Thursday, November 30, 2006

Deadly Sins Therapy - Volume 9

Beating the dead horse again but I haven’t talked about Invidia for a while, and as you all probably know that is my favorite of the deadly sins. I suffered from a massive glut of Invidia when I was a simple little Yahole blogger and simply writing my little cartoon adventures, so I have a bit of experience with this. Invidia for those of you that haven’t read back that far is basically the expression for jealousy, or envy. When I was a popular blogger there were times that the comments sections of my blogs were like a Rock Concert and I attracted a lot of different types of people, but the ones that were scattering around my blogs at the end in the “Community” style blogging formats were those that simply hated those that were more popular, or more successful than anything they would ever accomplish. Sure a lot of the popularity that I had was rather ill gotten because the simple “buzz” of being associated with what I was writing would make or break others in the popularity based Yahole 360 arena, but it all did start with a certain, small level of talent that I was able to make the most of, for my 10 minutes of fame. The trash that flocked to try to destroy me, and make themselves feel better through it were merciless, unyielding, and without any form of conscience, and in the end I quit, so that I could be happier without the drama. They won, and that is just fine because I didn’t exactly lose.

The problem with this sort of irrational devotion to destroying those that you are jealous of is far more dangerous than anyone really gives it credit for. Most people who are riddled with Invidia are dangerous to anyone, or anything that they touch or come in contact with, because they have absolutely no regard for the damage that they cause, and to give them an audience is a horrible thing to do as well and makes one equally as guilty. A wonderful example is the number 1 retailer in the world, Wal-Mart. You can’t go more than an hour in the news cycles without hearing about someone that has a problem with Wal-Mart, and they deserve hardly any of it. The blinding rage that people feel for those that are successful is one of the greatest cancers to infest mankind, and I can’t stand for it any longer. Some Wal-Mart “hatred” arguments seem rather valid on the surface but my personal experiences show a different story, that I wish more people would open their eyes to, but then again Wal-Mart is the number 1 retailer on earth, and the news Media that rips it apart is a dinosaur that is on the brink of bankruptcy, so perhaps it isn’t all that it looks like, but again I remind everyone that Invidia makes people merciless, unyielding, and totally devoid of conscience. They will find a way to destroy Wal-Mart if it takes their very last breath, and let me explain it to you with some historical significance.

When I was younger, there were hardware stores everywhere, with names like Ace, TrueValue, Trustworthy, Greendales, Richmonds, and then all of the ones that were simply named after the owner “Stef’s” or “Bill’s” and then they all vanished. The company known as Grossman’s came along and closed almost all of them by being “bigger, better, and cheaper” and then dominated the market for the most part for about a decade. Over that decade their prices started creeping up, their service got really bad, and they started pushing inferior products on the consumers. Most people don’t remember it this way because our memories are rather narrow, but I remember driving out of my way to go to the Ace hardware store two towns over so that I could get my tools, until K-Mart started stocking them. Along came a big box named HQ which almost immediately started getting Grossman’s to cry about how it was going to close them all, and actually did around here within a few months. The prices of everything were roughly half that of Grossman’s on everything, and they smiled, and were helpful when you went in there, not to mention having 10 times the choices on everything. The only people who missed Grossman’s were Grossman’s employees and owners. HQ didn’t last more than 2 years as the Home Depot moved in and closed them, and they are currently the number 2 retailer on earth, but they were able to get their prices even lower and in larger quantities, so life happens. They haven’t had the opportunity to get too big for their own good because Lowes popped in everywhere to keep them honest. It’s how the world works unfortunately in most sectors of the free market, and Wal-Mart came along and filled the gap where most of the retail stores were inefficient and bilking the public, just like in these examples.

