Friday, October 13, 2006

Kings and Queens and Dieties - Volume 1

I couldn’t believe what I heard on the news on the way home yesterday, which forced me to go and look it up because if it were true then it would be an all new low in the land of the lost. It never ceases to amaze me that when I swear people can’t get worse they always do but this one really took the cake. Apparently Madonna and her Husband Guy Ritchie are adopting a one year old boy from Malawi, and for the most part that would be commendable if it didn’t stink with the elitist mentality that Madonna has. The facts as I was able to get them were NOT as bad as the right wing whacko talk radio hosts that I usually listen to were reporting them, but were still disturbing to me all the same. The facts that could be substantiated were that she was over there donating 3 million dollars to orphanages specifically set up for orphans of parents who had Aids, and again, I think this is commendable except again, it is a typical band aid on a more serious issue that requires education. In what would look like it was a whim {and reading up further it definitely seemed like a whim} she asked the government to fetch her a dozen babies around a year old so that she could pick one, to which they responded, despite the fact that the law in that country is that nobody outside of that country is allowed to adopt the children from within. Apparently Malawi is a very family oriented nation. Again, I can overlook this, but the mental image of the government rallying together to find 12 babies that would meet Madonna’s criterion on that very day and display them for her like what used to happen in the days of slaves being taken from Africa couldn’t leave my mind. In the end she chose one that didn’t have Aids even though those were the children she had gone there to help and actually did have family but the child was taken away after the mother had died from complications of the pregnancy when it was determined that the father was too poor. The reports today are that the father is happy that the child will be taken care of in the United States.

My hypothesis on that whole matter is simply that if she really did care the two of them could have easily gave the birth father the resources to take care of that child, and it wouldn’t have changed their lifestyle one bit. They probably have bank accounts that they have forgotten they even have with more than enough money to set the two of them up for life. She then could have chosen another baby from the buffet table that had been set up for her. Instead she determined in a very Marie Antoinette fashion that she shall have THAT child, the one that actually had a family but of course it isn’t as good as hers. My other reaction in all of this is what about the other 11 children that were rounded up for Madonna’s approval? They apparently will just die like most of them do in Malawi I suppose, not to mention that there are over 1 million orphans in Malawi alone, and that is a small fraction of the amount of orphans in Africa all together. A good majority of them have Aids as did their parents, and the ones that don’t will probably be raped and given Aids by the time they are 10 years old. Madonna and Guy have made sure that they will have a slightly better lifestyle until that happens, but I don’t know who to feel more sorry for, the children that weren’t good enough to be Madonna’s new accessory, or the new accessory that will have to live with the whimsical insanity of Madonna.

We almost never hear about her first accessory anymore since she married Guy and people want to forget about how she studded herself out to have her first child. Back then Latin Men were all the rave you see, so she picked herself a rather strapping young buck and bred. The father, what’s his name, was to be an active participant in the life of Lourdes, who just so happens to write children’s books just like her mommy. I’m sure that Lourdes and David {should they decide to keep the baby’s birth name, but why should they it is the name of his father after all so perhaps he will be Guy now?} will have a lot to discuss with their therapists in the coming years, but the real kicker is the gossip that Guy is rather upset about the whole ordeal and is going along with it to keep his wife happy. You order shit, you eat shit Guy, because after all these were the quirky things that must have attracted you to her and made you think she would be a model wife. Excuse me I need to let the laughter subside here.

Why does this qualify as “great” news and why do people think that polluting another society is a bad thing when we are removing a tyrannical leader? It’s that mentality that infuriates me in this country that we as Americans are entitled to more freedom than is even necessary, and the rest of the world is not. We are ripping ourselves open from within as roughly one half of the country wants to install freedom elsewhere while taking out bad people and in turn protecting ourselves while the other half hates all of it, even though all they scream about is how we all need more freedom and the other half are trying to take it away. I can’t even fathom how this doesn’t compute for people because it is a win all around situation in the end to simply stop dictatorships, and protect ourselves at the same time, and in the end it is ALWAYS about your own self interests. If Madonna walks into another nation and has them immediately change their laws so that she can have a fashion accessory and then applies a very small band aid on a very large problem in the process she is heralded as a hero despite the fact that she completely and unilaterally changed that countries values system forever in the process. I personally believe that the “removing tyrannical dictator and sticking around until they have a stable democracy” plan works better and apparently others believe that the “taking a child from their father and throwing a few million dollars around” plan is the way to go. It doesn’t make sense.

