Thursday, October 5, 2006

The Sad Truth About Free Speech - Volume 1

In the original Constitution of the United States of America were written the many laws of the new nation that was founded from the states that were united together after what has come to be known as the Revolutionary war. The basis of this document is the same as most country’s constitution as it lays out the foundations to which the country is to be mandated. It’s a pretty long boring 2 pages of text that for the most part explains in great detail how law is made {through the Legislature and Congress}, how it is executed {by the signature of the President} and how it is adjudicated {by the Supreme Court} and then how all of these things are carried out. It is the official document of what we are and how we are, but it gets a little blurred from there.

Most people believe that the Constitution begins with the Amendments which were added to it after the First Continental Congress met to add what they hoped would be the first 14 amendments to the Constitution. People then believe that the First amendment was the most important as it was the first one ratified, but to the people in the Constitutional Congress it was merely the third thing of importance that was left out. The States themselves who has the final say on any amendments to the Constitution with two thirds of the states needing to approve for any of them being included. Two thirds of the state legislature needs to approve for the state to be officially approving. The first proposed amendment was on changing the amount of constituents for each Representative, and the second being salary and compensation for the Congressmen. The third one became the first, and to this day it is the most divisive piece of writing in the country’s history.

The language of the first amendment, despite what historians would tell you is quite simply “plain English” with a footnote, as all amendments have a small footnote. The original text reads “Art. I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.” And the footnote to the right is basically “Religion. Freedom of Speech. Right to Petition.” So reading much past anything as it actually is written is exactly what we do on a daily basis.

The most important part that everyone ignores in the First Amendment is the word Congress. I have actually heard so many people try to read off their version of the First Amendment and skip the word Congress. It has a very important symbolic meaning as it was placed there for the very reason that I am writing this today, and that being that Congress cannot establish religion. Congress cannot prevent you from practicing your religion. Congress cannot take away your freedom of speech. Congress cannot interfere with the press {word at the time for media, as media basically meant anyone with a printing press} as well as pointing out that Congress cannot stop you from congregating peaceably, or stop you from redressing {taking legal actions about, or petitioning the local governments about} grievances that you have with them. Just placing it in this context you can almost see how silly it has all gotten. The second amendment protects this first right from tyrannical overthrow. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The foolishness involving both of these laws is astounding because we have taken them to the extremes or reduced them to being meaningless. The importance of the Bill of Rights is exactly as it is stated too. It is the Bill of YOUR rights as pertained to the Congress and it protects YOU from Congress trying to quiet you, or to simply take away your basic freedoms as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Keeping in mind that at the time that was written, it was to redress grievances that the states of America felt that they had with a King that was autonomous. It was the gun that took that away from the king, as the one third of America that wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore decided to throw the King’s armies out of America. Another one third of America remained loyal to the King, and another one third were simply uninvolved, as they either moved further west to avoid it, or allowed their loyalties to fluctuate. The freedoms FROM Congress that are outlined in the First Ratified Amendment were to protect the people of America from having to worry about another Monarchy, or Theocracy {both of which were the rule in England at the time} and the right of the people to form a militia against it were of the utmost importance to the new country if it were to survive.

Unfortunately there are many things that are NOT protected by the First Amendment that have gone way overboard in the country as a whole. To hold a sign, or throw a vigil in the center of a town is protected speech, and a respected form of protest. To block traffic, and become offensive to people is not. Peaceably Assembling is an often misused section of that amendment as is the misunderstood belief that we all have the right to be heard. Anyone can say anything they want {given that it doesn’t seek to incite harm on others} but nobody has to listen to it. Petitioning the redress of Congress to force people to listen to the things that certain people have to say is becoming commonplace these days and it butchering the system. The Media in this country has every right to print whatever it sees fit, but still should be held to the scrutiny of telling the truth, and at the very worst printing retractions in the same places and using the same typeface. We have too often seen a newspaper like the New York Times have a full Front Page headline in bold face slandering someone {and often it is even unbelievable} just to print the retraction after the damage is done on the sixth or seventh page in a typeface that is almost unreadable by the naked eye. They have every right to do it I guess, as Congress cannot stop their freedom, but fortunately we as Americans have the power of the purse, and the financials of most of the newspapers like the New York Times would stand to show that they may not be much longer for this world. Their whining about how it is people like myself bringing them down through an agenda doesn’t mean that I have to listen to it.

Freedom of religion has been butchered to the point where we joke around here about being charged with a hate crime for wishing someone a Merry Christmas. We are now watching a Gay Congressman from Florida who is being torn apart because of some disgusting things that he said in Instant Messages to 16 year old pages. The whole story is snowballing out of control because the other political party is insisting that the leadership of the other party resign. The failings of one man is being made out to brand the entire “hypocrite” side of the isle that I happen to sit on even though I have never molested a child. I haven’t spoken dirty to anyone under the age of 18 since I was under 18 but I am supposed to fall for all of this just like anyone else that believes like I do. That sort of speech is not productive, but it is protected. Of course after reading the Drudge Report { } and doing my own sleuthing I found out that the page that was having these conversations with the Congressman was actually 18 years old, and that he was playing a joke on the Congressman with a bunch of his friends {it’s called Gay Bashing for those of you who haven’t heard of that} and the now 21 year old MAN has hired Timothy McVeigh’s attorney because he’s probably going to be in a lot of trouble over this one. Even though I and others are starting to believe that the AIM messages that are being shown were stolen from him in a Watergate style gotcha operation, and not something that he leaked himself. I’m sure you all heard about this from your favorite Free Press by now in it’s effort to be fair. Freedom can be a very dangerous thing when in the hands of ABC or the New York Times ... Please stop leaving it unchecked ;8o)

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