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The Truth About Cats & Dogs - Volume 10

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I am losing my mind trying to understand the direction that the State of Massachusetts is going now. I have said it a million times that Massachusetts is simply a state that teeters on the side of a toilet bowl, and the only thing that has kept it from falling in completely is the small amount of balances that they have remaining on their checks. The legislature in the state is over 80 percent Democrat, and although it always has been that way for decades it is a different type of Democrat then it was 20 years ago. You see the state has always been Democrat and at one time the two party systems had meant that you had Liberal Democrats and Conservative Democrats and that is gone now as the trend in the Democratic Party is to eliminate any of the Democrats that stray off the reservation. Massachusetts was the first state to totally eliminate the conservatives from their party, like you are seeing happen in the state of Connecticut right now with Joe Lieberman.

Now back in the days of Mike Dukakis the state had gone so amazingly Liberal that Mike Dukakis literally had signed over 175 pardons and commutations of serious criminals within his first 45 days in office. There wasn’t a person in the state that could do anything about it, and in the end we all remember what had happened when he ran for president and Dick Gephardt {no conservative himself} had gotten his hands on the evidence of Willie Horton that Mike Dukakis had freed from prison and went on a killing spree. I realize that a lot of people look back to John F Kennedy, and think that Democrats have their conservatives, but by today’s standards, they are not welcome, and John F Kennedy would not be allowed to be a Democrat today, as Reagan had been chased out of that party around the time that Kennedy was assassinated. The state of Massachusetts had one salvation left as they stared at the swirling water of the toilet bowl, as higher taxes, softer crime standards, larger welfare roles, less freedoms, and all of the other things that actually do happen in the most Liberal bowels of the Democratic Party, and the conservative Democrats that were left became Republicans. Most of these conservatives didn’t do it because they wanted to, but because they had to, as Mike Dukakis and his crowd were out of control. The rest moved out of the state, and pollute everywhere they go as Democrat means more than philosophy to them.

The House and the Senate in Massachusetts became even more liberal with each passing year but at the very least, the state maintained a Republican governor to keep some sort of balance, but there is no veto that can not be over-ruled with the amount of Liberal Democrats that all walk in lockstep. The conservative Democrats and Independents that have managed to keep the only check left have either been dying off leaving the state or being beguiled by their own indifference to anything but maintaining status under the donkey’s ass. Worse than that is the fact that none of the Republicans that have been elected aside from Romney {more on that in a bit} were true Republicans anyway, as they had to pander to the amazingly liberal electorate in Massachusetts that the people who are governor at best are simply Democrats that don’t like to spend money as much. Mitt Romney was indeed a conservative, but he loses all credibility in this argument for several reasons that I hope keep him out of the White House as well. First and foremost is the fact that he has been a horrible spokesperson for a state that is indeed a shithole, but he has merely used it as stepping stone to a presidential campaign and what he has actually fixed {which is quite a bit actually} is far overshadowed in my mind by his using the state that he is the spokesperson for as a punch line to almost every joke. Democrats have been bringing that up a lot lately, but I am allowed to talk about it and they aren’t because they are the reason that the state is a joke, and I am just an outsider laughing about it. I still find what Romney is doing to be a sad statement on what wasn’t a half bad governor for the 2 months {if you add up the days that he has actually acted like a governor together} that he has done the job. I have no respect for the man as he hasn’t proven to me that he wouldn’t do it to the entire country if he were elected President.

Now with all of that said here is the real problem that faces the state of Massachusetts as I see it with an “outsiders” perspective. I have made mention of how the state is hellbent on electing their first black governor, in an attempt to finally convince the country that they aren’t racists. The average voter in the state doesn’t see how insane they all look anyway in the way they behave, and how they will sell their souls in the attempt to continue to ignore reality. The woman that is running against him is skinny, rich and pretty so listening to the women in the state explain why they aren’t voting for her is a pretty good statement on why women truly have a harder time succeeding, as apposed to the standard line of “men keep us down.” The comedy in all of the talk stations simply opening up their lines to women and letting them explain why they are voting for Patrick needs absolutely no show host intervention. The shows I have listened to have simply let them prattle on about everything from how her hair looked to the fact that they can just tell she is a bitch by looking at her. It’s really sad actually but the way everyone is behaving now as questions are brought up about the man’s desperate need to excuse all criminals of wrong doing is very scary.

