Tuesday, November 21, 2006

God Bless The Rest Of Us - Volume 1

Pierre Gemayel was killed today in Lebanon, and I am just waiting to see what comes of this. I realize that most people didn’t know this man from Adam, but he was shot to death in Jdeideh while driving his car after another car rear ended him and an assassin stepped out and shot him, point blank. This story on it’s own, I am sure makes more than a few people reading this think that it was one of those filthy Jews that did this, but this man was a Lebanese Christian that was very anti Syria, who anyone with half a brain could assume did this, as they usually do. Syria doesn’t actually do anything on its own, which means that Iran must have ordered them to do this; so that the little Hitler that calls himself the Fifth Iman {the end of the world} over in Iran can spin this as those filthy Jews, just like the European News likes to hear. The coupe de gras is coming in Lebanon, and to be totally honest with all of you, I don’t even know how I stand on this. Realistically my black and white nature tells me that it’s about time that the Syrians finally take Lebanon, and execute all of the remaining Christians, and get it over with, because Lebanon has allowed their country to be taken over by the Hamas “Shadow Government” anyway, which means that there is no return. The Islamic theocracies around Lebanon so far have kept the nation intact for the most part only to show that "Christians hate Jews as well as Islamics", don’t really need it anymore, now that almost the entire Western world has been indoctrinated to believe that way too.

Once the Coup gets initialized, and the Country of Lebanon is taken from whatever amount of Christianity that is left there, they will install Sharia law, and begin the process of stripping all of the women of any of their rights. The men will go along with this because it doesn’t affect them all that much, and the ones that are opposed can be killed as infidels. Reading the book by Nonnie Darwish {the daughter of a very famous martyr} “Now They Call Me Infidel” was one of the best things I think I have ever done, because it explains the world that nobody truly wants to know in which all of this is going on. After she renounced Jihad for America she was immediately slated for death by the Islamic Theocracies all throughout the Middle East, and what is worse than that, the very mention of her name in a College campus here in America will get the Islamic community organized and heated to ban any speech that she tries to give. Brown University was the latest victim of the whole spin that Islamic America places on banning free speech as they were forced to ban her from speaking on the campus on behalf of The Jewish American league. They have since contacted her to speak there again because of all of the outrage that was thrown at the University from her taking it to the media, but you can still see how this whole indoctrination process that is going on in our own Universities, is simply a microcosm of what goes on in the Middle East, and Europe.

Let’s simply lay all of our cards on the table here, since we are actually coming to the end of any real allies that the United States actually have in the world, which many in this country would say is because of American arrogance, and imperialism, but the real imperialism is in the Middle East, and political correctness and Anti-Semitism walking hand in hand is what is taking us all to the brink of extinction. It’s not ok to commit atrocities and blame it on an entire race of people, but more over it is a heinous tragedy to propagate these lies and spread it everywhere, and for this I blame three things, Fear, Stupidity, and the United Nations. We watched Adolf Hitler do this, and while there are more people throughout the world committing this very same bullshit we call the President of the United States Adolf Hitler because it makes us feel smart. Again I take another book that I read into account with my theories about the United Nations called “The Beast from the East River” by Nathan Tabor, who not only documents facts about the United Nations, but simply points out to everyone the allies that the United Nations have had in stealing the sovereignty of every nation on planet earth. They use the stupidity of the common man, and blend it with their own intense hatred for Israel and the United States, to create the foundation of the New World Order that their useful idiots in every nation blame America, and the Jews for. Any irrational hatred towards ANYONE creates the very brain malady necessary to commit any sort of atrocity that we have ever seen in the world, and I have been inundated with this sort of irrational idiocy in this country towards our own president for over 7 years now. I am not saying this as a person who drinks anyone’s Kool Aid either because you can find tons of criticism for the president in my own writings, but the type of hatred that is inspired towards him rivals only that which I see towards the Jews in the world as a whole, and I am allowed to say that it makes me sick, and I don’t have to consider anyone with such viewpoints based on irrational hatred to even be intelligent. It’s counterproductive to any form of civilized conversation to talk to anyone that can hate anyone.

