Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Tale Of Two News Stories - Volume 2

The more things change, the more they stay the same unfortunately, and here we have to reopen our moratorium on the state of Colorado. I realize that what I am about to talk about involves the totally pathetic City of Boulder, but I am going to be throwing stones at the entire state of Colorado because they deserve it as well if not more. I have been asked where I get my news, and why I can be such a know it all on these things, but it’s actually pretty easy. I listen to talk radio all day, and when I hear of something particularly perplexing in another part of the country I go to that region’s local newspapers to see what the hell is going on out there. As always the state of Colorado sickens me to the core with how things go on and how they never seem to learn from anything. First and foremost the media in that area should be ashamed of itself for being every bit as corrupt as the attorneys that the people out there vote into office because their news coverage sucks rocks. We saw this when JonBenet Ramsey was murdered, and without the media out there pushing these issues then there WILL BE NO accountability in that state and especially that city. If they were making things up to destroy someone they didn’t like then they would be passionate about it, but as far as reporting facts, they have no need for it obviously.

The problems that occurred in the Ramsey case were pretty simple. JonBenet’s father was a very rich and powerful person who at the time just so happened to be a flavor of the week during that whole Clinton bubble, and the district attorney in the area didn’t have the stones to simply go after the people who did it, which is basically one of the family members. We had to watch the whole circus as they dragged a lunatic back from Thailand {where child predators belong} so that they could try to indict him. This total cowardice was the most pathetic excuse for criminal justice I have ever seen based purely on the fact that that loser was incapable of defending himself, so I actually theorize that she was hoping in a kangaroo style case they could have accidentally convicted him. The problem with that was that he so obviously was not involved that they couldn’t even try, and part of the reason was not just the fact that he probably never even went to Boulder Colorado, but also the fact that HE NEVER COULD HAVE GOTTEN INTO THAT HOUSE! Because of this ineptness there is an admitted child predator that was in Thailand {again where being a child predator is a resume enhancement} running lose in the United States, all paid for by the city of Boulder and also the State of Colorado. Again, rather than let the facts get in the way of a good story {basically meaning that one of her family members killed her} they went in on this circus, but was there another reason perhaps? Oh, you bet your ass there was.

The story that got me reading the newspapers in the Boulder area is that of Jason Midyette who was taken to the hospital in early March and was so severely beaten that he had 22 broken bones and a fractured skull. It was ruled a homicide, but there have been no indictments brought down on anyone in this case. You may ask yourself why, and the answer is pretty simple, if you look into it a little more. The father of Jason Midyette {Alex} happens to be the son of J. Nold Midyette who owns almost all of Boulder Colorado. The sheer terror of having to take on all of the most expensive attorneys probably in America which is what was pledged to happen if Mary Lacy {the Boulder District Attorney} even considers filing charges, and with all evidence and rationality pointing to either Molly or Alex Midyette, she hasn’t after almost 10 months. The fact that this is allowed to continue, yet again in the very same city that was allowed to hold the entire country hostage through it’s inactions during the JonBenet tragedy, makes me sick. I was wholeheartedly prepared to state that if you wanted to torture and kill your child then get your ass to Boulder. I also happen to hold J. Nold Midyette personally accountable because if that had been my 10 week old grandchild, and I was one of the richest men on planet Earth, God in Heaven wouldn’t be able to stop my wrath at finding the killer, even if it was my son! I would be holding his head under the bus personally, but if I have learned one thing about spoiled rich people is that covering up for the damage that they have done is a disease like alcoholism. Look to Nantucket Massachusetts and the Kennedy Klan for proof.

The problem with Boulder and the state of Colorado as a whole is that the people there are willing to elect “Bullies” to serve them. The District Attorneys throughout that state are notorious for “thugging up” on impoverished people, but not one of them has the stones to go out and face a real attorney. If you are Black, Hispanic, and hopefully poor, then the DA’s out there will stand for photo ops, and take you into court and rough you up big time, especially right before an election. If you are rich, well connected and white, then you can intimidate these losers simply by stating the obvious, “You can’t, so don’t try!” This has led to all kinds of issues as the schools out there are ground zero for school shootings to the point where they don’t even get reported anymore. The problem simply is based on the “passing the buck” mentality, and this is where I blame Colorado as a whole. They haven’t learned a thing from ANYTHING that happens out there, and if the state had the stones in this matter they would have taken the right to even prosecute this investigation completely away from Mary Lacy from the first moment it was dropped in her lap, but certainly within the last 10 months. There is no excuse for this level of contempt for the people of that state much less the TOTAL IDIOTS that live in Boulder and accept this being the way that America brands them as a whole, but what other choice do I have at this point.

Beyond the total disgust that this whole scenario places my mindset, and the fact that I believe that the John Mark Carr “arrest” was a definite “operation change the subject” for these losers out in Colorado, who are quite happy electing bullies instead of crime fighters, there is another problem. These things merely raise the bar another notch. Walking into a school and shooting people isn’t enough anymore, so we then have to walk into a school and start killing in different ways to make sure that it gets front page ink. Later down the road, the whole “school shooting” thing is boring, so we have to walk into an Amish school and be even worse about it. The same thing here as a little girl is supposedly raped and murdered in her own home by “strangers” who somehow broke in leaving no footprints in the snow. Bullshit! Well let’s come back here in another ten years and simply beat our baby to death, and then dare the DA to do anything about it. She won’t anyway, and I am terrified to think of what is coming next because that bar is up another notch, and the world is not screaming for an end to it, they are either waiting by their television sets waiting for the “Law & Order” version of it because there isn’t even going to be a 11 O’clock news version of it anymore, and as far as I am concerned the city of Boulder Colorado can go to hell.

This is what I expect of the Islamic community these days as we have an entire faction of their religion who is taking the rest of them into the toilet. We stand around and we cry about how the “good” Muslims need to stand up and scream in unison that the “bad” Muslims don’t represent them. The news is FULL of bullshit stories about how the Iraqi people need to stand up on their own even though the way of life for them for the last 50 years has been to be gunned down or gassed if you speak up against those that seek to terrify you. Our own news media only shows us the bad pictures, so that we can all join in to slaughter the President and in turn demonize the military for not doing the job quick enough and then point at the Iraqi that don’t embrace freedom fast enough. Heaven forbid that the people of Boulder stand up and scream that their DA is a piece of shit, and useless. How many times have the people of Boulder been afraid to walk down the streets speaking their minds on the side of law and order? Perhaps the question that should be asked of me is how do I know if they have or not, but the answer would simply be, why can’t you even find decent news stories about this on the internet? Makes me even wonder why Colorado has a government at all, but perhaps they are like Iraq and simply don’t want freedom ;8o)

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