Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As Went Maine So Went Vermont - Volume 1

Well it’s almost time for me to make that grand decision on who I think the new governor of New Hampshire should be, along with a few other more local choices in the political arena. It’s kind of amusing all things considered, because I have absolutely no gripes with Governor Scumbag and probably would vote for him if he wasn’t forever branded as Governor Scumbag by me. The fact of the matter is that I probably would have crossed the party lines and voted for him like I had Jeanne Shaheen back when she was running against this total moron named Somethingorother Lucas, because quite frankly he was a bozo. Whatshis Name who is running against Governor Scumbag seems like a nice enough guy, but he is like that idiot Lucas that ran against Shaheen in her second term that was merely “the guy set to lose” because in New Hampshire only one governor has ever lost their first re-election bid and that would be the last one. This is how Governor Scumbag got his name, and will never get my vote, even if on paper he is less of a scumbag then Benson was.

I started having my falling out with the Republican party here in New Hampshire 4 years ago when I realized that they were actually a bunch of idiots, and perhaps the term “Lemmings” that the “Enlightened” folks use about Bush supporters is a good term in this case. We had a very good cast of candidates including former Senator Gordon Humphrey {the candidate that I was for to be fair} who was a very fiscally conservative man who had some good environmental victories under his belt, Bruce Keogh who also was a fiscally conservative candidate with a broader socially conservative agenda, and Craig Benson who had a lot of money. In the end Craig Benson won, and it forced me to stop participating in the Republican city committees that I had been very active in up until that point. The reason for this, of course being, that I could not support this man in the least. In my opinion he was a very flawed human being that had been involved in one of the largest raping of New Hampshire workers and community since before the nineteen hundreds began with his company Cabletron polluting the state with its oppressive greed. The communities surrounding Rochester New Hampshire are still reeling from the sacrifices made by the employees of Cabletron for promises of a better future, and in the end were left with poverty. I made my feelings known that Benson was crooked and not someone worthy of leading the state, and simply went about my life while the state elected him Governor.

The Democrats were equally to blame in all of this as they had nominated as their candidate Mark Fernald, who was so left wing that you would have thought that Stalin himself had been running for governor of New Hampshire. It was a political slant that has been being forced on this state more and more every year as all of the people that destroy Massachusetts with their idiocy, move here to escape their mistakes and create more here. Intentionally I had written in my own name for Governor as there wasn’t a worthy choice, and my vote wasn’t going to change anything anyway. The state went through another 2 years of nothing getting accomplished like we had the 6 years previous with Jeanne Shaheen at the helm and quite frankly I like political gridlock because it also means that nobody is spending my money. The problem of course is that Benson as he would {I told you so, I told you so} started using the Governors chair to get things done to his neighborhood {which unfortunately is mine as well, more on that to follow} and to simply ignore the environmental laws and zoning on his property set the stage for what was going to happen as The Scumbag {not Governor Scumbag yet} came along.

Now The Scumbag was another man who had made all of his money raping the poor only in other states, so his scumbagged-ness was not exactly out there for all to see. I read so I knew what he was all about, and as you all know most of the Democrats around here only care that your face is under the Donkey’s ass and not the Elephant’s ass. He was quite capable of matching Craig Benson dollar for dollar to basically take the Governors chair away from him which was actually fine by me. I find myself angry at the decision I had to make here as I had a Governor that I had never been pleased with facing someone that I knew was a Golden Ox, but at the very least was a moderate Democrat {and to his credit still is, he hadn’t lied about how he would run the state, so far} but on my ride home from work today I realized why I hate this man and always will.

I’m sick today and left work early so I am already grouchy but as I was driving through Exeter I noticed all of the signs for any Republicans were ripped up and strewn all over the roadways. This is of course the next progression of New Hampshire swirling around the toilet bowl. There was an old expression during World War 2 that used to go “As goes Maine, so goes Vermont” and that was an old slant on the voters of Maine and Vermont as no matter what was going on they would NOT vote for Roosevelt {geeze have those times changed} but as the landscape of Massachusetts changes every year and the Guilty White Liberals ruin that state more and more with their Kennedy’s and Kerry’s etc. these people all moved out. Originally Maine became their chosen land to continue their socialist beliefs with capitalist greeds until Maine was completely unlivable and over run with welfare recipients, and Muslim immigrants that refuse to work and incapable of sustaining itself. When they finally started taxing the rich at a rate of about sixty five percent Vermont became the place, and as Howard Dean and that gang totally ruined it, New Hampshire is being taken by force now as I write this.

The first wave is always the spoiled and disrespectful liberal trash that went around and pulled up every political sign for the Republicans in the cover of darkness before the last gubernatorial and presidential election and replaced them with signs that looked identical to the ones they had stolen but were altered to say insulting things about the candidates. The next wave two years later is here exactly as I said it would be as they are simply tearing up the signs and leaving them for everyone else to clean up. This is the legacy of Governor Scumbag and the people like him. At least 2 years ago when they all actually committed a crime they quickly ran around after the election was over to steal back all of the signs calling Bush Hitler and Benson a Fascist. Now they are beyond that and the streets are filled with ripped up signs. I got to the polls that morning almost two years ago and put the black spot next to Craig Benson who I had no intention of ever supporting because I am not going to let New Hampshire go to people like Governor Scumbag and his people willingly. I seem to have no choice now.

Since then Governor Scumbag in a sweeping reform simply went and cancelled out everything that Benson had signed in which on paper would look marvellous, since he was corrupt after all you would assume that everything he did to the community he was living in was nothing more than stealing right? Well there is a problem with that as I happen to live in the poor section of town, and there was a rather large construction progect that is going on at the corner of my street that has a 5 way intersection that is scary and dangerous. I can't let my kids walk on the street here because of the accidents that happen all over the place here, and the property around it that all of my kids friends had lived on was bought up and demolished, so that they could fix the road and put in a stop light finally. We had only been waiting 30 years for this. Now we'll be waiting another 30 years apparently only with big open holes that look like wounds surrounding it, as it was the first thing Governor Scumbag put a stop to 2 years ago. Glad to see that he pays attention to what he uses as red meat for his base, but then again, who would go out and tear up all of the signs for him. I'll be playing the part of Mad Max when New Hampshire finally turns into Thunderdome ;8o)

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