Friday, November 10, 2006

Kings And Queens And Dieties - Volume 2

I want you all to follow me to Barnstable Massachusetts where fashion writer Christa Worthington was killed back in 2002 after being brutally raped. The case languished for quite a while until they managed to get DNA from Christopher McCowen {her garbage man} that linked him indisputably to Christa Worthington. Today the jury sits on their second day of deliberations because the defense has managed to make reasonable doubt so that the jury cannot apply a verdict to the case as these things have to be a unanimous decision. You will have to bear with me as I try to explain why this whole case is infuriating to me because I may come off like a racist if you don’t pay attention here.

The evidence that is holding up this conviction is two separate things. The attorney for the defendant managed to make a case for the sex between Worthington and McCowen appear like it could have been consensual, and McCowen made the case that it was his friend Jeremy Frazier that had indeed stabbed Christa Worthington and in turn killed her. Let’s say that we can totally ignore the alibi that Frazier had which was several people that saw him at a party at the time, because he isn’t under trial and isn’t convicted of anything and simply go back to McCowen so that I can try to make a point about racism, that is long overdo. His attorney’s first salvo of attacks on the people by proclaiming “The problem is with the people in this world that they can’t believe that a rich, worldly, white, socialite wouldn’t have consensual sex with a poor, black, trash collector, and I am ashamed,” and by hammering that home long enough before the trial actually started, he managed to change the public opinion from “Damn he had to have done it,” to “Boy am I a bad person for thinking he done it,” thus prompting me to say that the problem with the people in this world is that they live in a twisted fairy tale, where the bad guys can prove you wrong all the time. The judge in the case gave the jury the option of allowing his “theory” of his friend doing it to weigh in on their verdict, based on this.

For those of you who are afraid to say that a Black Garbage Man probably didn’t have consensual sex with a Rich White Writer from Cape Cod, don’t worry about it, I will. It’s this delusional part of society that has no actual grip on reality that believes that only the most outlandish theories have any sort of relevance. It’s like those Moonbats running around saying that the President was in on 911. The total lack of evidence doesn’t make up for the fact that it is fundamentally what the people want to believe. Back in the days when they had 17 different shows like Oprah on the television, the general belief was that you wanted to get on Oprah because Sally Jesse Raphael would only give you a forum to explain your lunacy, but Oprah would help you justify it. People sit around and watch their soap operas where all of the Rich White Socialites sleep with their Garbage Men and then it becomes a part of the acceptable lexicon that “You know they all want to,” and “You know those rich people” and in the end what it is is a total lack of respect for the laws of rationality, which go something like this “That which is most possible is most probable,” and THAT is what people should be looking at.

Let’s assume that they were “boinking” and the day they just happened to be “boinking” she winds up dead. Is there such a total disrespect for the legal system that it truly is acceptable to not come out and simply tell the police back in January of 2002 when the murder took place “Um, I had sex with her that day,” or does my whacko theory of “You can’t do that when the bruises and scratches on your body are still evident,” not hold water in this instance. I am sick of explaining it all away with things like “well you know a black man will never get a fair trial” which doesn’t exactly make it any easier for a white man who has his DNA all over the corpse to get away with it. They don’t have the “You’re a Racist!” alibi, when how could you think that a rich white socialite wouldn’t want to have sex with their poor, white, garbage men. I realize that I may be a little right of center on this here, but if you were indeed innocent back then, then you could have come forward and said. “Look no sign of her putting up a struggle with me,” might have gone a long way, but then you would have the people who would want you to believe that all Rich White Socialites want to have rough kinky sex with their Black Garbage Men, {I saw it on Dynasty yanno?} and my complaint right now is that Christa Worthington after being dead for almost 5 years is NOT going to get a fair trial because of RACISM. How dare me, being a white male have this opinion, I know.

I happen to believe that the whole racism argument is being propagated to this very day by the very people who seem to take the most offense to it all. I watched Jesse Jackson, right after Bill Clinton had been elected president go out on a series of heated, passionate lectures around the country sounding like a statesman. His “You know better” speeches were actually some of the best Civil Rights speeches since Martin Luthor King was assassinated. “You all go out into the streets making babies with other babies, and then don’t stick around to keep your babies from making other babies while they are still babies … You Know Better!” which has become only 12 short years later the very type of thing that gets Bill Cosby chastised when he talks about it at a college. Why is that I wonder? Could it be because Jesse got off of that kick and back onto supporting languages other than English {ebonics} and total disregard for law as long as you can blame it on the white man again? Of course it was and it is the very same thing that happens in the radical Islamic community as their dictators do whatever they can to make sure you hate the western world, so do the media accepted civil rights leaders in this country. There is no form of intelligent debate over what is and is not alright behavior and worse yet anyone who thinks that behaving like a respectable human being is shot down and considered racist. That includes amongst other black people as well.

