Sunday, October 8, 2006

Things You Learn When You Pay Attention - Volume 3

I woke up yesterday morning feeling horrible. I felt eerily familiar to something I remembered from my past yet obviously not far away for me to remember that nasty taste in my mouth, the headache and the sour stomach that goes with a hang over. Course it all gets a bit strange from there as I hadn’t been drinking in about 17 years and 3 months, but who’s counting anyway. The actual feeling of having a “hang over” doesn’t actually come from “alcohol” par se as it is actually just the human body in a recovery phase from the human liver absorbing poison. The big secret about alcohol is that is how it effects the system of the human body is that it is poisonous. I had some sleuthing to do yesterday beyond the obvious “British-Scottish Crossbreed Woman” that cooked my food the night before which is usually a good source of poisoning, and luck would have it that I would have nothing better to do anyway because we lost electricity.

I woke up to no electricity and actually went to bed last night with no electricity, and woke up this morning with electricity. I read “The Brothers Bulger” yesterday as I had been planning to for quite a while, and listened to my Sirius Boom Box {which is actually very easy on the batteries, I was surprised} all day for the most part. I found a couple of things really shocking yesterday as no news agency will report that the IMs Mark Foley were sending were to an 18 year old still, and they all {even Fox News} were reporting that it was to a minor. I wanted to spend yesterday researching this case {because the whole thing really is fascinating} but of course had no computer at my disposal. The whole town was down. I went to the library after I conned my ex wife into taking the kids so that I wouldn’t have to keep finding ways to amuse them when it is 50 degrees out and you have no electricity. The library did open {because we have an almost all glass wall library here} and there were a few of us in there. I found all kinds of law books, and was able to get some more reading done on Florida law.

I was rather shocked to find out that I wasn’t the only person there researching the Foley scandal either. There was a friend of mine from way back {who happens to be gay} who was also using the time to look up information on various things. We were both energized by the same left wing, looney, liberal, lesbian to the whole thing and decided to compare some of our notes. He, unlike myself started out looking to shut her up and prove that he is nothing more than a maniacal pedophile, and I was trying to avoid it all together when I decided that it was an indoctrination. He had already come over to my side of the argument based on his own research and had also noted that all it took was about 30 minutes of research to determine that the news was lying. He, being a gay male, then found himself outraged by the behavior of the people that he used to idolize. He had discovered a very interesting twist to the whole thing that I actually was going to look up, but he already had the information. What they are lying about doesn’t even make it a crime either.

Aside from the fact that it is well documented now {if you go beyond radio and television news anyway} that this was a clear case of gay bashing in which the young men involved were trying to get him to say the things he did as a joke, you also have the fact that the page in question was 18 years old. The news reporting him as 16 makes it appear that there is a crime being committed but even on THOSE grounds no crime has been committed because in both Florida and Washington DC the legal age of consent is 16 and that places him out of the status of “minor” in the eyes of the law. Now please don’t get me wrong, I still think the things that were said were really twisted, but my throwing out these IMs and lumping them together with the e-mails that were sent to others people are getting the false impression that he was doing this to everyone. He wasn’t, and unfortunately where I would like to believe that people should be kept to a higher standard than talking dirty to an 18 year old, the fact remains that if he were not gay, then this would be considered “normal” if he were doing it to an 18 year old woman. I personally believe that treating this as a watershed moment and placing it on everyone who happens to share ideologies with the man is wrong.

Now my friends albeit very left wing, are worried about something else happening that people they supported in the past are threatening to do. This is the “forced outing” of many more members of the other party. Supposedly a list is being kept for many “surprises” in the next month. This is of course an exploitation of minorities that everyone seems to think that people have an in grained bias on. Regardless of what anyone things it is still a violation of people’s privacy that the very people who are threatening to do it so defend as it pertains to things like sex, abortion, voting, and identity as it pertains to elections. This strategy has been used throughout the history of elections in this country actually dating back to Thomas Jefferson fathering children with one of his slaves. That was later proven but it was about 220 years to late to affect the outcome of the election. We have also gone on to recognize Thomas Jefferson as a pretty good President, despite the chatter to try to drag him down whenever someone gets in trouble.

The most amazing part of all of this is that last night as I was taking out my other looney, lefty, liberal, lesbian friend {my best friend for the last 20 years} I didn’t want to talk about all of this, but she did. I was shocked to find out from her that she was rather aggravated by ABC and their coverage of all of it. She happens to believe that ABC does nothing but lie anyway {which was way different then I ever expected to hear her say} and we had a chat about the other rotten thing ABC did on Friday. When “Good Morning America” rented a limousine to take John Mark Carr to the school that he used to work at, and then filmed him walking around the school, looking in the windows and trying to open the doors, they had gone pretty far over the top. It was bad enough that a company owned by Disney wanted to spend the week slandering someone in the name of “the children” but then to end their week by taking a man that we all know is a pedophile {but to ABCs credit … we don’t have a conviction} and then parade him around a school that was in session, thus forcing the school to call the police, we know where they really stand. It’s like I said the other day, they just love creating the chaos.

My issue with the news media has always been that their job is to “report” the news. Unfortunately every young person leaving journalism school these days all do so under the mantra of wanting to “create” the news. In this case we have people with an agenda that are desperately trying to “create” chaos, and disguise it as news. We have all of their willing accomplices who follow them around in lock step to make sure that the agenda is followed to the letter, and in the end we are all suffering. I have always been able to watch them push agendas and report things improperly knowing full well that they do it on purpose, and simply laugh at them because it all defied logic, and thus was considered “foolish” but now I am the fool for thinking it was harmless. I won’t let that happen again, even if I am just yelling up into the sky ;8o)

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