Wednesday, November 1, 2006

A Day In The Life Of Jeremy Crow - Volume 5

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I’m never quite as smart as I think I am, but the good news is that my idiocy can be quite entertaining from the outside looking in I suppose. If we go back to Sunday when I got home from Church you will be able to see a pattern of what I do well and what I do poorly and how I merge the two things into a superior form of screw up that has become legendary in my circles. It made for a couple of awful days really, but the caveat to it all being that I finally learned to just ignore all of the outside things until the inside things could be dealt with. For my next trick I may actually learn to deal with them rationally from the get go but I need to commend myself of the baby steps first.

It all started when I was in a scramble to get my kids ready for church. I was proud of myself for having a rather nice blog entry about John Ratzenberger and it was all finished well before church and I just wanted to publish it. I loaded it into Blogger so that it could be placed into my website and hit send … “There Were Errors” was what was staring back at me, which is no biggie, it happens a lot. I try again and get the same message. I keep trying right up until I am bout to make us late for church and finally have to give up, and fix it when I get home. Church goes by {with me obsessed the whole time with simply getting that blog entry up, you kinda gotta know how I tick for that one} and I finally get home … Click Publish … Damn! That’s when I realized something about the template of my page, that has me bothered, and I go in to correct the code and … BOOM … whoever had hacked into my pages got exactly what they wanted as I spread the issue to every one of my blog entries. Almost 400 of them and they were now all unreadable.

This is where a normal person would sit down and assess the situation, come up with a plan to fix it, and initiate the process. I’m not normal so I did what people like me do and I just started tearing apart everything trying to fix whatever was broken and along the way managed to rip apart every page in my website. For those of you that haven’t seen my website it is really large with over 1000 pages of things to destroy and I think I managed to systematically destroy the code in over 900 of them. This was not boding well for me because I had been spending about 80 hours a week making these pages look good for my next 3 months of ignoring them, and now all that appeared to be lost. I was so efficient in my tearing them all apart that I managed to destroy all of the backup copies of everything as well. Not bad for an amateur huh? So now as my entire site is rendered unreadable, I finally get Blogger to take that damn post and it is 8pm that evening and the blog posts are all ravaged and unreadable, but I finally found out what had happened in the first place. The code which tells the web browsers what type of font encoding the pages are was switched to something that made all of the comma’s and apostrophes’ look screwy. THAT was a 20 second fix, and I had spent 9 hours destroying everything.

20 second fix is applied but I had to change the template to the entire blog because the old template was lost on my last computer, but at least all of the blogs were readable, and at that time it was my bedtime and I hadn’t written or made a stat. Oh well I am not getting an ulcer over that, but I had been on a roll at the time. I’ll fix the rest of everything when I get home from work the next day I am telling myself, but The Pink Mafia decides to modify my hours the next day so that I work longer {every day … new schedule … ack} so I get home rather flat footed to begin with and there are a lot of repairs to do here. I chose the intelligent method and simply turned my e-mail off to get dirty with my website, which became a chore once again. It’s amazing how much damage I can do when I think I am saving time and get frantic, but I did at least cosmetically fix most of the website, and everything in it. Time will work out the rest of the bugs because by the time I had gotten to this point to which I speak it was time for taking the kids out Trick Or Treating followed by that damn football game that ESPN stole from me on Sunday.

Now there was a time {or actually many of them} that I would have tried to simply do all of this on the side while trying to fulfill all of the other obligations that I have set upon myself, like responding to all the e-mail, and making things for other people, or creations to send into groups, so the fact that I finally learned to NOT let any of that stand in my way of fixing my own things is a big victory for me mentally and emotionally. Granted I was a bit behind on those other things this morning but “regret” over the things in my own life always seems to be what gives me the ulcers and keeps me from feeling any satisfaction in what I am doing anyway. This was actually an accomplishment in my eyes despite the total waste of my time the whole thing truly was, but I never have learned anything the easy way anyway. I can simply chock this one up to being “the hard way with a bit of an upside” and move on with my day.

I want to take a minute and give a brief word on what I would have written about yesterday but of course didn’t have the time. There was a rather important figure in this area that died over the weekend by the name of Red Auerbach, and even if you aren’t into basketball {and trust me I am not into basketball} you have probably heard the name. The reason I wanted to bring him up is because this is a great man who deserves some recognition, especially if you are a fan of sports in general because this man has no equal whatsoever. Aside from the obvious that he did coach the greatest dynasty in sports history {8 strait championships with the Boston Celtics} he actually had his hands in every single one of the Celtics 16 championships as he was the general manager of the team for the rest of them. That in and of itself would make the man great in the eyes of many, but there are so many other things that this man did or had taught us that need to be recognized including, but not limited to, being one of the great pioneers in racial equality for the entire country.

Most people don’t even realize that when he was the coach of the Boston Celtics the extremely Irish city of Boston was one of the most racist cities in the world, so when he had 5 black players on HIS team it wasn’t very well accepted at the time. When he stepped down as the head coach of the team, and named Bill Russell as his successor, he not only created the first black head coach of an NBA franchise, but trust me around here that took balls even if Bill Russell was one of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball. This goes to the one thing that anyone who has ever met Red Auerbach will tell you, and that was that he treated absolutely everyone like they were his equal, and as I had said before, on accomplishments alone this man had no equal.

It’s kinda like that whole issue that most people have with anyone famous. They are aloof and withdrawn and it makes people want to know more about them, and breeds all of these hideous photographers that chase around celebrities. Red Auerbach simply was himself in all facets of his life and it kept everyone off guard. If you were to call his office during normal business hours you would get him, because he never had a secretary, and that would immediately take people off of their game. He was NEVER too busy to talk to anyone, and always accessible. He never treated anyone like they were a pain in the ass and that is so refreshing that I really think we lost the last of a breed of people that we could possibly never get back again. Despite not being into basketball myself I had met Red Auerbach on several occasions during charity events in the area and he would actually just walk up to you and start talking to you like you were one of his friends, so it was easy to forget that he is a God in his chosen profession, and realistically I think I am reminding myself and others that he was because it was so easy to forget. I promise to never forget. ;8o)

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