Tuesday, November 7, 2006

And The Merry Go Round Broke Down - Volume 8

Well it was quite a day here, as I was watching the polls here and there from my computer at work. I found it quite amusing the stories that are coming out about voter fraud and the originations of it all, and I always try to keep my eyes on when the stories propagate, so that I can get a feel for what the polls are really telling the pollsters. It’s been a foolproof way of gauging the goings on because the last few elections the exit polls themselves have been DEAD wrong, so the “whose spinning who” method gives me a much broader view. Realistically the only place that would have appeared to be a dead lock for a Republican senator was Virginia, because the news agencies were spending the entire day trying to convince me that that election was going to be downright stolen. Otherwise realistically, I have said it all along that it is a win-win situation for me, being someone who likes to pick apart the political process because no matter whom wins the losers will be sore at best and downright insane at worst.

I may be a card carrying member of the Republican Party but I don’t like the Republican Party as it is today for the exact opposite reasons that everyone else supposedly hates them. They are far too wishy washy for my taste, and I would be happy if they really were the overly conservative right wing whackos that the other party paints them as. They just aren’t, and they can’t even turn that into a political victory. I watched them back Lincoln Chaffee so that they could hold onto the majority which is bullshit realistically because he will then simply vote with the Democrats on everything anyway. We have already been down this road with Jim Jeffords, and in the end he switched parties anyway. Fortunately it looked like Chaffee might lose, and good riddance. With this election season over with we can get on with … well I guess … working on the next one unfortunately.

This day was totally mired with other things to make me oh so wonderfully happy. I was called at work to pick up my son because his chapped lips had become infected and the school nurse had determined that it was contagious, so he couldn’t ride on the bus. The fact that he is 8 years old makes me worry about what goes on on the bus ride home, but what had me more worried was that I had to go pick him up at the school where the polls were running. Let me tell you all that the voter turn out was insane here in New Hampshire, and I was the only one who wasn’t wearing Birkenstocks and wool socks, so it not only didn’t bode well for the people I like to vote for, but also made it a lot harder to get my son out of the school. A lot of these people happen to come from the “I have the right to be heard,” opinion as opposed to the right to “say it and be ignored” opinion that I happen to believe in. This unfortunately left me in a quandary as everyone standing in that gauntlet at the front door was downright determined to make me listen to their spiel.

After grabbing my son and forcing him to stand in line with me so that I could get voting out of the way, I had another quandary during the 40 minute wait, and that was quite simply the fact that I didn’t recognize a single person ahead of me in line. For a town this size that is rather strange to say the least, but when I looked over at the line at the “day of” registration table it kinda showed a different tale. That line was longer than the one to actually vote, and made me rather nervous as well. The constitutionality of being able to check ID isn’t in question here in New Hampshire, since they don’t, so I guess I will be joking with everyone in work tomorrow about how my town doubled in size since the last census. This stuff always comes out in the wash though as we do have a 14 day “search” period, where they go and find out if you live where you say, and you do have to sign your registration card, but it creates very expensive “tax payer funded” chaos.

I just wish there was a way to get everyone to stop hating each other when this is all said and done, but I fear that we are beyond that point. I see it everyday in the news that nobody can have an honest debate about anything anymore because it is all about hate and slander on both sides. There is no recovering from this anymore, but the good news is that it isn’t going to change my view on voting. I am going to do it regardless of how frustrated I am with everyone else’s candidates. No matter what anyone has told me, I am not frustrated with my own. My Senators and Representative have gone to Washington and done almost everything I have asked them to. There have been some differences on a few issues, but nobody is ever going to walk in lockstep with me. None of them speak hatefully of the other party, and I hope that doesn’t change {which it will if one of the people running in this election in my area wins, but the rest of them don’t do the “hate speak” method of politics even in the other party} but you never know. As I said before we have gone beyond the point of recovery, so it could get brutal over the next two years.

Now on to the funniest piece of news I read today which was about the German polls on the election in the United States. Apparently they were polling people in Germany an publishing it here, and this should be rather telling as I think it says a lot about the electorate here in America. The German’s polled overwhelmingly supported the Democrats because they wanted to get back to the “Good” America that there once was, which didn’t surprise me in the least. The amusing part about it all was when you read the external data around the polling. A majority of the people polled in the German polls hope that George W Bush doesn’t win reelection either. His unfavorable ratings over in Germany are even worse than here which is saying a lot, but to show how well informed they all are, George W Bush can’t run for reelection anyway {and yes I am saying that because it appears that a lot of people in this country don’t realize that either} and there are a lot of people in this country that think the opinion of Germans means something in our elections. More to the point on this fact, is that the country that actually elected Adolf Hitler hates our president and some people think that is a bad thing? ;8o)

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