Friday, October 20, 2006

Things You Learn From The President - Volume 1

Everyone loves a quitter, or so I have never heard, but at one time or another in our lives we try to justify that belief to ourselves. My oldest daughter is a natural born quitter, and when I gave her the name Lazius Boycrazius I didn’t even have a clue to the extent of how bad it could get. I have prattled on and on about how stubborn she is and I have gotten the feedback from everyone over the last year that “girls are like that at her age” which forces me to ponder how women ever get anywhere in this world if they all are really this bad at her age. It’s not a slant on women in the least, as it is more of a condemnation of the belief that all girls are like this one at her age.

I didn’t write a blog yesterday because unfortunately I was inundated with the usual burdens that a single father with a daughter like mine has to go through on a day to day basis. Let’s back up a bit here and give a brief history of where her and my relationship stands right now. First of all as most people know she is not biologically my daughter, so I can’t use my usual deductions of genetics to explain her beyond the knowledge of what her mother is actually like, and at this time that is still rather limited as her mother happens to be so replete of any maternal instincts that the courts have literally taken all parental rights away from her as she is irrationally dangerous to her own children, and that in and of itself will tell you that despite her habits she is totally incomprehensible to a normal human being. The overwhelming majority of women in this world are born and gifted with the basic maternal instincts that protect their children from harm and she is one of the few that doesn’t have them at all. She is even rarer in the fact that she is one of the even more few that has children, no maternal instincts, and desperately wants to own children for whatever sadistic reasons that she has. In other words, you don’t know this woman even if you know this woman.

With that said my daughter has managed to, through her own actions, completely remove everything from her life. She will not do the basic things necessary to have anything of her own and has made that well known at this point. She was given a list of demands from the family that includes, cleaning her room, taking a shower, not having food in her room, and doing her homework. She will not do a single one of these things no matter what you do or do not do. I have taken everything electronic away from her, and had a system set up so that she could get them all back. All she had to do was do these things one day, and here it is 2 months later and she still hasn’t done these things one day. She has also added to the burdens by doing a few other things, the first of which being that she took a bottle of prescription narcotics to school, despite the fact that she was specifically told not to. For that she had mowing the lawn added to her list, and she for some reason will do that. She a week later was suspended from school for flipping off a teacher, and covered up that fact, and thanks to the idiocy of the school department almost got away with just pretending she was sick that day, but for some reason I happened to get the mail, the day that the letter came home, which I almost never do, and got the letter thanking me for my support and understanding in the matter.

Here we are a month after that incident and she hasn’t cleaned her room once. She hasn’t taken a shower more than twice. She’s going on two weeks of dirty laundry because she won’t pull the clothes out from under her bed. She doesn’t have a radio, television, computer or anything electronic other than a light, and all she has to do is clean her room and take a shower and she gets these things. She officially has nothing to take away from her anymore. She isn’t allowed to hang out with her friends, no telephone, no life whatsoever other than her little shadow world at school, and it appears that that is fine by her. I have totally exhausted all options on how to punish her in the least because she is too big to spank, and the state says that I have to feed her. This doesn’t really matter because she simply gets food from her friends, and I have caught her with their cell phones, or their walkmans or their Nintendo gameboys and I have simply started throwing them away and none of their parents have asked about any of it and she just gets more. I am starting to believe that we live in an area that is to wealthy for its own good but that is beside the point.

Yesterday took the cake, when she called me to tell me that she missed the bus home from school and walked to a friend’s house. When I asked her why she missed the bus she responded that it is because she is too slow. I asked her what she meant by that and she gave me a story about how the bus leaves 2 minutes after her last class and if she doesn’t get to it quick enough she misses it and it was congested in the hallways after school. Boy that makes a lot of sense, I should have known that was the reason, but needless to say as a cruel parent I decided to simply assume that she was lying and wanted to know the real truth but of course didn’t bother to ask her because I never get it from her anyway. She told me where she was so that I could drive ten minutes out of my way to go get her and I told her to be out front waiting for me. I drove by and she wasn’t there. I drove by a second time and then went to get a coffee and came back to her not waiting. I went home, and she called again wondering why I didn’t show up, and then started questioning ME about which house I went to but said that she was only looking out the window. I hung up on her.

For the next 5 hours she didn’t call she, just hung out with her friends, which was pretty much what I expected from her, and I had contacted the parents of the girl who she was with, so they were keeping tabs on them on the sly. They had no idea what was going on before I had explained it to them and called me when the two of them and another friend were about to get there so that I could go to pick her up. The first thing she said when I showed up was “I thought you wanted me to walk home,” which elicited a response of, “Well that would have been a good start 5 hours ago” and I brought her home explaining to her that I didn’t know what to do anymore. I am exhausted and I know that the problem is that she will just do what she wants because I can’t do anything else to her. It’s a genetic defect that as I look at her other family it is just there and you can’t be the genetics, but her mother, her grandfather and her great grandmother all have it. They simply have no conscience, and it leads to every other problem that they all have.

Here she has been holding us hostage for the last year to do anything as a family, and she doesn’t care. The two little kids are totally being robbed of their childhood because I can’t take them anywhere without taking her, and I can’t leave her alone. She has made damn certain that we are all prisoners in our own house. The fact that I have my grandmother living with us who is so inflexible with her own personal space doesn’t help in the least either, because she won’t allow any of the low level tactics that are required to sink to her level, like making her do her own laundry. This concept has forced her into hysterics at the mere mention of it, because she won’t do it right. She won’t let her have dirty clothes, she won’t let her suffer the actions that she places on herself and at the same time she beats me over the head that she won’t do things the way she wants her too, and THAT ended today. They both got the where withal from me this time. I learned this lesson from politics, and I don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about this country’s leader because the thing I learned from him is that he leads unlike the last two, and that is what I am going to do now.

I sat them both down today and I used foul language when I explained it to them that I am now fighting a war and they are both the enemy. I don’t “give a fuck” what people think about this war because I am going to fight it however I want to and they are both going to live with it. Personally I questioned both of their intelligence and I said that I am no longer a prisoner in this house and neither are the two little kids. I told my daughter that she is going to do her laundry every Saturday morning and I am going to wake her up and make her do it. I told my grandmother that it is tough shit if she doesn’t like it and if there is laundry in the machine when we get there then I am going to let my daughter finish it and the solution to that is DON’T FUCKING LEAVE LAUNDRY IN THERE AND IT WON’T GET RUINED. I sent the daughter up to her room and gave her 2 hours to have it clean or while they are eating dinner I will be up there with trash bags eliminating what isn’t cleaned. This includes her clothes AND THEY WON”T FUCKING BE REPLACED. I emphasized this point when I went up and she was sitting at her desk staring at the ceiling by tossing a pile of trash bags on her bed. If she turns her clothes pink or gray while she is washing them because she is lazy then she will have to wear them. If she doesn’t wash her clothes then she will smell, and sooner or later people will tease her. I don’t give a shit anymore, and an old lady whining about how it will make the family look is no incentive to change my mind otherwise. She isn’t the one who has to call around looking for her like an idiot either like I do ;8o)

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