Back to the Europeans, while I am being frank here, because despite their opinions on America, their own lack of respect for the changing world that they seem to think that they effect definitely is why they are doomed by the hands of their “friends” in the Middle East. The one thing that the Europeans have completely disrespected in civilized society is their own undoing which is the words of the American Constitution that state “All men are created equal” and in the European world NO man is created equal. Sure, there are a lot of uninformed people all throughout the world that like to believe that Europeans understand freedom, and democracy, and everything else that they join in with the rest of the world on beating America up on, but that’s the real problem in all of the societies that subscribe to that theory. The European structure is still very much mired in the dark ages in the way that it still places people in their “classes” with absolutely no chance of raising yourself or any of the generations that come after you into a better place. If your family is “poor white trash” then your great great great great grandchildren look forward to being nothing but “poor white trash” as you and the generations before you were. You have no right to a better education then what is given to you, nor a better job then what your parents had. This whole structure appears to be more like a Klingon society then to a human society. Think of how the “poor black trash”, the “poor Asian trash” or the “poor Middle Eastern trash” live in France, England, Germany or any of those other “enlightened” societies throughout Europe?

By engaging in the horrible “classism” that goes on throughout Europe they have managed to lump together every faction of undereducated, impoverished, and hopeless people into the same communities where they “surprise surprise” find themselves in a situation where they will do anything for a better path than the one that was laid out for them many generations before they were even born. You then throw in the fear factors and political correctness that they try to embody as they cling on to their own societal injustices, and you end up having people that have no reason to live, and people who want to exploit that walking in and out of their lives. To see people in this country embracing what they hear about the European societies also makes me totally sick as well, but as we watch the way the Marxist News media in this country treats the truth to things, it is not to hard to believe that half the story is what we are getting on these issues as well. We were never treated to the real stories of how Bill Clinton in his effort to be popular among the world community signed over the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations in directive 13 and 25 which placed the United States military under the direct order of the United Nations despite the fact that it is written into our constitution that the United States Military ONLY answers to it’s ultimate authority, the President of the United States. He did this while he was giving missile technology to China, and attacking nations that we were not at war with at the request of the United Nations, and a blow job in the White House was actually the best cover that anyone could have ever thought it would be.

We, as Americans can NOT allow this to continue because the United Nations seeks to undermine everything that America stands for. Free will is not an objective of the United Nations as over 80 percent of it has absolutely NONE. They have had their hands in every single diabolical scheme possible to destroy Israel, and the leader of the United Nations himself, Kofee Anon has proclaimed that the United States is trapped in Iraq, and only the help of Iran and Syria will get us out of there. This is the same head of the United Nations that is allowing Iran to build a nuclear arsenal, and has never done a thing to make sure that the Islamic Theocracies in the Middle East keep any of their obligations towards peace with Israel. The United Nations actually amps up any and all form of hate speech towards the Israeli nation and any form of Judaism in the world as a whole. It’s all about creating hatred towards someone so that you can divert attention away from yourselves. Even though hatred is a great motivator to get the things you want done it is often a very “short lived” victory. The problem with the United Nations is that it is a country unto itself, and there is absolutely nobody who votes for, or can do a single thing about the United Nations, so the hatred that they install in everyone cannot be undone by the usual means that free democracies do.

The people in this country are growing so amazingly full of hatred for their own leaders, and the United Nations allies in the news media in this country have completely aided in this end, to the point that we are becoming Europeans again. The amount of people in America that have given up with the encouragement of their own "leaders" in whatever community that they find themselves in is a tragedy unto itself. People who truly believe that there is no opportunity in America need to stop watching CNN on one of their several color TV sets and get into one of their cars, and go out and TRY HARDER. The poor in this country don't even have a real handle on reality, because they have so many of the things that REAL POOR in other countries couldn't even dream of, and it is all such a scary smoke screen to the real life issues that actually threaten our own health and safety here in America. Hugo Chavez can walk around the streets of America and spreading hatred towards our leaders and then go home to the country where he is the blind petty dictator, and the people that get the freebies from him here {because they are so poor} live better than almost EVERYONE in Venezuela! The only logical solution to all of the wrangling that goes on in this world is for the United States to declare war on it’s one true enemy, the United Nations, and allow the countries that stand up against the bullshit that goes on in the Dictatorships and Theocracies, to stand up and declare themselves OUR friends, instead of trying to simply appease those that can’t even control their own destinies. The Middle East is the perfect example of living in the past, but rather than trying to change the future, they simply want to blow it up, and kill anyone that is different then they are. Europe is the perfect example of standing with one foot in the past, one foot in what they think is the future, and they are pissing all over today, as it is being stolen from them. Let’s stop being one of the “pissed on” and continue about our own destinies, and let everyone else have each other. ;8o)

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