Yes Deval Patrick was a defense attorney for most of his adult life, and yes he did work for the Clinton administration as a “civil rights” attorney. This tends to be the excuse for his behavior during his free time or what he did when he was given any real authority. His passion as the lead “Civil Rights” attorney for the federal government was notifying prisons that they were going to be subject to major penalties by the federal government if they didn’t take care of their abuses on prisoners. The Super Max prison in Maryland that had had the most hardened criminals in the country was being harassed by Deval for years for abuses like “under inflated basket balls”, “warm tuna fish and juice”, but the one that needs to stick out as it pertains to the worst of Deval Patrick is “the lack of privacy during therapy sessions” because an armed officer was to be sitting in on all of the therapy sessions. This was in place because prisoners would start pulling out their genitalia and playing with themselves in front of the woman who was the prison therapist.

The answer to this from the Patrick “Civil Rights” department was that either the guard should wait outside the door and be allowed to enter after it had been established that the criminal was exposing himself, or she shouldn’t be working in a prison. I guess that women don’t have civil rights to this man.

Now I am not saying that off hand either, he has a hell of a lot more offenses in the arena of being intolerant to women’s right over the need of protecting criminals. I had talked about his rabid defense of LeGere who raped a 59 year old woman for over 8 hours, almost killing her and how he had written letters on his behalf without looking at the evidence or even meeting the man. The people who want him to be governor immediately defend him by saying that he was a defense attorney but he was never THIS MAN’S defense attorney, and even though the man was black he never asked for a retrial he demanded immediate parole. He ended up giving the man the 5000$ for the DNA test that PROVED that he did it, and then he lied about the entire thing to everyone until he finally had to admit he did all of this. Three weeks ago he told the local news shows that the man was “”Well Spoken” and “Thoughtful” and knowing what he does now he would have done the same thing. In a new commercial by the Healy campaign she asks the question “Would a woman ever compliment a brutal rapist?” and then hypothesized that “Deval Patrick shouldn’t be governor, he should be ashamed,’ and all I can think as I hear that is YES EXACTLY! This isn’t the end of it all though despite the fact that if he had actually paid attention to this brutal rapists case, he would have known that this creature had been upgraded in security threat 2 times while he has been incarcerated, and one of those times because he had found a way to actually call the woman while he was in prison to torture her further. He advocated for the man’s immediate release purely because he was black and articulate, without knowing anything else.

I am not here to simply bring up a past issue with Deval Patrick I am here to totally create over-kill and pile on a bit you see, as I bring up something that he thinks is NOT a public matter and everyone has decided isn’t a campaign issue. I think it is again an issue of the character of the man and his selective memory as it pertains to who he actually represents. His brother in law was brought into the campaign a week or so ago, as a newspaper in the area had found out that he was a convicted rapist. He went to prison for raping his wife {Deval’s Sister} and he hadn’t registered for the sex offender registry. Now I can see where on the surface this looks like a “nobody’s business” sort of issue except the sex offender registry is EVERYONE’S business. That is why we have it from what I have been told over the years. The fact that Deval’s brother in law lives in the same town as Deval would make it a pertinent issue to Deval if it were someone else, I imagine. If you want to believe that that isn’t an issue still how about the statement from Deval afterwards, “I didn’t know that he had to register himself with the sex offender registry when he moved to this state,” and that is where the alarms on a normal person would go off. You were a civil rights attorney who didn’t know that a convicted rapist who served time in prison for it had to register for the sex offender registry? You want to lead the state after saying that? The women in this state want to vote for you overwhelmingly? Are you kidding me?

Now that incident is over and the news media is all over Kerry Healy because she has commercials bringing up LeGere, the women hate her because she is a big meanie head, and Patrick was allowed to simply hold a press conference saying that his brother in law and his sister had reconciled and go to church and until now their children didn’t know anything about it. He was allowed to blame the Healy campaign for bringing it up, and when she demanded an apology because she had nothing to do with it again she is just a bitch. Their children just so you know are all adults now, so if they indeed do not know about it, then it is just more adults that that family don’t think need to know what rapists live in their neighborhoods. It went from being B-Rate comedy to something that makes me scared even if I don’t have to live in that state but it is important for me to remember that all of the criminals that Mike Dukakis let out of prison all came to New Hampshire to continue their criminal ways. It reminds me of what Castro does with his criminals when he simply puts them all on boats and sends them all sailing towards Miami. The other side of the coin is that when Deval wins the Governor’s seat in Massachusetts I will have plenty of things to pick on about that state in my blogs because the state will totally be taken over by the most left leaning faction of the Democratic Party completely. We are lucky that law abiding citizens in New Hampshire are allowed to own guns, but the more people they chase out of that state the more people come here and change our laws because once again, they never learn. Of course now I am more afraid then ever that it will be the women that voted for Patrick running for their lives when they realize what they have done, and we have had skinny, rich and pretty Governors here. I’m sorry I should say that we used to anyway ;8o)

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