Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get Back To Me When You Are Famous - Volume 2

Oh, here he goes again, that Jeremy guy is going to start going off on some famous person who is doing good deeds. What the hell is his problem? He must be jealous of these famous people, and he should be ashamed of himself. Yaddita yaddita yaddita, but the sad part about it all is that there are a lot of people in this world that are given power that they not only don’t deserve, but quite often are stealing on purpose, and we let them because they can do something particularly well, that is totally unrelated to their political ideals. I get on these people’s cases often, and have tried to actually give them the benefit of the doubt, like in the case of Michael J. Fox a few weeks ago, where I can understand being so sick from something that is unfair that you can completely ignore the serious morality issues that other people might have with what you stand for. In other cases like that of Angelina Jolie, I have taken into account that her own behavior over the last decade perhaps shows that she isn’t completely all there, or at the very least very stupid, and easily duped by some of the most devious people in the world, which both cases may or may not be true, I have also taken into account that they could be totally full of shit, but when it comes to Bono from the band U2, I have never seen his better side, and have always proclaimed him to be full of shit. Let me explain myself, now that I have proof.

You see Bono, has used his influence, as someone who can write songs and sing them in front of audiences {a very valuable skill in the arena of inter world politics you see} to get appointments with world leaders and complain to them about how they all oppress third and fourth worlds nations by expecting them to pay back the debts that they owe to them. He has also explained so eloquently how the world super powers need to build up these nations with more free money. If I were to assume that he was genuine, I then could assume that he is ignorant to the fact that most of these nations are brutal dictatorships in which the dictator steals all of the money and uses it for booze, palaces, and hookers, and probably shouldn’t be trusted with more or forgiven, but I don’t. I have complained in the past that this is easy for him to say, as he lives in Ireland where artists don’t pay taxes, so the billions of dollars that U2 has raked in over the last 20 something years has never been taxed. In other words, he is always ranting about how YOU and I should excuse these debts and pay more, but NOT HIM. After a rather furious shake down of the Irish government {which it is laughable to explain their un-needed wealth} for easement of money they have loaned to governments that have never had any intention of paying back, and to get more aid sent to these governments. Ireland then decided to find a new way to fund these efforts which included repealing their old ban on taxing the artists in their country because not only is the country overwhelmingly full of artists, but they are after all the wealthy among them.

Don’t think hat the members of U2 were caught flat footed by this little issue, because they already had their new home picked out, as they saw the writing on the wall. They ALREADY moved their business out of Ireland and into the Netherlands, so that they could pay the 4 percent royalty fees to the Netherlands instead of the 8 percent that Ireland is proposing. For those of you out there who have no concept of taxes, 8 percent is roughly 400 percent LESS than what an American who makes more than 200,000 a year would pay, and roughly HALF of what a person like myself making around 30,000 a year would pay. Keep in mind that at the same time Bono is running around saying that he has already paid millions in Irish tax, and is not going to move out of the Republic. Do you see what I am trying to say here, because I am not wealthy enough to fund these spoiled rich brats ideological schemes, that actually help NO ONE! Apparently he doesn’t feel that he should either and this is where I am getting really angry with the whole concept of people who actually WERE winners of life’s lottery constantly demonizing those who disagree with them.

Again, I go back to Michael J Fox, who even speaking up against will get you destroyed these days as a hate monger, despite the fact that it wasn’t the truth to begin with. Angelina Jolie eats lobsters and filet mignon with the United Nations, and then she complains that everyone else does nothing about Darfur. Bono expects us to give more money to the leaders all over that region, while he refuses to contribute. If it wasn’t for little weirdos like me typing away at our computers, and posting it to our blogs, then it would simply be a given that they are right, and everyone who disagrees are wrong. Sadly it still is perceived that way, but the good news is that as long as weirdos like me, are writing about these things, and weirdos like you are reading it, then we know that we are not alone in what we think or believe. I could be wrong or overly idealistic in all of this, but I am willing to change, just in the amount of time that it takes me to get through my second page of blog.

Now that I think long and hard about it {the amount of time it takes me to finish my cigarette anyway} I am starting to come along to their way of thinking though, as I see that I may have been wrong in all of my thinking that Capitalism is the greatest form of Anarchy in the history of the world. I used to believe that letting the various markets dictate the way that the world flowed was silly, because in the eyes of these people it is far better that my money be taken away from me and sent off to one dictator, morally bankrupt individual, or morally offensive to me, medical scheme after another. They are after all far more enlightened people than I am. That’s why they are famous and I am not after all, so I know that they are going to fully support my newest idea, which I will breathlessly wait in anticipation of their approval. I am “in tune” with those that are too poor for the things that they need in this world, whether it is “relief” or the ability to “clone” themselves {and then kill it to harvest their body parts, but we can’t go there} or even to pay for the things that we simply want. I propose that we simply put U2 CDs, Angelina Jolie and Micheal J Fox movies on the internet so that people who can’t afford them, but desperately deserve them can simply download them for free.

It’s not like THEY need the revenues that are lost because they are after all the wealthiest 1% of the world. We’ve been told that they don’t pay taxes {and in the case of U2 it’s actually true … WOW} and we need to give “relief” to those that are “poorer” than they are {which is about 99 percent of the world} which could also involve selling the babies off from the impoverished communities {have to give Madonna her props} but above all else, this will definitely help the women and the children. I can play this game. Hell I have been a victim of this game for long enough. Just think about it all realistically here, because now that we are getting our free U2 CDs, and movies from the wonderfully giving Hollyweird, we can actually afford to pay higher taxes than U2 will ever have to pay to the things that truly matter to them. We can afford to fund the military excursions into the Third World Hell Holes of Angelina Jolie’s liking, and then spend the billions in aid to the world that it actually costs to get support for these things through her cronies at the United Nations that were supposed to send THEIR peacekeepers in there. Then last but not least we can afford to pay the taxes necessary to fund Michael J Foxes immoral to most {unless we lose our grip on the truth totally} medical experiments that will in the end get the companies that use OUR tax money to do them FILTHY FUCKING RICH just like they want. If you truly are one of the caring people in this world then you will take the time to help in this effort by uploading their works to the internet so that you can help. I would hate to have to think that nobody cares anymore, so do it for THEM ;8o)

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