Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bitch Bitch Bitch - Volume 3

Here we are with 4 out of the last 6 days having the Dow Jones break all records {and it isn’t all fake Pets.Com BS like the last time it went through the roof}, the price of gasoline dropped a dollar, the EPA just released a new version of Diesel that has 97% fewer emissions and will be mandated as of Sunday {seriously … this time next year it will take over 70 tractor trailer trucks to create the pollution of 1 right now … so in my mind that is really cool stuff} and still through a huge pile of spin the country doesn’t believe any of this and the resources put into taking the entire Republican party down with the sick actions of one man {true or not} is working perfectly. Kudos to the Democratic Leadership on that one, but there is a looming problem in all of this that I don’t think anyone who is dancing for joy has noticed. Bill Clinton and the things that he has done are still lurking, and the party for some ungodly reason drops everything to protect that man’s legacy.

We have that Herman Munster look alike from Massachusetts out there yesterday pointing out to the world that George W Bush dropped the ball on North Korea and because of that he is running for president again. This is a silly thing to bring up but the entire Democratic Party completely dropped the Foley bashing {mostly because the tides are turning on that one as more people find out the truth} to start running with the nuclear football. This has got to be the most brainless move to date, as everyone knows that it was Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Madeleine Albright that gave Kim Jong Il the nuclear reactors that enriched the uranium. All three of those morons stood next to John Kerry and supported him. We all know that the unilateral talks that Jimmy Carter had on behalf of the Clinton administration led to two nuclear reactors, a pile of cash, and more free trade with North Korea in exchange for his “promise” not to make nuclear weapons, and at the time only the most insane left wing idiots believed that that was going to work. John Kerry immediately responded to this whole mess by saying “We need to go back to negotiating with North Korea, and this President won’t do it,” which makes most people say, “Well Duh? It doesn’t work!”

We wouldn’t sit down with Adolph Hitler today, knowing what we know now because he is CRAZY and he was a liar. Kim Jong Il is far WORSE than Adolph Hitler purely based on the fact that not only is he irrational but his own people are starving to death and he doesn’t care. Adolph Hitler at the very least did quite a few good things for his people, and Kim Jong Il never has. I heard a talk show host say that “You can’t assume sanctions are going to work because the people in North Korea are already eating grass,” and the problem with statements like that is that it interjects humor into a scenario that is far worse than that. North Korea doesn’t even have grass. They have eaten all of it, and as a matter of fact North Korea has no vegetation whatsoever, and no resources to create any. What little vegetation that it does have is completely is imported and used to feed the army, and the leaders of the country. People in the civilized world simply cannot imagine this and it doesn’t even register with anyone.

While this insane individual is creating nuclear weapons with the money that Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud the Iranian gives the country to do so, the images that you get from North Korea if they allow you to get cameras in is of children crawling around the dirt looking for beetles to eat. Most of them simply wait near any pile of fecal material they can find to get them as it is the only thing for the insects to eat. The look that they give you as they greedily scoop them off the ground and gobble them up hoping that one of the bigger kids doesn’t take them from them is just frightening. 60 years of Communism by one tyrannical dictator after another, when most scholars agree that all of the most prominent technology and resources left behind by the Japanese were left right on that very spot, and had it not been for the totally evil government of North Korea, it would have been the most easily rebuilt and thriving land in Asia. You cannot place any form of sanctions on a dictator like this because he doesn’t care about his people, and you can’t give him any sort of goodies because he will simply use them for something evil. This is proven, and it isn’t worth arguing about with the very people who didn’t listen the last time.

Again though, this is not a very good place for the Democrats to play because it doesn’t take long to connect the dots as to whom the real problems lay here. Defending Clinton on his pre 911 policies because a movie was coming out on ABC that showed him in a rather honest light, hurt the Democrats quite a bit. By using the whole Mark Foley issue, they had managed to gain significant ground, but here they are again picking the wrong hill to die on in the name of the great Bill Clinton and trying to redirect all of the negative energy that adding North Korea to the Nuclear list will entail. The worst is yet to come in all of this too as the major news media is trying to make it look like it wasn’t actually a nuclear device and was probably just a lot of explosives made to fool the World into thinking that it was a nuclear device. The answer in the end will be that it doesn’t matter. This man is a lunatic. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Madeleine Albright empowered him, and people are going to remember that really quickly regardless of who tries to cover it up.

