Sunday, October 1, 2006

Things You Learn When You Tune Out The Noise - Volume 1

It’s time for a reality moment from me to anyone reading this and with that I feel the need to make a disclaimer on what is about to be said. I realize that I haven’t done one of these in a while as I haven’t been writing any porn or things that are blatantly offensive, so please bear with me as I struggle through it …

DISCLAIMER – What you are about to read is the ramblings of a very sick and demented man, who at times has a very bad habit of uttering 100% truth, and sometimes people cannot handle honesty in it’s most pure form. Nothing that will follow will be sugar coated and if anyone feels that it perhaps pertains to them then I suggest that you look inward unto yourself, and work from there. The statements that will follow are reasonably thought out, but do not in any way pertain to any form of research other than that which I affectionately call life, and again it will be a little black and white. If you do not like any of these things then crying to Google, your psychiatrist, my parents otr your own will not change the fact that YOU read this, and thus earned any offense that YOU choose to take to it … Thank You … The Madman Behind The Screen

I am a bit disturbed over having my valuable news time hindered with foolishness these days, and it appears that every half hour there needs to be some sort of blurb dedicated to Anna Nicole Smith, her deceased son, and any of the many losers that could be the father of her new daughter. This is what we call a “Reality Moment” as it appears that for some reason or another Anna Nicole Smith actually has some newsworthy value to the world as a whole. Today I managed to hear a 20 second blurb about a speech that the President {an actual important person for those of you having trouble keeping up} and a full 2 minutes on paternity issues over Anna’s baby girl. This was then followed by another minute or so about her son’s death and the causes behind it.

The problem here is that we have managed to make a celebrity out of a stripper who married a millionaire, posed in playboy, made crappy albums and porno movies, totally fell apart, became a totally fat and sickening drunk/junkie, put that on TV every week so that people could watch that train wreck, and then all applauded when she eliminated the fat part. Even as far as negative powers of example go, she isn’t even doing her job, as people simply feel pity for her as she continues to be pathetic. Can’t anyone just point at the screen or the radio as this is being explained and say, “You know what Johnny, there are thousands of total whores in this world that don’t know the real father of their children,” and then after trying to strain for the next part say, “Well just most of them don’t have their own attorney in the running,” perhaps then going on to say, “Oh yeah, by the way thousands of junkies die too.” And then use that as a tool to teach your children better.

Why is this news? We have seen this catastrophe known as Anna Nicole Smith for a decade or more now, and then we sit around and go, “Wow, her son was on anti depressants and hooked on heroine. Who would have seen that coming?” and then MOVE ON. This is such an irritating factor in the world because real news does actually go on that will take our little worlds into the toilet with it, while agendas to “bacterialize” the common good are being rammed down our throats instead. We all know that Anna Nicole Smith is feeling bad right now, so we should be able to overlook her next drunken/stoned “idiot” moment, and we all know that the president lies and kills our children so that he can take over the world {this story of course will change when he doesn’t actually take over the world or something good happens but fortunately most people will forget the lies that lead up to that point} and it is starting to slither into the news that one party or the other are going to steal the next election to create plausible deniability when one party or the other loses. Life goes on right?

How many people know that in the State of Rhode Island {technically named “The Commonwealth of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations” officially but shortened for some reason} that 100 people were murdered last year and two of the 3 people who were indicted on it were given 4 years in a minimum security prison {with opportunities of parole after 18 months} and the other was given a suspended sentence of 500 hours of community service? In my opinion this is extremely newsworthy stuff because of everything going on in the background as we listen to the other noise floating about the news. Rhode Island happens to be such jokes that even the Sopranos do all of their shady business in Rhode Island on that HBO show because it is just common knowledge that the state is totally owned by the mafia. Now despite all of that most people don’t have a clue what the end result of these things is when you allow a shadow government to control 1/50 of the states rights policy in the country.

