Tuesday, October 10, 2006

God Bless The Idiots - Volume 10

Time for me to bore you all with the dynamics of another local election, but if you give me a minute you may find this rather fascinating. Up here in the demilitarized zone between Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont I am able to look at many of the elections going on around me in amusement. Massachusetts at the moment has the most fascinating gubernatorial election I have ever seen going on right now, and I think that the rest of the country should look at it as the model for elections to come. The “take all by force” campaign of Deval Patrick {a black man so I realize that I am a racist now} is really starting to creep me out, because he hasn’t said a single thing, and as of late he has had to spend most of his time defending his anti law enforcement policies. The only real defense that he has had to all of it is “You’re a racist” if anyone has questioned any of his questionable behavior in the past. To be fair, he isn’t the one proclaiming anyone a racist though because that would after all be a stance on something, and as we have all been bludgeoned with over the last year is that Deval Patrick stands for absolutely nothing. His minions run around doing it for him, and the man is pure Teflon.

There is actually a history behind this that most people outside of this part of the country don’t know about, but it will come home to roost absolutely everywhere else. Massachusetts despite being the most looney left wing state in the country has without a doubt been the most racist in the past, and I have always contended that they have been overcompensating for it in the present. This is why it is easier to just be a minority and blame others in that state then to “Make It” in Massachusetts like the old slogan states. The guilty white liberals in Massachusetts of course pollute everywhere else when their own guilty voting practices force the very people who elected the idiots that run that state to move to other states and ruin them as well. Very quickly the entire area known as New England is starting to lose any advantages it once had and this election should be the final stand on why that is.

Deval has had to face criticism from the extremely left wing Boston Globe over his letters to a convicted rapist {who happens to be black} and his letters on the rapist’s behalf to the parole boards. He came right out and did what most politicians do in this circumstance and lied about it. Keep in mind that this rapist was officially the most brutal rapist in the history of Massachusetts and what he did to the 59 year old grandmother who was also suffering from schizophrenia was far too disgusting for me to recap to you all, but let me just say that it was a break in and the woman barely survived, and that wasn’t what he wanted. The race card was immediately played and for a decade Deval was on that bandwagon. His lie was revealed when more letters surfaced on behalf of the rapist, and again he lied about it all. Then a 5000$ donation to the rapist so that he could get a DNA test to prove his innocence surfaced with Deval Patrick’s name on it. This test in the end actually proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man was guilty. Patrick then stopped talking to the man, but to this day still doesn’t admit publicly that he made a mistake or that the man was guilty. He still makes it look like a typical “white man keeping us down” issue. Bringing any of this up will get you attacked mercilessly by uninformed idiots that are only left to use the “you’re a racist” card and it of course is very effective at ending conversations. Repeatedly he has been asked by the family of the rape victim to admit that he made a mistake in his judgment and be done with it but refuses.

Now again one of Deval Patrick’s former decisions is coming back to potentially harm him as a Death Row inmate down in Florida is set for parole hearings. Actually I guess I need to backtrack on that one a bit. A police officer pulls over to the side of the road to help a motorist in distress. The car is pulled off to the side of the road, and the officer walks over to the window to see if he can assist the motorist. The driver of the car was a criminal who was wanted at the time, and without hesitation he simply shot and killed the police officer. He was sentenced to death by the jury, and the Liberal Democrat governor at the time signed the paperwork to have this animal condemned. Deval Patrick “as an attorney” went down to Florida and reopened the case to have the man taken off death row in the end and eligible for parole. It was a white criminal, and a white cop that was killed. As this starts to get brought up around here the talk shows on the radio are being inundated with callers who are calling in to say incoherent things and call the talk show hosts racists. The joke throughout Massachusetts now is that Deval will pardon more convicted murderers and rapists then even Mike Dukakis did his first year as governor {a United States record 46} and perhaps even eclipse the amount that Bill Clinton did days before he left the Presidency. This of course makes me and anyone who would say such a thing a racist. I would love to see someone with the balls to ask Deval if he would represent the men that dragged James Bird behind their truck and were sentenced to death, that paperwork being signed by George W Bush, and everyone knows that he’s a racist, right? After all it is just a lawyer doing his job.

Now of course he is running against Kerri Healy who could actually be the first woman elected governor of Massachusetts but that has been simply wiped aside, and she has been dragged through the mud for simply being a trophy wife. I’m not going into that one again, because she actually supported her husband as he got his degree to go on to become a millionaire, but to hear feminists rip her for those decisions is disingenuous at best. To have the same people call others a racist is laudable. I have joked that all Patrick really needs to do is print up bumper stickers saying “Vote for Patrick, or you’re a Racist” since it is starting more and more to become the one issue that is debated here now. He is very lucky to be the recipient of many centuries of guilt that are piled on to a very undereducated electorate as the only reason I can honestly see to elect him now is to simply try to show the world that the stigma of being the most racist state in the country can finally be lifted. This isn’t going to do me any good though when another round of the people who vote for this man and can actually afford the tolls to get out of that state move here to New Hampshire, and continue to poison the elections here, because above all else, they never learn. They never had the ability to begin with ;8o)

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