Saturday, October 21, 2006

Superdaddyman Takes On Lazius Boycrazius - Volume 7

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Damn I finally get a free moment and it is 6:30pm here and I really got nothing accomplished today. The good news is that everything so far appeared to be accomplished last night in the short term, as Lazius Boycrazius woke up this morning and hopped right into the shower and then brought her clothes down and did her laundry. No arguments, no issues so to speak and her room remained clean all day. She spent most of the day outside with Imtoocutus raking leaves until my Ex Wife came to pick her up and put her to work at her store for the rest of the evening. She did a pretty good job on the yard too, and her clothes are all cleaned and put away. No contraband appears to be hidden anywhere up there and the two little ones were not abused in the process. What changed throughout all of this that had not been apparent before last night? I know that is the question on a few people’s minds and the answer to that is quite clear. She finally got to see what a heartless fucking asshole I can be when I not only don’t care but start deriving pleasure at her misery.

This had been a missing component up until now as she had seen that every form of punishment that I had to use on her in the past was in one way or another going to punish everyone around her as well. She knew that her being grounded simply meant that the rest of us were incapable of leaving the house and enjoying ourselves and that we couldn’t actually keep her from bending the rules. What she hadn’t seen is that sooner or later she would bring me to the point where my own defensive mechanisms would not only start protecting me from that mental abuse but would become vindictive to the point of taking actual joy in her sadness. She probably {because point blank teenage girls are stupid} thought that that is how it was already and she really needed to see what a desperate lunatic with nothing to lose truly would do and as I think I have said enough, enjoy as well. She did try a last ditch effort to show ME, and in the end she was shown.

When you reach the point of not caring much about your child’s feelings there are a whole new set of options that opens up for you. Anyone who is thinking that they are going to try this at home, trust me it doesn’t work until the time is right, so please leave it up to the professionals for now, but when the time is right heed what I am writing to you now. The first thing I did was what I had told you all about yesterday and that was to eliminate the main obstacle of the whole ability to punish her properly and that would be the old lady that lives upstairs {note that I am not referring to her as my grandmother, because she is now the enemy and you cannot realistically be enemy with someone you call grandma, grammy, nana, or any of the other nicknames that these hideous fiends disguised as grandmothers like to be known as} and once that was done and in full view of Lazius Boycrazius then it changed the battlefield. Next, and this is very important, impose some realistic demands that can be fulfilled reasonably with harsh penalties that rectify at least one situation. That was accomplished through giving her the two hours to clean her room or else I was throwing everything that wasn’t dealt with away. Here is where I left you all.

Now keep in mind that there is this love for my child as she is mine, but a strong undertone of hatred that is forming because of her personal contempt for me. If you can still say to people and justify it “I could never hate my child” then you definitely are not ready for this stage and it won’t work if you attempt it. 5 o’clock came ands she was told to go down to dinner but what she did was pure evil and accentuated the desired amount of disrespect that I needed to complete my task. She left opened bottles of nail polish remover on her desk and sprayed perfume all over her room. She knows as she has been yelled at about this on several occasions that her father is deathly allergic to acetone in the air and her grandmother {aka the old lady} is deathly allergic to perfume. Fortunately going back to the theory from earlier {that being that all teenage girls are stupid} she forgot to take into account that her father missed half the week from work because he was half dead with a cold. This includes a stuffed up beyond anything he has ever known set of sinuses, and the nail polish remover had absolutely no effect on him. As all of the nail polish remover, all of the nail polish, and all of her makeup were strewn all over the desk, one sweep of the arm and all of it was in the trash bag, where it belonged.

I managed to get two full trash bags out of that room, completely cleaned everything out from under the bed which included her 50 dollar bathing suit that she had to use her own gift card to buy, her Gameboy advance with all the accessories and cartridges {the only electronic item she had left}, her entire collection of magazines with all of the cute boys in them, all of her pairs of pantyhose, a cell phone that her friend loaned her, her favorite sweatshirt as well as most of her pairs of pants, the food she had been hiding, most of her CD collection, and last but not least her homework that is due on Monday. I ruined her whole evening by telling her that I had e-mailed all of her teachers explaining exactly why she lost all of her homework and that she still had the entire weekend to do it if she doesn’t. It’s all GONE too, and it was making me very happy to do it. There was no doubt in her mind that not only was I not the tyrant who took great pleasure in her misery before, but I definitely am now. The look on her face was priceless when she looked at her totally spotless room {now that it is missing a good quarter of her things} and I said to her on the way out, “Now you at least know what I mean when I say clean. We’ll be doing this EVERY day now, until you have nothing to pick up anymore anyway.”

Instant attitude adjustment as she lay on her bed the rest of the night reading a book. She didn’t even bother to close the door to her room as she really didn’t have anything to hide while doing. No food, no cell phone, no video games, no make up, no excuses because she could have still had all of these things. Getting up and doing her laundry was the only logical solution to this morning as she was totally out of things to do anyway. How do I feel about it all, you may ask yourselves? I would have gladly done it all again today if she had been here, but she didn’t have the balls to leave anything out before she left. Since she was gone and Captain ADHD was gone I decided to take Imtoocutus out to dinner tonight. She had gotten caught in the crossfires of the war last night and was given a new set of chores herself when she told me that something was dusty and I better clean it. I made her dust the whole house and taught her how to do it flawlessly no matter how many whining "I'm Tired's" she gave me and she better have it done every Friday and Monday now! GTIY came very close to saying something and realized that that was not a smart idea because I was still waiting for her to give me a reason to take away HER allowance too! We had just gotten back when I decided to write this blog, and I would like to note that I totally over ate, my stomach is killing me, but that is a definite sign of contentment ;8o)

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