Wednesday, October 4, 2006

A Tale Of Two News Stories - Volume 1

As my cybermom so eloquently pointed out, it is harder for people who don’t drive to lose IQ points from my blog the other day, and I of course made mention of doing one about the things that make pedestrians stupid. I didn’t realize that overnight there would be a horrible tragedy in Boston that involved a college girl who walked out into oncoming traffic. The two girls who were with her and stayed on the sidewalk stated “We don’t know what happened, she just darted right out into traffic,” and that for the most part is all there is to it, other than the mention that the driver is not at fault. I don’t mind being the bearer of bad news in this instance, but the problem is society as a whole actually. I’m sorry that she is dead as I am when anyone dies.

I happen to live in a rather tourist plagued area of the country, and let me tell you that in the summer you can do nothing but drive with both hands on the steering wheel and staring strait ahead at all times. It is quite possible to sit at one intersection of downtown for up to 20 minutes as the steady stream of pedestrians cross the road, and the second it looks like you may get a break, inevitably more will dash out in front of you, the second that you are just about cleared to move. The problem is the law, and it is making people stupider and stupider every year. Personally, I can’t even imagine why the law that “all traffic must yield the right of way to any and all pedestrians REGARDLESS of location” came to be, and for the love of God, I can’t even begin to fathom how it stays today. We micromanage every single facet of common law in society today, but that one law doesn’t even get reconsidered.

You need to think about it this way, as more states are mandating seat belt laws in the effort to keep drivers safe {and of course increase the State’s Revenue} but they have never considered telling a human being that walking into traffic might mean that an automobile legally has to stop, but if it doesn’t YOU DIE. We’ve all had it happen too, as that totally self righteous boob jumps out in front of your car, no cross walk and then stares at you like you are a criminal, and let’s face it, they are daring you at the same time. It’s the stupidity of being right in a situation that is dangerous. When I was locked safely away in the Oggie Boogie ward we used to call this behavior “Passive Suicidal” and people like that are dangerous to everyone around them, and we have laws in this case to protect their rights to be this way. I can guarantee you that these are the same type of people who drive 30 miles per hour over the speed limit on winding roads and if they live cool, and if they die, then so what. More often then not, they end up hitting a family pet, or family member.

The State’s are remiss to change this law because it is very hard to enforce from the perspective of a court of law. You can’t take someone’s shoes away for Jai Walking but you can take a person’s drivers license away for not paying a ticket for buckling their seat belt. As far as safety goes, I would take my chances without a seat belt on and driving too fast as opposed to darting out into traffic, but as I am seeing more and more in society, that makes me smarter than most. I love the people who jump out in front of a car and then start screaming about how you have to stop. Like Charles Manson never drove a car, and you couldn’t win the lottery of psychopaths when you chose to scream at a person in a two ton weapon. Disrespect and self righteousness will end up killing someone.

If I had my way, I would give someone the right of way, only if they are in a cross walk and walking with the light, like the law is in New York City, and trust me I HAVE seen someone busted for Jai Walking there. It’s a bit different of a situation as well, because crossing against the light IS sure death and the people there have grown up with it. Here in this case out in Boston you were dealing with a college student that was going to Boston University. The laws where she was from and the perceived “politeness” of the drivers had given her a false sense of security to walk out into traffic without a care in the world assuming that the worst drivers on Planet Earth, and one of the most overcrowded streets in the country would yield her the typical results, and it did yield her a realistic outcome. I’m sorry that she is dead, but if we don’t start opening up honest dialogues about what really is going on and why I believe that this sort of thing will become common, and her death will simply be a footnote in history with no practical meaning or answers whatsoever. It’s already fallen off the news cycle here because we are too busy talking about school shootings by pedophiles, pedophile legislators, and of course Anna Nicole Smith.

I’ll take a moment before I close this out to make an observation about the shooting that happened in Amish country at the school. It was one of those “come to Jesus” moments for me, like when I finally sought out information on what abortion looked like. I sat and stewed over the whole thing long and hard, imagining the little girls and what they must have thought, and how senseless the whole thing was. I am trying not to explain the scene because as many people have told me I have a very bad habit of being able to paint the pictures too well with my writing, and I don’t want to make anyone go through the torment that the imagery of the whole thing has put me through, but I do want to ask the question of everyone that I was faced with at the end of my soul searching as to why this happened and why it seems to just be getting worse and worse every time some heinous, unstoppable act like this happens.

I think back to the Pamela Smart murder that just so happened, one town over from me with a bunch of people that were my peers in school. That was almost surreal as it was happening, but the facts of the case still made sense in the end unfortunately. The woman wanted the life insurance of her husband and used a bunch of fucked up kids that she had access too, to do it. That whole thing was plain and simple. The country and it’s 24 hour news cycle turned it into a media circus and they were getting ratings as the news was turning into the new National Enquirer. We have had teachers sleeping with their students just about non stop from that time, each more sensationalistic then the last and it has all been titillating entertainment for everyone. We watched a couple of kids walk into a school and start killing people at random in Colorado, TWICE. This happened to occur on the day after the thirtieth anniversary of the Bay of Pigs failure, the sixth anniversary of our Federal Government overstepping it’s authority to slaughter the Branch Davidians, and of course the day after the two year anniversary of The Oklahoma City bombing. Most people don’t know that that happened to be the day that United States bombs killed more people in the Kosovo conflict as well because of the Columbine noise. Again though, we are talking about an easy answer, whether you like it or not. We can blame it on disillusioned teens who hated the world because of the mental anguish that they suffered at the hands of bullies.

In 7 years we have simply gotten to this point, where a man who had molested his relatives is writing dozens of suicide notes and calling his wife to say that he is thinking of doing it again. He’s distraught and he is angry at himself and God, so he goes to an Amish school and kills little girls execution style before killing himself. We all look at this and say why? It wasn’t until those morons from Topeka, Kansas that hate everyone {supposedly just Gays, but lets face it they hate everyone} were going to protest the funeral in the name of hatred for the Governor of Pennsylvania {who I happen to dislike a lot myself, to be fair} but decided not to in exchange for free national air time to speak their minds, that it hit me what the problem is. We have created such a form of infamy in this country through the constant talk of what is wrong with society, what is wrong with us, and what is never going to change, that for the people who just want to die for whatever reason, it really has become cool to do it in a way that makes you immortal, and it’s growing more important in the ever changing attention span of the news media to make sure it is FANTASTIC. The assholes from the “Church of God will Kill Us All” showed me that even if it wasn’t their intention. Look at them and what they do, it’s the exact same thing, and fortunately the good thing about faith {as the Amish have taught me this week} is that all of those people will go to hell {including the Church of Anti-Gay there in Topeka Kansas}, and those that don’t deserve to won’t. You can hate me for believing that, and you can believe that God is a bad thing, but it keeps me from walking into a school with a gun or killing someone innocent. What stops you? ;8o)

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