This is what makes Africa such a polarizing issue in politics, because the opinions differ so much. Our last president used Africa as the place he would go whenever some sort of scandal was in the newspaper. He would go out there and lie to them about caring and wanting to help. He would promise them a pile of cash and never deliver it. The current president went there once and left a pile of cash and was excoriated for not caring enough. Nobody with a dog in the fight ever looks up the facts, and this makes it so that people like me, simply apply the “hypocrite” tag and ignore those that whine about it all now. In other words nothing gets done because those that can solve problems or at least want to avoid the subject because it is not worth getting creamed over. Those that enjoy the spotlight because they whine get it and never have any intention of fixing the problems because they would lose their audience for pretending to care about it.

Darfur has become a great place for the beautiful people to pretend they care, and people like me that are still reeling from the inaction that the last administration had in Rwanda get absolutely infuriated when Angelina Jolie and the other “useful idiots” from the Hollyweird culture start complaining about how America doesn’t do anything. I have been actively involved in African freedom issues for most of my life dating back to the Sun City issues in South Africa during the early 80’s and I applauded Nelson Mandela when he won his freedom. I was hurt when he started taking money from the PLO and endorsed Hezbollah openly and the United Nations used this country’s refusal to support him afterwards against us. Look how wonderful those organizations turned out. Unlike Jolie, I don’t have all of the television cameras pointed at me after having a complete 20 something course Lobster Dinner with the dictators at the United Nations. I don’t then go home to my mansion like the rest of them, but I have voted, I have written articles, congressmen, and senators, but more importantly I claim the people at the United Nations at fault because they are.

The facts in all of this is that the brutal dictators {all Muslim by the way} who are slaughtering people by the millions in the Sudan are doing it the same way they did it in Rwanda, and that is on horseback with machine guns and machetes. The United Nations where miss AJ and the other “useful idiots” were dining like kings and discussing this was created to STOP THIS SHIT, and they never have and never will. As the resources of the United Nations happens to include battalions of soldiers from all over the world that they choose to use protecting terrorist organizations from those that are sick of them, and are quite capable of stopping these hate armies in Africa. Not only will they not do it, but the only reason they call on the United States to do it for them is so that they can then place sanctions on this country {and most likely Australia, New Zealand, and Poland who usually willingly join us} and extort more money for lobster dinners and mansion upgrades. Personally I think that AJ, Paul Newman, Michael Moore, Hollywood, any musician from Ireland who doesn’t pay taxes {because they don’t over there} but wants me to pay for this shit, The United Nations and all of those disingenuous liars can simply cry and cry. They will never stop crying and they will never actually do anything to help either. This is the same idiocy that is being called from us in North Korea, while at the same time being vilified in us in Iraq. Those of you in the “No war for oil” crowd will be happy to know that despite the fact that Sudan has lots of oil we have still kept our nose out of it and I think it is sad.

Africa needs help militarily, but the United States is NOT allowed to do it regardless of what people say. We are the only country to stop this type of violence in Liberia and the only reason we were allowed to was because of treaty obligations to the country which allowed us to tell the rest of the world to piss off. This is how we were able to get away with stopping the Cubans, the Venezuelans, and the Russians in Grenada, as all of those other islands around there had held us to our treaty obligations {unlike Europe that always expects us to bomb their Serbians, those little Islands repaid us for all of that too, how cool is that?} . Liberia after all was a United States territory at one time, and the people there still remain rather loyal to America, and what a surprise, happen to love us more now. Well except for the Islamic Shit Dictators that we had to go deal with. The Islamic Shit Dictators in the Sudan, as like the ones in Rwanda are perfectly happy that the United Nations doesn’t care. Somalia is pretty much completely owned by Al Qaeda once they proved that the United States with the right leadership would run like cowards, and apparently we don’t have the balls to go back there anyway. The people need education so that they will stop killing each other with Aids. They need Democracies that will be strong enough to hold off Islamic Dictatorships from ruling by murder and fear. They need economic relations that will forge them into truly viable lands. They need to learn freedom as the founders of THIS country had set them out, not the way that those who have sought to destroy the fabric of what’s left like Madonna and Angelina set it out. In other words the “new slave trade” either by taking the pretty babies, or by selling them all off in closed door meetings at the UN ;8o)

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