. 8 years of Bill Clinton did nothing to reinforce the American ideals throughout the world, and moreover it changed them completely as we went from a President that wouldn’t take his jacket off in the Oval office to a President who changed the name of it forever to the Oral office. The Terrorist organizations that were formed to originally combat the Soviet aggressiveness were left to create new enemies because hate is all that they have and we were left to deal with them which America has because in the end it always is OUR job to deal with these things, but the problem is that the noise in the background is that we have to not only deal with this but a Soviet Russia that is coming back into the forefront. The ignorant {more so than ever as the last bastion of intelligent life their was able to escape for good} people of Russia did their part many years back by electing a Communist to be their leader again, and now the world is doing their part by ignoring the “old style” Russian ways of creating their totalitarian regime, while people like myself are scratching our heads wondering why people are appeasing this monster as it is reforming. Russia is of course allowed to micro manage world affairs by it’s seat on the permanent security council at the United Nations, which it has done brilliantly to its advantage throughout the new war that is going on throughout the middle east, and will never truly choose it’s side until it is a World War, and at that time it will be the usual Russia looking for an opportunity to steal land.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually have any solutions to this whole Russian debacle but I do have some suggestions that should have been in consideration long before now. We shouldn’t be allowing Russia “Most Favored Nation” status like the Bush administration is proposing right now. That old belief that adding a country to the “trade rolls” will encourage them to change their wicked ways is a total fallacy that we have had thrown in our face from the second we allowed China into it. That country is every bit as oppressively communist as it was when we let them in, and the forced abortions, human rights violations, and lack of freedoms will rage on long after I am gone, but unlike Russia, they do their damage out in the open. The Cloak and Dagger nature of how Russia commits its evil deeds makes it far more “Middle Ages” then anyone with “Favored Nation Status” should ever deserve. Again, I whine about getting the United Nations out of this country, and especially THIS COUNTRY out of the United Nations, so that the Russians have absolutely no say over any of our policy, and cannot dictate policy that effect us at all. They are the major reason that a lunatic, who considers his role in the world to be the Iman that ends it, will have a nuclear weapon in the near future. Between their alliance with the French to sell Iran the technology to create nuclear weapons, and both of their efforts to block any form of sanctions to end it {much less the military involvement} the entire world is unsafe. Even if you are one of those sycophants that believe we have no right to tell anyone what to do you have to look at the similarities between that lunatic and Adolf Hitler who said the exact same things that he does. The big difference between then and now is that Russia backed Hitler out in the open in the beginning, and didn’t have Nuclear weapons to actually give him. The similarities are that the people there are still incapable of taking care of them and will still buy any story that gets them closer to being taken care of by their government, and their government is still the bad guys aligning themselves with the worse guys. For now anyway, because I am sure if the rest of the world cleans up Russia’s mess this time somehow, Russia will emerge as the only bad guys again ;8o)

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