I’m not exactly sure when the shift was made, because it would have been during that time that I was in my early teens I would imagine, but the moment that the black community in America was starting to get more enlightened towards the actual integration of their society with the rest of the America, the talk of “diversity” started becoming the norm. Diversity being code word that the racial leaders actually use for division, because quite frankly, nothing about their forms of diversity really hold water. The culture of the “gangstah rapper” which is supposedly a sentiment of street life that “us white folk” don’t seem to understand is a pile of crap, which demonstrates the differences in “diversity and “division”. Nobody actually thinks that glorifying the rampant lawlessness and death culture of that form of “artistic expression” will ever do anything but oppress certain members of society even more. The fact that what they talk about is quite frankly “scary” to normal human beings {which yes I worded it correctly because I don’t find people who talk about women as bitches, pistol whipping, smoking crack or doing other forms of drugs in a fashionable way to be human beings, I can finally say “Thank God for Eminem” because it doesn’t pertain only to black people, but it does pertain to a majority of black youth} doesn’t do anything but fortify a new form of “division” that is not racism, it is merely race baiting. The entire “black entertainment machine”, does nothing to help the plight of the black man, and at worst it simply creates bigger and indisputable stereotypes. In another really bad scenario it also creates a form of de-evolution amongst the younger generations of black people in this country as the stories of people going around killing and stealing from each other was quite common in the days of the Vikings. I would hate to think that they are trying to get back to the days of the Vikings, or maybe even Cowboys but they do like to use terms like “posse” a lot.

Back to Bill Cosby who desperately tried in the 80’s to create a good comedy that showed two black professionals, who lead a good home life with a beautiful family. The black leaders were furious that it didn’t “display” black life properly, despite the fact that it should have been an aspiration point then as opposed to a sticking point. Later television shows started portraying black life as being dismal and never going to get better, which were much more heralded by black leaders, since it also assisted in creating the proper “rift” necessary to keep the black people oppressed in a fashion that the new generation of slave masters in the black leadership found far more attractive. Even the “less offensive” pieces of black entertainment from that time, end up filled with horrible lessons of their own as women like Whitney Houston became a flaming crack whore, who used the police department to be her personal baby sitter of her own scumbag husband Bobby Brown. We were polluted with the story’s that were supposed to inspire a form of pity for these two without so much as a word explaining what they do wrong that makes them losers with money. Jesse Jackson was back leading the fold, spending more time preaching to the black people about how white America was the enemy, Ebonics was being touted as a language and directly in need of federal funding for the black community being bi-lingual, and another rift forms because white America is simply hoarding needed funding from people that Jesse Jackson was simply encouraging to not speak English with the rest of the country, and assisting in the new impression that getting smart made them white, and white wasn’t cool. Where do I get this rhetoric that I type here from? I get it from the underrepresented in the black community that is infuriated that nobody will listen to them saying that THIS IS WRONG!

The Reverend Jesse Peterson, Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell, and many of the most brilliant minds I have ever listened too happen to be black, and they are considered to be as lowly as Satan himself for saying these things, and now as Bill Cosby finally goes out on speaking engagements talking about the misconceptions that lead to a black mans own oppression you have seen his excoriation at times as well. We watch the black leaders in this country skewer Condaleeza Rice for being the wrong “type” of black, despite being in the highest ranking position of any black woman in the history of America, which unfortunately to us people who don’t actually care about those that refuse to help themselves means that she did it herself without assistance. I had a blog a while back where someone explained to me that there is the “rich black” that used to own the blacks as well, and that the reverends, priests and other descendants of Condi Rice don’t count because of that. It took many years to get us to the point of the indoctrination that has plagued the country as a whole, and laid the ground work for a rich white socialite to be brutally raped and murdered in Cape Cod, the DNA of a black garbage man all over her, and the fact that I am a racist for thinking anything other than the coincidence that she happened to have consensual sex with that garbage man that day is a little over the top. I think the problems that are going on right now in the racial society are pretty simple. I don’t know, they don’t help, and others are willing to ignore the obvious. I think that makes black America racists, and they are suffering the ramifications of it.

The political process in America is the most ardent form of proof to all of this. The ad campaigns showing the chains dragging behind the truck, and talking about how James Byrd was murdered in Texas under the watch of George W Bush were DEPLORABLE. As governor he watched the trials like everyone else of the convicted killers and watched all but one of them be sentenced to death, and like ALL of America, he applauded that decision. The actual tones of that entire ad were not really to make Bush look bad, as much as to make blacks stand up and say “Jesse … Please Save Us From All Of These People That Hate And Oppress Us!” but I have to ask the question of what the hell was the governor at the time supposed to do in this instance? Should he have set a governors mandate that they be dragged behind trucks, or perhaps torn apart at the seams? Nothing was being said about how the “other” political party had hundreds of it’s members out protesting the fact that these people were sentenced to death, and that was wrong, but perhaps they should have so that the black community could see what guilty, rich, white people they all vote for by about 90 percent really do with their spare time. Of course that is counterproductive because it doesn’t do what their leadership wants it to do, and that is keep the people IN chains. Stop looking for the reasons that people are out to get you, and stop looking for the conspiracy theories that keep you down, you racists ;8o)

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