As for the issue at hand I am really enjoying listening to all of the talk about talks going on here too. People want to blame Bush for it all and I really don’t care because I don’t have a dog in the fight, although I was shocked to listen to a very different G W today on the radio in a press conference where he was not only animated, but he didn’t wrangle his words at all. My biggest criticism of him has always been that he doesn’t show the real George and by God he did it today, and the news media simply reeled from it to be honest with you. The fact remains though that Bush is gone in two years and nobody from his administration is even running, so attacking him is still wasted energy, and foolish.

Everyone acting like he should have just invaded the country preemptively and then made it Democratic or something is a pile of bullshit as we watch how they are all acting about us doing that in Iraq. Hell, regime change in Iraq was the official policy of this country signed into law by Bill Clinton, and many cover ups have been waged to erase that from everyone’s memories as well. The official policy signed into law by Bill Clinton about North Korea was “give him nuclear reactors and pretend that everything is ok” so there is already a huge difference. There really wasn’t anything that this President could do about North Korea and everyone who says there was is just plain full of shit, because they are the same people who only would have looked forward to it so they could add it to the impeachment proceedings that they want. This of course is revenge on behalf of Captain FallOnSword as well because we all had no right to try to impeach a man sworn to uphold the constitution who specifically denied a woman her right to a fair trial. He is the King after all. This is the type of talk that John Kerry is opening up for the red meat base on the other side when he opens his mouth you see. The more he blathers, the more the Right Wing starts chomping at the bit to vote, and the left wing starts wondering if they should even bother.

Rationally I still see a very simple way out of the whole North Korean issue, and it would also take away our China, Venezuela, and Russia issue as well as take a lot of pressure off of us in the whole Asian arena. I know the Australians are on board because it was an idea brought up by their government when North Korea was launching missiles into the China Sea a few months ago. All we need is for the United States or Canada {either one} to get on board and Asia becomes a lot more docile. We just need to let Japan have it’s military back. The Europeans allowed Germany to have its military back and that country has never proven it’s worth to the world. Quite frankly other than making a damn fine automobile, they are basically French with a slightly more Eastern accent. Japan still sits defenseless and within it’s obligations to the world after it’s role in World War 2 and it is being intentionally threatened by North Korea, and has no guarantee whatsoever that the sympathetic to North Korean government of mainland China will do anything but applaud their destruction. Given the opportunity to have a Navy once again, the Japanese would be perfectly willing to take care of these issues by themselves, and that scares the pants off of almost all of Asia.

It’s one of those “Don’t Touch” topics because we all forget about what Japan is like when they have military rescources. Every time that Japan has been allowed to have a military, they have proven that they are superior in resources and intelligence to that entire region of the world. China would never admit it outright but Japan in less than a year could be stronger than them, because after all China is a paper tiger that only has what it does because Bill Clinton gave them all of the technology necessary to have missiles that could reach the United States. Oops I just let another dirty little secret out didn’t I? The ramifications to China and North Korea would be a far more aggressive and intelligent nation, that happens to be democratic, in the region with the capability to police the bullshit that the liberals in this country feed and then ignore. We wouldn’t be worrying about Taiwan in all of this either because they would have instant alliances with Japan, and the two countries would be sharing technology {which includes the second or third most powerful air force depending on who you ask} and their alliance would make it a lot easier on the United States and Australia as well since both countries have sworn to defend Taiwan against a growing louder by the day China that wants to reclaim it. Smaller countries like Singapore that are desperately holding onto it’s democratic leanings with aggressive communism all around it will be better off as well. Don’t worry about all of this too much though, because I don’t think we have the stones to do it and Canada doesn’t have the stones to do anything. Another set of missile launches aimed at Japan from North Korea might make that moot anyway, because history has dictated that if western society ignores its problems long enough then the countries that are being oppressed will find the answers in a psychopath. Think 1930’s Germany for example or 1940’s Japan.

