Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Everythings Free In America - Volume 1

There is a real problem going on in this country that involves everyone and no one at the same time. The big lie that “Illegal Immigrants” do the jobs that Americans won’t needs to be confronted, and it needs to be done as soon as possible. Don’t get me wrong, because there are a lot of jobs in this country that Americans won’t do for what Americans are willing to pay, but that doesn’t mean the same thing. Just because jobs as “fruit pickers” and “farm hands” won’t be done for the low wages that American farmers are willing to pay, does not mean that the rest of the problem will go away, legalizing “criminals” who are in the country illegally. In this region of the country {New England} for instance there are no “fruit picking” jobs that are desperately unfilled, yet there is an amazing illegal immigration issue that is totally destroying many facets of life. The emergency rooms of the hospitals throughout the more populated areas of Massachusetts for instance are full of “Illegal” immigrants stealing medical care, because they can’t be turned away regardless of ability to pay, or even by failure of giving a real name and legal address. It’s destroying the health care system there, as well as the insurance agency as a whole because of all of the automobile accidents they are causing without a drivers license, insurance or again, the legal name or address.

The real destruction of the area is coming from the horrible business practices that are going on because of the availability of an illegally employed work force. A company that had 30 employees a couple of years ago could just up and “lay off” their entire work force {and this is going on a lot and NOT reported} and hire things called “project managers” while keeping the laid off workers at bay for “incidental” purposes. These “project managers” are given obscene salaries {on paper} and are expected to get the people necessary to get the jobs done, without all of the messy paperwork that would prove the employment of these people. The “illegal” Brazilians in the area are perfect for this as they will work for hardly any money, and disappear if the need be for long periods of time. Without having to pay benefits or keep any workplace standards, they tend to disappear if they get injured as well. It’s been brought to my attention that this is becoming a growing business practice throughout the Commonwealth, and the big problem is that the federal government and the state governments are all in favor of this type of practice from what I have seen, and despite the artificial “ramp up” of illegal immigration arrests over the last year it is a smoke screen because of the 2 a year they were doing prior. Many people are sitting at home right now being told that there is no work out there when in reality it is just being done “off the books” and for a huge discount.

This has been brought up on many talk shows, and people have been trying to find out what they can do about these things and the fact is that there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it. There are no legitimate government agencies set up to stop the flood of illegal immigration, and if you try to do anything about it yourself, you will be attacked on stage at Columbia University. We have compiled the other great fallacy in the world today with the plight of the Illegals and that is that you are a racist if you don’t believe that people who’s very status of being in your neighborhood is a criminal activity. This is where it starts and ends with me as a matter of fact are that when you are simply being here by a criminal activity, then how am I to believe that you are willing to follow the rest of the laws. The facts and statistics back me up on this in the “enlightened” state of California, where the wonderful liberalism has created the type of utopia that they have always said it would. Over 60 percent of violent crimes are committed by “illegal” immigrants, and that is not even including the over 60 percent of Los Angeles Gangs happen to be illegal immigrants, and a good portion of their crimes go un-reported. The State itself and the cities are totally crippled to even use their “Illegal” status to deport them or even arrest them. There are always people out there who want to point out that these people are harmless to the rest of us and will never let the facts get in the way of that, while the lies that they propagate about their real reasons for being here are astounding.

This isn’t even including all of the border areas in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, where the hospitals are being totally besieged with the many people that get across the border for their medical needs and then simply go back across the border. They are merely assisting in the high medical prices that we all enjoy here if we have legal status. In my job as a shipper, I can tell you that I don’t get very many good stories from the people who have to bring trucks full of products from New Mexico either. The drivers have to watch people who don’t speak English smash the products to the point of being near destroyed, and they can’t get them to stop doing it because of the language barrier. These people are doing all of those construction jobs that I guess Americans won’t do, and that also brings me to the truck driver jobs that Americans won’t do, because lately I have been getting a lot of the trucks from Mexico that are allowed to pick up products here on their way back south after dropping things off up here. I know enough Spanish to get them into the back door, but the trucks that NAFTA allows into this country with the breaking floors on them are insane. Just jeopardizing safety that Americans won’t do I suppose? Sorry but that has become a joke around here when ever someone who is illegal gets arrested selling crack in a publicly funded apartment, or blows up a block with their meth labs. “Just selling the Crack, that Americans won’t sell, and living in the section 8 housing that Americans are too good to live in,” and that game can be applied to anything, you should try it sometime as it gets more common in the news “He was just robbing the convenience store that American’s won’t rob anymore” ;8o)

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