Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some More Reasons I am Jeremy Crow Afterall - Volume 6

I was on my way home from work yesterday when I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a vehicle that read “Lemmings For Bush” and found myself really pondering the meaning of that. The only other sticker on the back of the car was one of those little W with the red circle and line going through it, so we aren’t talking about one of those serious Moonbats that usually has about 40 bumper stickers on the back of their car, but that one sticker really stuck out to me. The person’s vehicle being a Lincoln Navigator which gets about 8 miles to the gallon and is priced far out of the reach of about 90 percent of the people who live in this country, kinda factored into what I was seeing as well. Now even if keeping in mind that we all have our biases and some people are allowed to speak publicly about theirs and others are not {like it seems to be ok to make Jewish jokes and not Black ones for instance} I found myself analyzing the person in front of me, and was actually coming up with some rather interesting mental notes over it all as the person was driving below the speed limit and I unfortunately was stuck behind her for quite a while.

The first thing that of course stuck out in my mind as I was driving my Ford Focus with the wheels that fall off because I not only cannot afford anything better, but my minivan that is a lot safer at home, gets far worse gas mileage and I can’t afford to throw that money away either, was that this person whom obviously must use such wonderful lines like “no war for oil” and things of that nature in what she considers to be “civilized” conversation doesn’t seem to really care much about helping that situation out. I realize that that is a bit petty but it does raise an interesting point to ponder. The second of course being that this woman in front of me is driving down the street with a bumper sticker on the back of her car that she either assumes foolishly is just an insult to the President, or she simply doesn’t care that the term “Lemmings For Bush” insults roughly half of the people that look at it. Now I imagine that most people don’t see it that way but simply saying something derogatory about the President is one thing, but this bumper sticker is actually insulting the people who voted for him, and the last time I looked that outnumbered those that voted for John Kerry, so it does encompass a lot of people.

I whine and moan about how the electorates on the blue side of the isle and the people that support them have a very bad tendency of not caring whatsoever about the feelings or the other side. Whether we want to admit it or not those people are elected to support everyone and not just the people that voted for them and the ability to inflict collateral damage on their political opponent’s voters is simply an assault on decency. Many good spirited debates in this country are negated by the good old fashioned rule that nobody wants to be insulted so people usually don’t engage in conversations where their own intelligence will be called into question. The blue people tend to simply be insulting and derogatory and flood all media avenues with things to insure that thinking differently can be laughed off as meaning that you are an idiot, and it is why I stand strong in the political party of the opposition to this even if I don’t particularly agree with everything that it stands for at all times. I still believe that un-enrolling {political speech for becoming an independent} is a cowardly act that many people {not all} do so that they can’t be held accountable for their beliefs. I had a serious urge to follow the woman to wherever it was she was going and asking her if she minded simply driving around insulting people, but I know that that would have been considered “aggressive” even if she did deserve to be “called out” for being insensitive. This is the problem in this world because people can be totally insensitive towards others as long as it is the “approved” insensitive, and calling anyone on it makes YOU wrong.

It has a lot to do with why my writings have gotten so political as of late because I really started believing that there are things that needed to be said and even though some people were saying them, they were being dismissed off hand as being “insert insult here” and it was becoming infuriating. I was equally as guilty as I didn’t have the balls for a long time to speak out about them and would simply come up with my newest cartoon caper involving my life and simply ignoring that there are things that are wrong out there and I do care. The problem was that after I had run out of different “life” issues that I could make fun of and use them to insult myself and those around me so that it was humorous to everyone reading, I was left with a head full of “what is wrong with the world” ideologically and no courage left to write about them. That war raged in my head for many months to the point where it totally crippled me to write anything that I felt good about at all, and then in turn stopped me from writing all together for many months. I look at something that Dennis Miller said that is so true "I was a Democrat for a long time, and then I became a Republican. The most notable difference being that when I was a Democrat the Republicans treated me a lot better than the Democrats do now," and that completely summed me up as well.

After turning to another form of expression {visually artistic} I had again found myself in a position of creating things that were making people happy to take time out of their busy lives to look at and started to go down the same path again as I started running out of those creative juices. My unfinished business with my writing started to again eat at me, so I started writing again only this time a bit more intellectually honest in the fact that I was going to write what I was thinking again as I had in the beginning .It had taken on a different flavor and again I sit here in a new state of flux simply following the evolution of Jeremy that had as of late taken me to a more political slant festering and angry over a bumper sticker that completely spelled out what my issues had been all this year. It’s not ok to insult me and those like me, and I am not going to sit silently by and be thought a fool any longer. I can open my mouth and at least deserve the credit for being a fool after all ;8o)

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