Friday, November 17, 2006

As Went Maine So Went Vermont - Volume 2

Here comes another glowing example of why I don’t take “Environmental Groups” very seriously. I have stated my opinions on them for a long time, and that would be “Environmental Groups are the last true place for Socialists who hate progress to hang their hats,” and here they are again in the enlightened state of Massachusetts coming to the aid of the tax and spend crowd. The sad thing is during times like this when they are so completely corrupt and wrong, it never actually has the legs to show people that they really have no intention of saving the environment, they just want to use the “useful idiots” in the “save the mosquito” crowd, to oppress people. Yes I realize that by bringing up the wrong agendas of these organizations I am opening myself up to a bevy of people coming out and barraging me with “but what about the bunny rabbits? Do you hate the bunny rabbits?” but we can’t all be politically correct, or there would be no need for politically correct, and the world would be a scary place without politically correct.

In the state of Massachusetts you have a lot of stupid people, which is backed up by the fact that John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are their senators, and usually they run unopposed. Might as well just throw up the givens on why the people there are stupid, so that I can tell you about this project that they are still working on in downtown Boston, called “The Big Dig.” Now this project has been going on for over 20 years, and everyone in the country pays for it because Massachusetts did get the Federal Government to fund a large portion of it. What the project was intended to do was take all of those ugly looking overpasses that littered the skyline of Boston and put them underground so that people would not have to look at them anymore. It was going to build a tunnel under the river to the airport, and it was going to simply get rid of this big monstrosity in the center of the city called “The Central Artery” and add a beautiful bridge to the city so that I93 can come in, look at the city and then go underground, and then get out the other end. It has finally done a lot of this after killing a woman, and costing about 3 times what it was supposed to, and running into the billions. It also isn’t finished, and for all we know it never will be, but it is expensive to do things in a State and a City that doesn’t work to begin with. You have to pay pretty much dollar for dollar everything once for construction, once for the politicians, and once to the Irish Mob.

This is Boston after all, and this of course is my basis for believing that I can simply eliminate all explanations and call the voters out there “stupid” but it extended to the rest of the state based on the way Massachusetts pays for all of this corruption. Enter the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which finally got taken over by the Governors office after the woman I had mentioned before was killed when one of the new billion dollar tunnels collapsed on her, which pretty much raises all of the revenue for “The Big Dig” on the Massachusetts side. This organization oversees one thing in Massachusetts which is the “Mass Pike” otherwise known as I90 which goes from the New York border right into Boston. To do this they have tolls set up all down the Turnpike which actually set up a new set of problems that Massachusetts also feeds like a cancer which is rampant cronyism. Most of the people working on the Turnpike {aka Toll Takers} earn an average salary of 65,000 a year and {surprise surprise} are related to politicians in the state. Over and above all of that the new panel that Governor Romney appointed to look into all of this corruption, found that they were stealing a large portion of the toll money on top of being paid more than most state school teachers. What was the solution for all of this? Take down all of the tolls west of 128 since the union rules made it so that they had to have mandated toll takers during hours when there were nobody going through the tolls, and they were being way overpaid anyway, as well as stealing hand over fist.

It makes good economic sense, as well as taking the never ending burden of “The Big Dig” off of the people who don’t use it, and a lot of people were excited that they were finally going to save well over 700 dollars a year in tolls. Not so fast though, they had forgotten about one of the important lobbies in Massachusetts who doesn’t like to see people freed from oppression, and you guessed it, that would be the “environmental whackos” that started petitioning the state saying that taking down the toll barriers would hurt the environment. This is the type of thing that seriously shows why these people should not be listened to as well, because even the most rudimentary logic shows that it is GOOD for the environment to get rid of the stupid tolls. They will hear nothing of it though because their reasoning that “people will start driving on the Pike more” can not be changed in their minds. These people who think so far outside the box, that they can beat the rest of us down on theories for the last 40 years, can’t even do the 15 minutes of homework that it took ME to prove that they are full of crap. I suspected nothing less from the type of oppressive idiots that told me the rainforests would be gone in 20 years back when I was in first grade {for those of you with public education on your side that was 30 years ago} and are still saying the exact same thing.

