Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update On The 18th Year - Volume 2

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I get three letters in the mail today from New Jersey from the E-ZPass system which is quite curious as I never go on any of the toll roads around here. For anyone who doesn’t know E-ZPass is the little transponders that you put in the front window of your car so that the tolls can take money out of an account that you set up for it kinda like the IRS when they take money out of your paycheck every week and keep it interest free for you until the end of the year, these guys just do it for you in lieu of stopping at a toll booth. The most curious part about it is that I don’t even use toll roads much less not have an ashtray full of change left over from the Dunkin Donuts drive thru to pay them if I ever did. I actually have made it a life ambition to avoid all tolls and highways to the best of my ability, so when I opened all three of the letters up and saw little black and white pictures of the back end of my minivan running tolls I was not too happy.

I realize that most people out there are blessed with at least one totally thoughtless person in their life but I happen to be blessed with several, so it was hard to figure out who or whom in this particular situation fucked me. I had to check the dates, and then try to remember who had my minivan on what given date so that I could ream them out properly, because there will be a plausibility argument from each of them regardless of who was doing who a favor and who was actually taking advantage of it. At first thought I bet you think it is pretty silly to have to actually keep a date book on who borrows your minivan purely based on who is going to commit crimes with it and until today I thought so too, but as I am writing this I have to remember who I am dealing with here, and in the end it makes me look stupid regardless. I am after all holding over 100 dollars in fines in my hand after being a nice person. That’s normal isn’t it?

I actually knew the two people it had to be, but I wasn’t sure if it was one or a combination of the both. These stupid infraction letters simply have toll booth numbers listed as the “locations of infractions” which do me no good in the long run and I don’t suppose that they even factored in that there would be people like me that would get these things and not know anything about it, and why should they? The obvious choice in it all would be Greektradgedius Intraining who always has my minivan because despite the fact that her and her husband makes roughly 4 times my annual salary, they are incapable of owning two vehicles that work, and I am. The not so obvious choice but equally as guilty would be EX3 who had my minivan a few weeks ago when I was sick and was watching after the kids. I still can’t even fathom the mentality of “I have someone else’s vehicle, so I can blow through the E-ZPass” system, but then again I happen to be a responsible person despite my inability to move far away from my family or acquire better taste in women. Again I have never believed that the world owes me a living.

After contacting both of them about their infractions and pointing out to them both that they are going to have to fill out the paperwork taking full blame for the incidents and hand them BACK TO ME because they are not trustworthy enough to simply fill them out and send them in themselves, the little light bulb went off over my head. The fact of the matter is that EX3 will actually be the only one paying for this, so I better at the very least get the forms filled out to clear my name. Greektradgedius Intraining will do what she always does {like when she has my vehicle for a month and I make her get an oil change on it because fair is fair} and simply go to Greektradgedius Inyiddish with a poverty sob story and get her to give her the money. This of course in the long and short of it will come directly from my paycheck anyway. Again as I am writing this I can’t believe that I live like this, but I do and it is totally based on my ability to be responsible and the women in my family being totally incapable.

It’s funny how that works and the whole “gotcha” mentality that goes into the whole thing. I made a huge production about selling my two vehicles and getting myself one more reliable vehicle a while back, and everyone just looked at me with that “sure you will” attitude written all over them. I pay the insurance, registrations, repairs and all of the other etceteras on 2 vehicles so that others can simply have one to use at will and not even respect the fact that it is NOT theirs. This is the same crap that my father would go through before me and his father as well, simply because of the fact that I cannot be without a back up vehicle. It happens to be one of the greatest phobias that I have actually because like everyone else when I was younger it made life miserable to be without a car. I also have the consideration of having 3 kids and no tolerance for them holding me hostage in my own vehicle with their screaming over each other and have to have a minivan for if I want to drive more than 2 miles away from the house with them, and at the same time need to have a car that doesn’t get 16 miles to the gallon for the times when they are not with me. These catch 22 scenarios make me a hostage to the irrational abilities of those around me to simply eat the marrow out of my bones.

Of course it is time for the huge production again about how I work hard to support my family and that people need to show some common decency, blah blah blah blah, and it will all get filed under, “There goes Jeremy and his long winded, whatever it was he was just talking about,” which had my stupid ass driving around all summer in a vehicle that had a dead animal caught in the heating/cooling system, while my other vehicle had been off with a family member. My attitude is still rather angry about that one and that dead animal is still in the heating/cooling system today {just fully decomposed so I can’t smell it anymore} but making my fan not work past 2. I can’t afford to fix it still because I am supporting other people’s irresponsibility I know, but you can’t fix things that have been broken at least 50 years, and I am not talking about the vehicles. The newest one from the mind of GTIY and GTIT is that GTIT and her husband are going to move in here with us, which I didn’t even bother to get mad about or even say no to. It got the same answer that everything else does. “I have 12 years until I can legally throw out the youngest one, and then like my father before me I am going to be gone from this area completely, never to be seen again, so I just don’t care anymore,” which is what they simply expect rather than try to fix ;8o)

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