Monday, October 23, 2006

Things You Learn When You Pay Attention - Volume 4

If you ever thought that it couldn’t get any worse in America with the whole illegal immigration debate being so distorted and out of control then I am ready to throw some more gasoline on that fire. We have to sit and listen to the insufferable sycophants in this country constantly butchering the English language to make things that are simple logic seem far more confusing. The term “illegal” is often left out of anything having to do with who does and does not belong in this country merely in an attempt to bring useful idiots on board, who think somehow it makes you a racist to desire illegal immigrants to be cast out of this country as opposed to being welcomed in. By simply removing the word “illegal” then it makes the situation look like it isn’t a criminal activity, and then the more enlightened people {or so THEY think} can walk around really proud of their stupidity instead of ashamed of it when they say “This country was founded by immigrants” or throw around how Europeans stole this land from “Natives” so I have devised a way to really put all of this absurdity into a much broader perspective.

Along the same lines of people not paying attention to what is going on we are allowing the same Senator who formulated the last illegal immigrant amnesty program do it again, in the form of Ted Kennedy. He hasn’t changed a single wording on the original bill that he had gotten through the Senate back in the 60’s and has been the total blueprint for what we are supposed to be doing, and haven’t been for over 40 years. Now as we are poised to simply allow all of these people who not only didn’t legally enter or remain in this country to begin with another opportunity to simply stay and vote in our elections, the question really needs to be asked if we are going to actually fix the problem or are we going to simply do this again in another 20 years. The answer to that question is, of course we are going to do this in another 20 years because it is all about cheap labor to the Republicans, and impoverished voters for the Democrats, and the people who are against it do not have a voice, AT ALL.

The truly ridiculous in all of this comes in the form of a trial that finally ended recently in Texas over an incident that took place back on February 17 in Fabens Texas. Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos were sentenced to 12 years and 11 years respectively in a federal penitentiary for a shooting that took place along the Texas – Mexico border at the Rio Grande River. The person whom they shot Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila was a Mexican citizen that was on the United States side of the border and he was acting rather suspiciously in his van and when he decided to make a run for it the border patrol officers took off after him. Compean managed to corner Davila but after Ramos heard gunfire and saw Compean on the ground he shot at Davila and didn’t think that he had hit him because he just kept running for the border, but apparently he had in the buttocks. After Davila made it safely back to Mexico, he filed charges against the two border patrolmen because like any good drug smuggler on the Mexican border he knew that they aren’t allowed to fire their weapons.

Now the Federal Government who is trying to make me believe that they are going to finally solve the illegal immigration issue if I just give them a chance to prove it, did what they thought was best in this situation, and that was to immediately give Davila immunity {because after all he did have almost 800 pounds of marihuana in the van he left in America} and bring him back to El Paso for free medical attention. They then placed the two border patrolmen in custody, and in a very Kangaroo like court they placed them in front of U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone, who was NOT placed in her position by some left wing lunatic like Jimmy Carter, but by George W Bush in 2003. The sentencing is under appeal, but the chances are pretty bad even though three of the jurors have admitted to being coerced into their guilty verdicts and regret it after the sentencing. This is to be swept under the carpet and although I like the President on a lot of issues I will tell you right now that his illegal immigration policies are enough to make me often side against him. These two men are merely sacrifices on a greater alter that I don’t want anyone to misinterpret.

I know I am beating a dead horse when I bring up that most of the illegal immigrants that are in America don’t actually want to be Americans. They want to take the money from our coffers and send it elsewhere to the tune that the largest economic factor in the Mexican economy is the amount of US dollars that go to that country. The fact that the country of Mexico is an OPEC nation and that it produces a ton of Oil yet the money being funneled into that country from illegal workers in the United States overshadows it in their economy is just scary. Listening to Vicente Fox talk to the people of his own country in the terms of “Retaking the lands that America stole from Mexico” and seeing the way that George W Bush and the Immigration Department are simply the “Bitch” of the Mexican government shows me that we have a much scarier ordeal befalling us. I still shake my head at all of those rallies that were going on in this country for illegal immigration, and the fact that not one INS agent was present at a single one {lets face it if they really were ever going to do anything about illegal immigration then showing up with thousands of INS agents at large gatherings of civil disobedience being held by them would have been a pretty easy way of doing it} shows me that like those two agents that were doing their job, I am not very important.

I happen to live by a state that is working on the legislation to make itself an official “safe haven for illegal immigrants” state right now. The people call up the talk shows there and they all whine about how their car insurance and medical bills are going through the rood. They all know that the reason why is because illegal immigrants not only don’t have to have these things, but can’t be arrested for driving without a license, and can’t be turned away at the emergency room either. I heard a good joke the other day that “a Republican in Massachusetts is a Democrat that went to the emergency room,” because you literally could bleed to death waiting the hours it takes to get all of the illegal immigrants their medications that they are there for so they don’t have to pay for those either. It’s no different in any state in the country; it’s just a little more profound in the ones that are claiming themselves to be “safe haven” states of course. This isn’t even taking into account those that simply drive across the borders with almost 800 pounds of marihuana knowing full well that they aren’t even allowed to be shot at.

Until I heard about that trial I have pretty much stayed out of the whole “illegal immigration” debate, despite the fact that it has been effecting every facet of life around me. Now that I know for sure that there is no plan in place to deal with any of them except to punish anyone who tries to stop it I can’t in good conscience sit by and say nothing. It’s that old story about when they came to take this person and that person I said nothing but when they came to take me there was nobody else to say something. They’re coming to take us all. I learned that from the Bosnians that I work with, who tell me stories about why they actually fled their country many years AFTER the conflict with Serbia that our last President got us involved with. Despite all of the wonderful stories that we DON’T hear about life in Bosnia DURING the US occupation {we’re still there despite the quagmire we hear about in Iraq and how we are there too long daily … yes we are still in Bosnia} there are two factors that nobody in power wants you to know about here because it changes our outlooks on not only illegal immigration but also Iraq. First and foremost that country has been in civil war, and not with Serbia, but between East and West Bosnia, and it was the influx of illegal immigrants that has been causing most of it. Sound familiar? ;8o)

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