Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let's Talk About History Baby - Volume 6

Back in the presidential elections of 2000 we were taught a very brutal lesson about elections that carried on for the last 6 years that perhaps has a form of closure at least to me, as we finally see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. We watched a political process get lied about, stretched, held up, and totally vilified by one of the most power hungry and insane men I personally believe ever ran for office, and his cronies in not only the Democratic Party but the totally unapologetically liberal media as well. The underlying tone as it always is with these people was simply stated as “they would do it to” and of course the more “enlightened” people out there accepted that as they always do as their argument for bad behavior. By interjecting all of the slanted courts into the argument so that they could keep trying to steal votes and placing them into the pie without any regard for the laws that were set up originally for the election process in Florida, we have probably set forth an ideal that will ruin elections forever. The same people who were angry about that whole process not working showed how angry they could be by blaming John Kerry for not doing the same thing in Ohio regardless of anything that was said out there to the contrary and here we are two years from that and the anger just kept building.

The facts that were never placed into play unfortunately were pretty simple, but nobody wants to admit them still, and it is really a moot point today still. The absente ballots in states like California, Texas, and New York that were never looked at counted or even considered because the margins of victory could not have been overturned by them. As most of those ballots were from military men and women and their families at the most conservative split of 60 percent 40 percent would have given the President the popular vote as well. The facts are in there that any state that counted the absente ballots the slant was more along the lines of 80 percent 20 percent, and that was why the Democrats so desperately used every legal means possible to get the absente votes disqualified. The entire way that the Democrats went about going through legal process after legal process and getting their hands on the most liberal of judges to overturn, fracture, or manipulate the voting process was simply unifying those that didn’t have a dog in that fight, as well as those picking the other dog, to think long and hard about who gets to pick the judges in this country. Of course watching the filibusters that had gone on every time that the President tried to nominate a judge in this country for the next 4 years cemented that and carried the President to the next victory along side the issues of who should be in charge of the military or not, which was also tied into the whole view on rejecting absente ballots.

More had been revealed since that election that had not boded well for the opposition to the President we ended up with because for all of the screaming and crying that all of those votes would be counted and we would prove that Al Gore had won, what actually happened to all of that I wonder? Well unfortunately all of those votes had been counted by every major news organization in the country and no matter how they tried to manipulate it, the fact was 100 percent substantiated on all levels that President Bush had won that election fair and square. The news media from olden days that tend to follow the lead of the New York Times did exactly what their mentor did and buried that reality, which should have actually been front page news, considering the millions of dollars that was spent to prove that fact. If they didn’t actually have an agenda one would assume that it was a huge waste of money even to count the ballots after the fact without at the very least having a front page news story out of it. This is not how it works in the news business, or at least not how it works now. Nobody actually reports the news anymore they are more prone to try to effect it, and as the major news organizations {including, and probably most notably the New York Times} are finding themselves in serious financial trouble. The news organizations that someone out there loved at one time or another are simply going the way of the dinosaur, and being replaced by the new media on the radio {of all places} the internet, and a more localized news that actually deals with “the news” but I am getting off topic here over the information I read the other day about “The Patriot Ledger” recording a profit, and “The Boston Globe” reporting a huge loss. The Patriot Ledger being a much smaller paper even wrote an op ed about how it comes from being “Local” and “Reporting” as opposed to “Global” and “Creating” which was right on target.

Two years after the last presidential election we see that the last candidate who lost to the largest amount of voters ever to go out and vote for anyone in this country, has become the exact opposite of what he campaigned as. In any place other than the political world this is called lying, but it doesn’t really matter. As a matter of fact I have resolved myself to just bring up Al Gore, or John Kerry when someone is ranting about the president and force them to either admit that those two were simply worse candidates, and not a real choice, or at least acknowledge that the things they have gone on to do since those elections are a pretty good “I told you so” on behalf of those that DIDN’T vote for those two. Al Gore has gone on to give a large number of speeches all throughout the Middle East, speaking to the younger generations of Arabic Muslims, explaining to them that the United States is actually their enemy in one way or another, while John Kerry has gone on to doing the same thing he has always done, which is denigrate the troops that serve this country, and then masking it as botched “jokes” towards our President. Neither of these two actually fool anyone aside from the most sycophantic Moonbats, that are as full of inner hatred and loathing as the two of them are, but the fact remains that the things they spew and are allowed to so gleefully by the news media around the world resonates, and what happens is that we have elections again, and sooner or later they will win, like they did this week. The fact that they and those like them are considering it some sort of mandate to lead in their usual way of burning the corpses of their enemies, is not going to bode well considering.

A large majority of the battle ground elections that were won by the Democrats were done by percentages that were less than 1 percent, and there were about 8 elections in that whole shmoz that were eligible for a recount, most notably the senate race in Virginia and the one in Montana, which both of the Republican candidates very graciously said there would be NO recount. Both of them said in a round about sort of way “The people have spoken, and it is time for me to move on” which is not getting much publicity really because it kinda smacks in the face of what the people on the other side of the isle do. There is going to be no legal battles, no endless recounts, no delaying the certification, nothing but handshakes, and good luck to you. It is after all the adult way of dealing with these sorts of things and should be the way they are done all along. The manner in which the Democrats in this country seek to set fire to the bodies of any that appose them does not sit well with a much larger majority of the people in this country then they think, and we all know the real reasons that they do the things that they do, and it has nothing to do with what is fair or unfair. It’s all about “The Power” and whether or not they have the ability to live without it or not. These things have not been that far apart for people to forget about them or at the very least I am a dreamer and believe foolishly that American’s know the real deal.

Despite what you think about these Republicans that totally forgot what they stood for when they took over the house in 1994, you have to admire the way they conduct themselves when they heard what the American people said to them about their priorities over the last 6 years at least. There are no endless news stories about the Democrats stealing the house like we had back in 1994. They aren’t calling the Democrats a “Regime” which is the indoctrination word that the Democrats and the press use for anything Republican. No thumping of chests about how the Republicans are going to stand in the way of anything, no reminders that the democrats don’t have a veto or filibuster proof override, just the simple handing over of the reigns and a promise to put up the “good fight” next time. Most of all though, the thing you will not here in the major news media will be any sort of credit for being adults in all of this, but mark my words when I say that people remember that which doesn’t interfere with their lives as loud and clear as that which does. The Democrats really have a much tougher road to hoe if they really do believe that America has become liberal, because all they had become was fed up with Republicans that were liberal, and I have a feeling that the Republicans won’t make that mistake again, as well as the fact that the American public probably took more note of who acts liberal at the transition of power, just as much as the acquisition of it. ;8o)

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