Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Get Back To Me When You Are Famous - Volume 1

I need to whip out my English to Bullshit dictionary here because it has been a long day of having to decipher what I am hearing, so I am hoping to share some of these brain droppings with anyone that is reading. Some of my references are going to be vague and I just don’t have any time to do direct quotes and I of course have a bitchy old lady standing right here who won’t shut up. Fortunately she reads over my shoulder and just walked off in a huff, but walking off was the important part. Now back to where I was trying to get to. First and foremost I want to address the Michael J Fox issue in Missouri which too many people won’t talk about and to the detriment of society. I think it is wonderful the he has opinions about stem cell research, and that he wants to talk about Jim Talent, and that he has the opportunity to do so but he is after all full of shit and I don’t care if he is stricken with a horrible disease, he has no right to manipulate people.

My heart bled for the man as it did Christopher Reeves, but like the deceased Christopher Reeves I have no tolerance for the lies disguised as desperation anymore. His insinuation that the right to clone human beings {which is the actual law that is being voted on inclusion into the Missouri Constitution} equates to the same thing as stem cell research that most people are discussing amongst themselves is outrageous. The fact of the matter is that ALL FORMS of stem cell research are one hundred percent legal in Missouri RIGHT NOW, and not one person on this planet is going to convince me that Michael J Fox simply doesn’t know that. Universities in Missouri are using embryonic stem cells for research right now, and Michael J Fox LIED, and I don’t give a shit if he is on his death bed from leprosy, he needs to be held accountable for LYING.

Of course, he’s a famous person, and he cares, and we care, but we are obviously too lazy to even start to discuss the real amendment that is being discussed so I will. There are people like myself in this world who actually are humanists unlike the celebrity crowd who is oppressionists, and I do not endorse the taking of a human life that does not deserve it. On the other side of the coin I DO endorse taking a human life that deserves it. This does not mean that I'm in favor of people suffering needlessly, or for people to be forced to live with the debilitating diseases that Michael J Fox have. With that said, nobody is willing to talk about what cloning is and what it is used for, and it is the same crap that I am forced to see violently avoided when it comes to abortion. I am not even going to get into the whole insinuation that Michael J Fox is really trying to impose on everyone. and that is that Jim Talent wants people to die. Just the fact that he said that Jim Talent wanted to outlaw stem cell research was bad enough, and a totally conscious lie.

Back to the actual law that would make cloning legal. Cloning means exactly what it says, and since nobody wants to talk about it I will spell it out. To “clone” a human heart for example you actually have to clone a human. A HUMAN FUCKING BEING, and then you have to determine that the human being that you created with all of the same brain potential and feeling potential and LIFE as the human that you are trying to save now has to be murdered so that you can take the heart. DUH? I am allowed to have questions about these things damnit! I shouldn’t have to elaborate on these things were it not for the fact that there are a lot of people in this world that seem to think that people actually are cattle and to be farmed and those of us that have issues with this are the bad people, and I still have yet to call anyone on the other side a bad person. These double standards are infuriating, and it is what polarizes people towards each other. It’s the same thing that we have been going through for decades in the abortion debate, as there are some people in this world that believe that a life is being ended, and those that don’t. Again why do those that do have to deal with the brunt of being told they are the bad people all this time. I can’t even translate that bullshit, so do it yourself.

Now onto the embryonic stem cell debate which to be honest with you all I have never really cared about, because embryos are going to be destroyed in this country by the millions every year with or without my permission so I have accepted that research will be done with them. What really pisses me off about it all though is that EVERY legitimate piece of scientific research on embryonic stem cells is that they are a growing failure. It is also one hundred percent legal to use embryonic stem cells for anything you want in this country it is just NOT funded by tax payers. We have seen how many billions of dollars can be made by coming out with a pill that will give a man a boner, so don’t give me any shit about how funding on embryonic stem cells can’t be found. If you can find a cure for something with them then you will make billions and it takes the most deranged to deny it. The fact of the matter is that they can’t fix anything with any of the research that they have come up with, and they are being played with in every corner of the world as we speak. At last count there is 74 major medical breakthroughs that have been created by Stem Cells and they are ALL using ADULT Stem Cells. Oh well.

