Thursday, November 2, 2006

God Bless THOSE Idiots - Volume 1

I have to admit that I really enjoyed listening to Keith Olbermann the other night as he explained how stupid I am. In his long diatribe of demonstration of everything I have been trying to say over the last few years of my life, he managed to without a doubt show that there is no such thing as unbiased news reporting in this country. He took the words of the Peckerhead from Monday and before placing them in the context to how they were actually used, he chose to take things that were later said in his speech and place them in a way that would make them look like they were said first. I must be pretty stupid indeed that when the Prckerhead stated ahead of his little joke that led to all of the controversy “Before I start” that it apparently was the beginning of his speech. Thanks to Keith Olbermann I now know that that isn’t how they do things out there.

The things Keith Olbermann said about President Bush specifically are actually insulting to those that believe that John Kerry might have actually said what he believes. History dictates that, and the trail of idiotic things that John Kerry, oops sorry “The Peckerhead” has said demonizing the troops of this country are no different then what the rest of his cronies are saying. Kennedy stated that “The torture camps are now open under new management” and Richard Durbin called our own soldiers Nazis. The behavior that that he displayed after he was caught on tape insulted the intelligence of everyone in America actually, the only difference is that some don’t mind it and others do. This is why people like him can’t become president and people like Bill Clinton and George W Bush do. Despite the long and divisive diatribe of Keith Olbermann on Bush or a Michael Savage one on Clinton, the fact remains that they both know when to turn their own words into something endearing. The two of them would have waited for the first question on it and said something along the lines of “God that was just the stupidest thing I think I have ever said, and I better start watching myself because I just can’t be trusted in front of a camera unless I rehearse,” then they would have said what it should have been {or even what they want you to think it is} everyone has a laugh, and it becomes a cocktail party joke.

What the Peckerhead did was run around defiantly telling everyone who misread that that they were stupid. Olbermann is on the follow up {I got your back buddy} and the two of them are both wrong, but here is the big difference. The Peckerhead is a simpering loser who would sell his own children into slavery to hold onto political power. Everyone knows it and it is accepted. His mis-step was afterwards when he assumed that he was saying what people wanted to hear and then assumed that being indignant would earn him points, which it has not. That was a political blunder that has had many DEMOCRATS saying “That idiot cost us the election 2 years ago and he wants to cost us this one” which it probably still isn’t but it did end his political career. Where Olbermann is wrong, and he will learn along with all of the morons from Air America is that in the news business which he is in, you can be biased, because they all are after all, regardless of what side you are on, but you really have to chose the hill’s you want to die on. I should probably explain that further because it is a Marine term, and Olbermann probably won’t get it. In other words if you lose that appearance of being impartial yet a bit jaded maybe, you are useless as a news reporter. He chose to charge up a hill that has enemy fire raining down on him with absolutely NO victory to be had at the top, if he succeeds.

I realize where Keith Olbermann is coming from though as he is mired up against the number 1 news talk show on TV, and the perception is that Bill O’Reilly is a Republican hack, but I assure you he is not. As a totally over the edge right wing whacko I get every bit as pissed off at Bill O’Reilly as any card carrying member of the looney left. The big difference here is that I watch him and either learn something or agree to disagree. I don’t simply assume that he is the anti-christ brand him a member of the Left Wing or Right Wing and then refuse to acknowledge him unless I am saying something slanderous at best despite my lack of information. Keith Olbermann has been growing increasingly intolerable, as I can’t believe a word he says based on the perceived notion that I was getting that he was spinning everything the way he wanted me to see it, true or not. His diatribe the other night that was more cruel then informative might have given red meat to his audience that simply hate Bush, but the rest of the people who actually like to learn things, are done with him. There is no objectivity anymore, and it was obvious before, it is definite now. MSNBC was becoming very center in the way it had been reporting but obviously had given up, and that is their right, but it is also my right to say, enough is enough. You can dismiss what I have said, but you can take it to the bank that Keith Olbermann has ended his career in news, and perhaps will find his way to HBO or something with Bill Maher at best, but he really isn’t good enough, and that’s saying something.

Back to the story at hand unfortunately and why Keith also was kinda blowing it out his ass, which is why I also find it personally insulting that he is using the old media tactic of reporting his lies, and forcing us to live with it. This was a wonderful monopoly that the big 3 once had when the only place you could get your news but there are easily 100,000 places where you can get news in so many varieties now, his little speech to get in good with the far left wasn’t very bright again. As he placed the onus of the story that Kerry insulted a large portion of the American people on the President making it an issue, he personally insulted the people who really did and that would be the bloggers on the internet. Originally the speech was ignored by all of the news, but when the people like me with blogs out there heard about it we went to the site of the station that covered the speech, watched it, You Tubed it and then started writing about it frantically. WE were pissed, and that would mean the average American. It was mothers who lost their sons in Iraq that started hammering it about including one that the Peckerhead had met the day before to offer his condolences. When the whisper campaign had reached breaking point because all of the talk shows were talking about it {and keep in mind I listen to a Democratic talk show in the morning because I like the guy and HE was tearing the Peckerhead apart} then and only THEN the President made a stump speech about it, and the major news media that was trying to keep ALL OF US from knowing about it started hammering it home. It’s insulting for Olbermann to simply tell ME that I am a pawn of the presidential machine because I still have yet to hear what the president said on it because I don’t care what Bush has to say on it. I was pissed.

The picture that the soldiers in Iraq made that said “Halp Us Jon Carry We R Stuck Hear N Irak” sums up more than Olbermann will ever comprehend. Some people now want these soldiers to go to jail for making a “Political Statement” which is technically against the law, which is now creating MORE backlash that the Peckerhead will eat. My dog personally is out of this fight, I am sorry to say because I am going to get what I want in the end and that is an honest debate over whether or not the Peckerhead and his cronies actually do hate the American military, and whether they actually believe that demonizing these people are the path to political victory. I have always known that they believe that insulting their enemies will take the bite out of anything true that they say, but the backlash is amusing now really. Realistically the two winners in all of this are John McCain and Hillary Clinton, and who would have seen that one coming. John McCain gets to stomp around wagging his finger at the Peckerhead for being an idiot, and demand that he apologize {for real actually, that thing he put on his website that resembled an apology still equates to “I’m sorry you are all too stupid to see what I really meant”} and in turn ingratiate himself to the right wing that had issues with him in the past. Hillary Clinton gets what she wants, as the Peckerhead did take a few seats away from the Democrats with what he said whether it is enough to actually cost them the election or not, but enough to change it definitely. Her greatest fear {believe me on this one} was the house and senate actually becoming Democrat and the lunacy that could be executed over the next 2 years ruining any hopes that she had of being President. The other plus side of this is that she can break into a lot of that undecided vote that is out there by tearing apart the Peckerhead publicly and showing that she isn’t “one of THEM” and aside from Keith Olbermann most people would agree with anything horrible she said about her former comrade. It doesn’t matter what Keith Olbermann thinks at that time because he’ll be a former news guy with too many opinions anyway, so nobody will care ;8o)

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