Here is what happens in this case. The Station Nightclub in Warwick is constructed using extremely flammable material which is a direct violation of the law, and the Fire Inspectors over look it for years. This happens because every crony Fire Inspector job in Rhode Island for the most part is given out to a member of whatever family happens to be in the Attorney General, Governor, or State Legislators office at the time, or one of the Mafia members who allowed them to get there. They don’t have a clue what they are doing but use the job to shake down whatever business they are dealing with to steal money. It’s that old story of the church or charity that aren’t allowed to use corn stalks in their parade float because it is too flammable {aka they can’t afford to pay off the Fire Inspectors} yet a night club that has every night for a decade put far to many people in the same room with flammable materials surrounding them and doors that open INWARD, and shooting off fireworks can afford to pay off the Fire Inspectors. We look at this and say to ourselves “Oh My God! We can’t let this continue!” and we worry for the safety of everyone we love, especially after 100 {not exaggerating} people burned to death and several hundred are deformed for life in this accident during a Great White concert. Now we know that the penalty for this in Rhode Island is 4 years {basically 18 months} in a minimum security prison and a very small fine for 1 of the owners while the other one can just plead “My Family Needs Me” and walk away with no time served. That sounds pretty cheap considering the many years of HUGE profits you can make doing this. They managed to get all of the cash out of the place while the people were trapped up against doors that wouldn’t swing out, so don’t worry yourselves about that.

This case of course had to be rushed through. If the people had been allowed to have their voice in the trial then sooner or later they would have had to indict the Attorney General or Governor’s brother or sister who was most likely in charge of inspecting the place and in my opinion should have a death sentence facing them. The scary part is that now this is what we call in the real world “Precedent” which now means that this case goes on the record as being a “Model” for how these types of cases get tried all throughout the country. When that little burger joint in Lansing Michigan employs a bunch of illegal immigrants from some country that we can’t pronounce and they happen to have some sort of new disease that they couldn’t be checked for because they weren’t legal to begin with {thus not checked} and 50 people die from it before they can locate the source, then the attorney for the owner who knew what he did was wrong will simply pull out this case and say “See my client is allowed to kill up to 100 people for only 4 years … and by the way … Think about his children having to be without their father for a couple of years,” If this sounds too out of touch, or unrealistic to you, then perhaps you should turn off the Anna Nicole news and switch stations for a bit. Rhode Island and Massachusetts are already tearing down the state’s rights boundaries right now, as the Superior Court in Massachusetts just ruled that the state has to certify “Gay Marriages” from Rhode Island residents, which whether you are for or against {which I happen to be for as long as it is kept within the states that legalized it and doesn’t interfere with other states laws} it does set another “Precedent” which Rhode Island and Massachusetts simply did to undermine the authority of any other state that has chosen to NOT accept this. When the state of Connecticut for example decides that it doesn’t want to certify a gay marriage certificate, then it will most definitely get thrown out at the federal court level based on “Precedent” and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I’m sure that a few people are smiling about the developments that “changing the mind of people by force” has on all of us, but remember this sort of thing is cyclical and sooner or later it will come to roost. Once we allow the “Right Judge” on the “Right Court” to change the laws as they were written, then you DO have to worry about them coming to get YOU as well. It might be a lot harder to change people’s minds through a healthy debate, and I realize that there are a lot of people in this world that are too lazy for that , but when you do, then you are prone to have a much longer lasting unity. If you take myself for example, I happen to be in favor of Gay Marriage as I had stated before. I was dead set against it at one time. This in conjunction with the fact that I was once Pro-Choice, and now am dead set against it is why I probably would be forced to vote against any such “Gay Marriage” legislation in my own state. It falls under the category of “Nothing is ever enough” because back when I was Pro-Choice I thought it was a simple thing, until all of the “Partial Birth” issues came along, and with a little research I found out how demented and sad the whole thing is. I didn’t have to ever get to that point, but the demanding of “MORE” from the far left on that issue forced myself and a lot of others to simply find out they actually needed less. I’m afraid that as long as I pay attention to what is really going on in this world then I probably won’t get fooled like that again, but I just hope that I am not alone when the real news finally comes to get me ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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