The bullshit meter is really tipping the scales though on the whole Madonna thing as I had to endure all of the news clips from her and the sycophants that were in the audience of Oprah who all wanted me to know that Madonna is a good person and people like me are just finding ways to pick on her good deeds. I happen to think that the double standards surrounding that whole cabal with Madonna and her new accessory is insanity at best. Let’s just start at the beginning here with the English to Bullshit dictionary here. First we have a rich woman who is setting up orphanages as long as her religion is taught. It is a religion that is not practiced in the country whatsoever, but I personally don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that if it had been in the name of Christianity people would have been FURIOUS, and the news would have been tearing the whole thing down, which is fine I am used to it. Second we have a country which does NOT allow adoption by outsiders, but they will skip that rule this time. Fine, that stuff happens. Third she picked a child that was NOT an orphan, and takes full advantage of the ignorant father and grandparents who doesn’t have a clue what is going on in all of this. Let’s assume that it was a mother and a man who was taking the child away from there, and you have to be pretty disingenuous to say that you don’t get the picture of the outrage going on throughout the world. This is just insane!

What is the real end game in all of this, because I hate to break it to you all, but the logical solution to it all would have been to bring the baby back and pick a different one who doesn’t have a family, but I’m sure that she is really attached to the child by now. I seriously can see no real reason to be doing this and torturing the father of that child. I would like to say that she is crazy, or that she is just demonstrating the real power that she has to everyone or something along those lines. I could go on and on with some sort of Art Bell style aliens and tin foil hats scenario, but realistically I can’t even really try to convince anyone that I have a clue what is going through that woman’s mind, but what makes me really scared and saddened is that there are actually people in the world that think this is ok in any way. I realize that she is famous and that gives her a wide birth, and this is the same thing that we are forced to go through with Tom Cruise and his constant brow beating about his cult, but in the name of decency can we not just start to label people that show this level of contempt for everyone else?

I have to go into “Minister Mode” on everyone for a moment which I actually try not to do too often {because let’s face it I am not a very good representative of the church} but I used to use a sermon when I was preaching in the prisons on Sundays, and it was very effective. Whether you believe in God or the Bible it is important to remember that regardless of what sacred, ancient, historical, or even recent document you read that there really is only one thing that is evil, and always signifies the downfall of anyone, or especially the downfall of those that follow them, and that one thing is Vanity. It was the overwhelming beauty of God’s most beautiful Angel that cast him out of heaven, as most have forgotten that the Angel Lucifer was no more powerful than any other omnipotent being he was merely love drunk with his own beauty. It was the thing of almost all children’s fables as the witch had cast a spell on Snow White purely for being more beautiful than her. It was the very thing that took Judas Iscariot from being one of the most trusted of Jesus Christ’s disciples who held the money for all of them and in the end was not selling Jesus to the Romans in his own mind he was selling the Romans to the wrath of God as he had believed in the power of Jesus more than the mercy, and really did believe that in the end Jesus and God would destroy the Roman Empire for even thinking of harming him. His own ego, and vanity was the reason that he killed himself before Jesus had even died.

I used to site as many examples as my head could produce at the time and then conclude that we all can overcome this in some way whether it was from religion or just by doing the next right things, and remembering that we are NOT God and nothing else. NOBODY is beneath redemption and that is NOT a religious statement as I had said you can simply do the next right thing and continue to do that. Those that are incapable of ever doing the next right thing or worse yet simply unwilling are the ones that we need fear, and look at what is happening around us, and tell me that it isn’t damaging to the very fabric of decency that we are not allowed to have our own views on what is right or wrong. We then willingly excuse people for bad behavior and then we allow them to represent our differences between right and wrong. It all comes back to get us all unfortunately ;8o)

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