Now Wal-Mart is not the juggernaut that they are by being predatory despite what people like to say. There are many markets that Wal-Mart cannot break their competitors and never will, which this last weekend taught a lot of people. While I was at Wal-Mart buying the big items that I wanted to get for my kids for Christmas {27 Inch Color TV with a built in DVD and VCR for my youngest 149$ and Computer with 1gig Ram 160gig Hard Drive and a 19 inch WideScreen Monitor 349$ for my son … Beat that anywhere!} a larger majority of people were flooding Target for clothes and higher quality items that Wal-Mart doesn’t sell {because it isn’t their forte and they were losing money when they were trying} so that proves an interesting point. Wal-Mart can only break you if you are there to be broken! Most places that are opening a new Wal-Mart the lines to actually get jobs there are pretty damn long too, despite all of the awful things you hear about that. We have heard about all of the labor unions crying about Wal-Mart’s unfair employee practices, but what they aren’t telling you as they are going to the state level to try to close Wal-Marts is that by law, if they handed out union cards and the employees wanted to vote on a union, nobody can stop them, and they know the facts that Wal-Mart employees would vote against the union and they would lose their gripe.

Our Wal-Mart is opening a Grocery store in it, and there are people already crying about that issue, which many people have across the country. It’s not fair that other grocery stores can’t touch Wal-Mart’s prices, which may or may not be true, but here’s my personal experience with this. We have three grocery stores that dominate this part of the country. There is Market Basket, which all smells like rotten cheese, and I cannot shop at them because I get sick being in there. I am not exaggerating on this one either, as they also sell cigarettes cheaper but I still have to go elsewhere to buy them because not only is the smell in their nauseating but the people that they hire are the bottom 1 percent of the workforce and are really nasty tempered, and slow. There is Shaw’s where I do go that simply costs about 20 percent more at all times, but the place is clean and the people are usually friendly, but the prices there are breaking my back on a week to week basis as I have to spend at least an extra 40 dollars on groceries, and as a single father of 3 working as a janitor, that is not a very happy thing to do, but again, the other choice is intolerable. Then there is Hannaford which is a rather long drive from here so it isn’t an option as my time is at a premium. They are usually pretty dirty but don’t smell, and their prices are located in between so it is just easier for me to go to Shaws. I like my money, and Wal-Mart won’t allow their places to smell like rotten cheese, or hire nasty people around here, so I have a feeling that I will be going there.

The big secret about the Invidia that goes on with all of this, is the bigger lies that the far left is committing on everyone around here, and the rest of the country. When the city of Chicago {a place with no unemployment anyway right?} wouldn’t let Wal-Mart move into the city they told about 1000 of the residents there that were desperate for a job that the 9 dollars an hour that Wal-Mart were going to pay was not good enough for the people there. These people of course were either making less where they were or aren’t making anything at all. Wal-Mart of course moved to a border town and now the very same people that were desperate for a job either take public transportation to get to the Wal-Mart and work or they remain unemployed, or in a lower paying job. The bigger story here is the poverty margin in the City of Chicago has just increased exponentially because the people that can afford to get out of town to go to the Wal-Mart do and the “inner city” that can’t afford to get to the Wal-Mart are forced {as they always are .. talk about oppression} to pay double for goods and services that are within their reach. This keeps them poor and angry just like their politicians want them, and it is a crying shame that I used to speak up against in the City of New York when I lived there as well. This is what the Invidia is doing to the poor people in Chicago, and it is coming to a neighborhood near you, if you let this form of loathing corrupt your soul as well.

The fact of the matter is that Wal-Mart is in the business of making business cheaper. Some call it predatory and to them I always ask “So why do I have to spend more of my money to make sure that others can have more of it?” and seeing the “outrage” over Wal-Marts new “4 dollar” prescription program which includes over 325 drugs that are on the Social Security prescription list. Some are angry that it isn’t “enough”, others are angry that it will harm the local drug store {who you should be wasting up to 85 extra dollars a month to keep open, come on here} and then you have others that are outraged that Wal-Mart is putting the “squeeze” on companies to make these drugs cheaper. Heaven forbid that Wal-Mart have the nerve to take away the “elderly people eating dog food” scares that a lot of the media loves to spread around like the manure that it is. You can actually see where I am going with that one so I guess I should leave it there. I think that if anyone wants to keep Wal-Mart from being successful, they should simply do it the old fashioned way and give their money to someone else, but we all know that that is the logical way, and Wal-Mart after all is so powerful that it can actually force everyone to shop there. I know that sounds stupid, but that’s what Invidia does to us after all. ;8o)

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