Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tales Of Wallachian Fables & My Reality - Volume 5

Oh the agony of parenthood. I left work yesterday sick as a dog only to spend the entire night waking up every 45 minutes because I was having severe nightmares. These were strange and violent nightmares which made hardly any sense to me but they involved being in a place where a bunch of people were being killed in various ways. It wasn’t helping with how sick I was to have to go through this as well, but the strangest part of it all was having Captain ADHD come to the door within ten minutes of every time I woke up terrified from the last dream saying “I just had a nightmare.”

Now of course it is about time for the Will blood to start revealing what strange sense of Vorbelach that he will have as he is the first generation of child from my generation’s bloodlines. He’s double cursed as well because his mother is a total witch as well even though she doesn’t seem to manifest any special skills, just trust me she is a witch, and I support her burning at the stake … Um … Oh yeah … so I did have to spend a little time today to consider that he may have some form of clairvoyance or sight, as well as the ability to call the dead that the ghost from my old house gave him. That usually being a secondary gift it would be interesting to see if he has a primary gift that comes along as I never seemed to have one despite my paranoia that I have them all at one time or another. There is also the feeling that either the men in the family have never been given any of the gifts or they have been too proud to admit it as I have been the only one to actually display or admit to displaying any whatsoever, but it has been so over spoken in the women of the family. Being able to call the dead as I had deduced in previous tales of Wallachia appears to be {and from what I have researched} an anomalous gift {albeit very powerful} that is given to you buy a ghost and never seems to leave.

Case in point is the higher class specter that haunts the offices where I work that displays absolutely NO normal ghost tendencies in the least, who doesn’t seem to keen on helping me to solve the mystery of how she got there. She has been getting really pissed off at me that I have had to spend less time around the offices as my duties elsewhere have been expanded, and her pixie like nature is starting to become greater. I still have yet to chat or converse in any way with any of my credible KOOK friends about anyone ever knowing of a ghost that can change her age at will, or worse yet as all evidence points to, manage to actually age as a ghost. The pictures that she had been drawing on the whiteboard along with the things she tends to write had pointed me strait to who she actually was in a much shorter amount of time then I had actually thought possible {once I decided to actually get involved as I am still rather loathsome to do so} and then simply dropped to a total dead end. Other KOOKs on the internet as well as a sympathetic Sergeant to my plight seem to believe that what I have on my hands is an advocate, which happens to make some sense, but doesn’t make me feel any better about dealing with “her” for lack of a better term.

Advocates are ghosts that take on the role of another ghost that hasn’t gotten the ability to “speak” for them. I have never heard of an advocate relationship that has gone very well. The movie Beetlejuice comes to mind as sadly that appears to be the type of stories that I hear of spectral advocates, but the main thing to remember in these situations when you can actually call the dead is that you can not be afraid of the ghosts. In all reality I am still of the belief that if you can effect the ghosts then they have to have a healthy fear of you as well. In the beginning one of the things that Missy had over me that no ghost had before was her ability to actually sneak up on me. My head just about hit the ceiling the first time I was vacuuming the floor and I saw the foot, which also was the first time I had seen her go corporeal as well as the first time I didn’t simply have that overwhelming feeling of simply feeling presence. That has since gone away and I don’t know if it was a weakening of my senses or a changing of hers as she went from being merely present to corporeal. To be honest with you, I don’t care because it was still one of the most uneasy feelings I had ever had and I don’t want it to manifest again anytime soon.

Back to the boy wonder who had a psychiatrist’s appointment and then had to go strait from it to his dentist’s appointment. The worst feeling in the world is taking your 8 year old child to the dentist, knowing full well that he is getting a tooth pulled and he does not. He was disguised as he usually is, like a Tasmanian Devil running around in circles, right up until he plops himself in the dentists chair unknowing that he is about to get the needle followed by the clamps, but worse than that he managed to have a rather large boil on the other side of his mouth from an abscessed tooth that the Doctor felt was more important to deal with. The swab came out, the needle was applied {with a few tears but not bad} and the tooth was filled, and the boil was disinfected rather easily. The Doctor felt that he would go for broke and asked Captain ADHD if he wanted him to deal with the tooth at the same time. He very calmly and rationally deduced on his own that it would be better to simply get this taken care of now {Captain ADHD did I mean} and braced himself for another swab followed by a needle and some tears. What came next is almost unbelievable as I saw it.

The Novocain had not dulled the pain enough when the Doctor went in to start removing the tooth. I should probably tell you all that poor Mr. Man is cursed with his mother’s teeth, which grow in about a year before the other teeth are ready to come out. Unfortunately because of this he has the have his teeth removed by the doctor when the adult teeth start poking out the front of his gums. He really is a trooper about it mainly because after the hell of having his teeth removed the other ones can slide down into place where they belong and the pain stops. This time he got the full pain of a tooth being extracted a year early, and the scream he let out tore my heart out, and then I had the most intense pain in my own mouth like my tooth was about to explode. Now I had been stuffed up for the last couple of days something fierce so it wasn’t uncommon for my teeth to hurt either but this was agony. The pain went away as soon as the doctor calmed Captain ADHD down and got another needle in his jaw. After it was all over I told him that I was going to take him to Wal-Mart and get him a new spinny brush, and some Ice Cream. He managed to con me out of some Yu Gi Oh cards while we were there too, but it was all worth it actually because since that flash of pain in the dentist’s office I haven’t been sick anymore either. I get really agreeable when I feel better. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence but I am going to pay attention to this one. ;8o)

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