By simple logic, I have learned that the real pollution is caused by acceleration of a vehicle which releases carbons in the air at a rate of about 10 to 1 as apposed to the normal 1 to 1. Just stopping and then starting up again after paying your toll creates about 10 times the pollutants that simply driving through causes, but that is only a small part of it. During the “rush hour” periods, that shmoz of “Not enough Toll takers” that is created by the Toll Takers Union, creates a 3 to 15 mile back up of cars each and every day twice, that dumps well over a 1000 times the necessary pollution into the air in the location of every single toll. Coupled with the fact that about 40 percent of the traffic that could simply be sailing through the pike the whole way to Boston takes alternative routes like 2, 9, and 20 which are heavily populated with stop lights the whole way also adds tons of stop and go pollution into the atmosphere, as well as making the streets that people are actually walking on and riding their bikes a hell of a lot more dangerous. How can these organizations that are simply set up as “shell organizations” to punish people for simply being alive, even be allowed to have a voice on anything, when they are so amazingly wrong. The news media in the Boston area that is all for “oppression” have simply taken up the mantra of the “environmental lunatics” and are trying to indoctrinate everyone in the area to their leftist ideals. I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there who assume that the day the pike becomes free, that everyone is goiung to go out and buy SUVs just so that they can drive up and down the thing all day for the hell of it, but the fact of the matter is that the same traffic that goes through the vicinity now will simply be doing it without idling and accelerating as much.

This is a “Red Herring” I understand because in the end the morons who make up the population of Massachusetts will simply find people who are worse than the ones creating this chaos and vote them into office. The talk radio circuit will be filled with more people whining about it all, who then whine about being impotent to solving the issues. Moving out and letting these people starve to death like most people incapable of clothing and feeding themselves would be my solution to that. Billy Bulger will still be getting a huge pension from the state while his brother James is running around, God knows where, after being one of the most wanted fugitives in the country as a whole. There is no solution to that one as they already created and ate that monster. The unions will still be working on “The Big Dig” 10 years from now, and western Massachusetts will still be paying for it all, and the “environmental lunatics” will still be supporting the spread of life threatening diseases because you can’t spray for mosquitoes in the state. Pretty soon I will be living in Florida because the people in Massachusetts escape from the chaos they created by becoming MY neighbor in New Hampshire, but it is the process of natural selection that you have to get away from the areas that don’t work, and the idiots that ensure it stays that way.

Of course I have a really simple plan to take care of Global Warming once and for all you see, because after all I am more than just a whiner and a complainer, I actually have solutions once in a while. What you need to do is go down to Missouri, and get one of those scientists there that so desperately needs to clone human beings, and give them Al Gore to clone a few million times. You wouldn’t know this by watching the regular news {actually scratch that you might not even know who Al Gore is any more watching the regular news} but the pre-eminent expert on all that which is global warming also serves another purpose {aside from rallying Islamic people to hate America more} which has been proven on numerous occasions over the last year. He is an environmental “bad luck” charm. Last year he held a speech on Global Warming in Boston Massachusetts {yep to the same knuckleheads that want more stop and go traffic to eliminate Greenhouse gasses, but I digress} on the coldest day in 50 years. He then went to New York City to have the same speech there and landed the coldest day there in 70 years. Well this wonderful message of his just got done going on a week long tour in New Zealand which just got through the worst recorded winter in their history, but thanks to him showing up the forecast that it was going to let up was totally reversed and now it looks like all of the already poor farmers there are going to have the worst growing season on record because the frost won’t go away. Guess what happened when he got to Australia? It snowed, prompting John Howard to ask him if he brought any Rats and Locusts with him. Feel free to keep our Village Idiot as long as you need him, and maybe that desert in the middle of Australia will simply disappear ;8o)

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