Sunday, November 5, 2006

Let's Talk About History Baby - Volume 5

Well yesterday was a great day in world history that most people forget about, so there always has to be people like me out there to remind you of it. 27 years ago yesterday was when Iranian “students” stormed the United States embassy and taking 90 embassy workers and diplomats’ hostage. 52 of them remained in Iranian hands until January 20, 1981, which was coincidently the day of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. In other words it was the anniversary of Iran declaring war on the United States, and they celebrated the 27 year anniversary of it by throwing things at the former embassy and chanting “Death to the United States” which as I went around the news circles yesterday I couldn’t find it unless I was really desperate to search through the back pages. That was 444 days of aggression that ended purely because there was no doubt in the Iranian minds that the new President wasn’t going to get on television once a week and speak of a “malaise” and allow the entire country to be held hostage by the original Islamic Theocracy. He wasn’t going to botch military experiments that would leave our technology in the middle of an Iranian desert. He was going to take the entire United States military over there and kill Iranians by the millions, if it wasn’t done by a nuclear bomb first. We believed at the time that that was how you dealt with people like this, and the News Media tried to convince America that that would be what would happen if you voted for Reagan.

Apparently though the American people either thought that killing millions of Iranians was a wonderful idea, or they simply didn’t believe them, so Reagan absolutely slaughtered Carter in the elections. So badly in fact that Carter succeeded defeat before the polls closed in California. At least this is what we thought at the time, but history dictated a different story when the formation of a radical group known as Hezbollah in 1983 bombed a United States Marine barracks in Beirut with a suicide bomb. 241 Americans were killed and the United States position was that we would not withdraw from Lebanon, and it almost lasted 6 months when we officially cut and ran from Lebanon, and our official policy on terrorism had been established. Kill us, and we cower.

Here we are 27 years later and our beloved news media refuses to talk about the Iranians celebrating the day they declared war on the United States. They are simply polluting their masses with more hatred for the United States, and the world applauds them because after all the United States stands for imperialism in the eyes of most nations on planet Earth. People in this country by the millions wish to embolden what the Islamic Terrorists think of us by allowing any form of chaos that THEY commit to be a referendum on whether the United States is right or wrong in what they do. The facts still remain regardless of what those that hate us, from without or from within, in the world have to say about it all, and that is that Terrorists by their very nature hate for the sake of hating. There is absolutely nothing that excuses them from their actions regardless of any sort of conspiracy theories that people will come up with in the world to make themselves feel better believing that there are people out there that are simply out to get them and there is no real choice in their own well beings. To blame those with power in any form for the ills of this world that are not within their own realm to change it is not only fool hearty but it is completely and utterly irrational. There wasn’t a single thing at that time that was going to change the events that took place on the fourth day of November in 1979, but any of the measures that might have prevented it would have been met with whining and complaining from the entire world community. As you can see, nothing has changed in that amount of time.

As we sit by and watch the world give it’s opinions of the United States military involvement in Iraq, and we allow a certain faction of American society dictate what we are supposed to actually know in an Orwellian, and Marxist form of cabal to the actual truth, we often get lost in what is perceived reality, and that makes for a weaker world in the long run. Here in America we have not only made it ok to say whatever you want about anyone for the reasons of political gain, but we have also made it quite all right to root against the country in foreign wars that actually have very strong world implications. Iran has already taken time out of it’s busy schedules as of late {building nukes, testing missiles, encouraging the people to breed more for the hopes of a larger army} to remind the European Community that they may never be able to get America, but they can get them. These are not veiled threats either, and appeasing these people have never worked in the past, but wonderful cover ups of history through a sycophantic news media that believes that an American defeat is good for democracy, helps immeasurably. The very thought that the news media was simply “duped” by the same Hezbollah when they were showing staged “death scenes” at the hands of Israeli’s makes me sick, because we are not allowed to simply call them what they are, willing participants in the propaganda. Most of the world, and a growing number of Americans still find it easier to believe that it is all an overwhelming cover up by the evil conservatives in Israel and the United States, and will believe what they are being fed by the very organizations that are actually doing the covering up. Realistically, and I am not trying to question the collective intelligence of everyone, but sometimes it looks that way, if the very news media that never has a good thing to say about America, and especially the right wing, could actually get their hands on proof of the very things they say often, wouldn’t you assume that they would show it? It’s not news reporting, it is indoctrination through radical opinions, and it was the very first thing that Carl Marx insisted on being accomplished for his plan of Marxism to be successful.

In this country we have a ton of people walking around thumping their chests about not finding WMDs {weapons of mass destruction} and considering that to be the very reasoning for our President being a liar. The fact that every country in the world said that, all of the intelligence agencies that were set up by all of the Presidents before him said that, and all of the people who are calling him a liar for that now said that, is not enough reason at this point. The fact that we found over 2 tons {keep in mind that is 4000 pounds} of partially enriched uranium was found in Iraq. It was so toxic that it couldn’t even be removed from the country, and had to be destroyed there. The fact that it takes less than one pound of that stuff to blow up all of New York City, and again there was 4000 times that was not only underreported on purpose, but then is considered NOT a WMD, shows me that this war was never going to be allowed to be won. In times like this unfortunately for everyone involved certain people lead, others follow, and others impede. I learned that from reading up on Winston Churchill who desperately tried to tell Europe what was going on in Europe during Adolph Hitler’s reign just to call himself a failure because nobody listened, after he was elected Prime Minister to clean up the mess. Some of us are sick of cleaning up the messes and are still willing to take the lies, and damnations of doing the right thing as opposed to the easy thing. We may have stood a chance if we were allowed to know about what yesterday was in American history as well as World history.

You can bring up the hypothetical in all of this bullshit as well by simply pointing out what happens when you don’t do the right things. Nobody looks at Neville Chamberlain or Jimmy Carter as great leaders in the world. All the revisionism in the world doesn’t change the fact that Ronald Reagan was slandered daily by the news media, and still is to this day, but won his elections by overwhelming landslides. It wasn’t because of political chicanery or a bunch of stupid people that shouldn’t have been allowed to vote, it was because he made you feel better, he made you feel safer, and he made you feel like you had a chance in this scary world. Two and a half decades later we haven’t been allowed to know that either and look at where we are. We finally have a leader that went after terrorist and the countries that support them, yet we have to listen to the media explaining it all away slowly but surely. We are denied the lessons of the people who came before us, and we are not allowed to have an honest debate about anything anymore because we have finally gotten the type of hatred it took to install Vladimir Lenin into power in Russia during World War 1, and nobody is going to convince me of any difference. There is a huge cover up going on right now to keep everyone from knowing about Ted Kennedy’s secret conversations with Yuri Andropov to try to overthrow the American elections in 1984. We were lucky that Andropov died before it could come to fruition, and Gorbechev didn’t trust Teddy Bridgejumper, but again here we are wondering why something that is major news, just doesn’t matter. My questions in this entire era of hate journalism are, if we could have stopped that event from happening 27 years ago, should we? If Iraq was about to become the next Iran like EVERY government on planet Earth had said it was going to, would it have been irresponsible for a President that had declared war on all nations that supported terrorism NOT to do something about it? Why are we allowing a country that declared war on US 27 years ago to continue to get stronger and make threatening gestures towards the world as a whole? Why do people believe that the major journalists of the world are trustworthy to report actual news? ;8o)

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