I wrote the bulk of this last night and then went to bed to watch the usual scrawl of talking heads that I usually watch before I go to sleep, and the tenor of the whole talk was rather somber. The left wing extreme apologists like Alan Combs were interviewing people like John McCain and Newt Gingritch in their normal attempt to make them and in turn the president look bad and were having a really tough time of it. John McCain in particular {who realistically is no friend of the president and everyone knows it} was putting forth the idea that in times like this we need to respect that our enemies are outside of this country and he laid it on the line by saying “The Democrats in this country are making it too easy for the people that want us dead to do whatever they want because they defend their actions just to smear President Bush” and the usual inroads of blaming it on Bush and ending the conversations there were not possible. McCain was able to completely pinpoint the Clinton administration for it’s handing over of all of this technology because he was there. He was speaking out against it then and he diagrammed it, and the more people throughout the night tried to blame Bush for this problem the more evidence was being revealed that Clinton almost completely created this problem himself against the wishes of everyone.

The facts are the facts, and anyone today that wants to run on the platform of “Bush is evil, and we aren’t safe,” need to separate themselves from Bill and Hillary Clinton or it doesn’t work. Not a single one of them have the balls to do that and that is why the man is a noose shaped like an albatross, acting as a tourniquet around their necks. He is after all the second president in history that refuses to simply go away. The last one being Theodore Roosevelt, who in the end created the groundwork for Woodrow Wilson who then in turn placed the country in World War 1 and then laid the foundations that created the Great Depression and all of the chaos that led up to World War 2. That type of bickering and simpering “weenyism” led to the failed League of Nations and a bunch of bafoons who speak French signing the treaty of Versailles which in the end actually gave Germany no choice but to elect a leader like Adolph Hitler. Is this what we are looking forward to again?

While I am pretty sure that this blog is long enough that I have lost everyone already I should take a moment to point out something else that happened in the mid 1800s that should be addressed right now. The concept of a “third party” has been bandied around like hotcakes again lately, and because I like the rest of you are pretty sick of politicians acting like kings and queens, I am going to tell you why it doesn’t work now, and the lack of understanding history is why. The last successful third party in this country was the Republican Party, and the formula is a hell of a lot different then what I hear people talking about now. People want another Ross Perot to come along and spoil an election for everyone, and that is simply the best way to create another Bill Clinton who never won the majority vote in this country and did far more harm than good on the surface. This is what happens when you form a party, get people jazzed enough to vote, and allow only the bases {the most radical of both the two major parties} vote for who the actual candidates will be. We learned in the end that there are more left wing loonie toons then there are right wing zealots. It should have been considered scientific in the long run.

The best way to do it is for all of the cast offs from the two major parties to simply unify as something in the middle, and use what is already a strong voter base to take out the political system by force. Now that Joe Leiberman is considered too moderate for the Democrats, he could join forces with John McCain who is the Republican version of that, and perhaps incorporate a Pat Buchanan. They could simply show that their differences don’t divide them, it unites them in spirited and less hateful debate, and in the end they could actually start taking seats at the House and Senate level so that they could actually have an honest consensus prior to actually creating a Presidential candidate that has any validity. The whole notion that someone is going to somehow win the presidency and get anything accomplished when he has absolutely no political allies in just insane.

The facts of it all were that the Democrats and the Whigs were both fundamentally bankrupt especially about the slavery issue. The Democrats were profiting heavily off of slavery and the Whigs didn’t have a consensus about it so their own beliefs on it were simply split 50/50 and in the end crippled them from within. Many elected leaders of both of these party’s simply defected and became Republicans, and slowly but surely a few more were added to the house and senate through elections so that when Abraham Lincoln {the first Republican President} was elected he already had about 15 percent of the legislative branch in lock step with him. His personality was able to strip at the edges of the other two parties after that, and by the time he was assassinated the legislature was overwhelmingly Republican. This allowed the Republican majority to finally just steam roll it’s agenda right through which not only included freeing the slaves but immediately giving the former slave males the right to vote. It wasn’t done by a whisper campaign or a smear campaign, or a billionaire with nothing better to do than run for president, and from what I have heard Lincoln wasn’t that bad a president either.

Until this happens I will still take every election as it comes, and hopefully vote with my head and not with my heart. The chances are pretty good that I will vote for the candidates that believe as I do and not the ones that aren’t in the same party as the pervert on the other side of the country, or the one that the cool star from Hollywood likes, or the one that the news media seems to tout as the second coming. I will simply look at the candidate that stands for the same things I do and I will probably not blame those candidates because they can’t get everything I want done. It’s irrational to think anyone believes exactly like you and can make everyone else in turn believe exactly like you too, but I definitely appreciate someone who takes the time to explain something in the hopes of changing my mind because that is how the process is supposed to work, I just have the right to disagree ;8o)

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