Saturday, September 23, 2006

Two Muslims and a Frenchman - Volume 1

Well I was rewarded with some good news this week about a few friends from work who passed their citizenship exams, and will be sworn in as United States citizens next week. I spent a lot of break time at work helping these guys get ready for the test and was about as happy as they were that they managed to get what they wanted all along. The Haitian that I work with is excited because now he can bring his wife and children over from Haiti where they have been ever since he came to America {legally of course} to work on becoming a citizen six years ago. His English was terrible {as his native language is of course French} and he had nothing of which to speak of, but the hope that he could make it in America. He makes no bones about it that the country he grew up in wasn’t as bad as everyone says it is, but at the same time isn’t America.

His wife back in Haiti has been able to support herself and the children off of what he sent back, as well as send the kids to school which is NOT free over there, and now he will be able to work less than 60 hours a week as he soon will be supporting only one household, and not paying for school. Like the two Bosnians that also earned their citizenship on the same day, he is not a really big fan of illegal immigration. Their 7 years each of waiting to be able to take the citizenship exam wasn’t quite as hard as they were able to bring their children with them and had another here along the way because they had had to claim political asylum as their country has been a war zone for the last decade. Despite what they had jokingly along with us all called their “anchor baby” status, it was still a goal and an obligation of theirs to pass their citizenship exam, so that they could be Americans and participate in all of the things that we as a society do. One of them had even said “I am American, I love America” on the last day we were cramming for the exam. She scored a perfect 100 percent.

Now mind you, I was the person at work that helped them cram for this exam because I was the only one at work that could have passed it, and there were several people at work that couldn’t even read it. This is part of the horrible problem that we have in this country today and the apathy for it really is contributing to a lot of the ills in our society as a whole. I am actively helping two of the Dominicans and two more Bosnians cram to pass the exam in the coming months, and in the case of the Dominicans, learn English as well. You see I happen to Hablo Espanol on top of all these wonderful abilities to have learned the United States constitution and the political process. These people, that I am helping, not only have the capacity and willingness to learn these things about the country they hope to be citizens of, but an open fascination of them too. If you ever wonder why they could all be against the plight of the poor, disheveled, illegal immigrants then you need only ask them, as they have all been willing to offer the answer so freely.

You see illegal immigration is NOT just an American problem, for all of the countries that they come from have actually suffered from it as well. The Bosnians were never particularly thrilled with the Albanians taking over part of what was once Yugoslavia in the land of Kosovo, and will tell you immediately what happens when diversity turns into outright mutiny. The Albanians like a very large majority of the Mexicans and Brazilians that enter into this country illegally have no desire to integrate and that is just the tip of the ice berg. The rampant flood of people from different cultures that in no way shape or form have any regard for our cultures and legal system in the end will be willing to take whatever they can and either abandon or change it to what they are used to, and not in the interest of having it the way it was laid out. Dominicans and Haitians have seen one Banana Dictator after another rape their citizenry, and when the numbers start to outmatch the Banana Dictators they simply import more disheveled to tip the scales back in their favor, by giving them more than what they had but still far less than what was humanly decent. Again, I am really proud of the “legal” immigrants that have not only helped me to see some things, but taught me what it was like to truly desire America as it is, and not as it can be micro managed.

This brings us to blatant politics unfortunately as I had my usual ringside seat for what had unfolded in Massachusetts last week, which initially was rather funny, but is starting to get horribly disturbing. From out of nowhere came Deval Patrick to not only win the Democratic nomination, but to slaughter the other two opponents. The amusing part was that he was the candidate {like his former boss Bill Clinton} that said absolutely nothing, and danced around everything. He was totally for and against everything and would pretty much just wait for the other two candidates to argue about something and then jump on whatever was the strongest issue and then work on rhyming his sentences, so that they made Jesse Jackson like slogans. The disturbing part is that the other two candidates had strong, and intelligent ideas that at times made me, as a republican, simply watching like a football game, that didn’t involve my favorite team {in other words rooting for injuries} at times think “Damn I’d vote for him” simply get beaten badly by a man that had NO ideas at all. The Republican response in the state was “goodie” because traditionally those with no ideas lose elections.

Now less than a week later that election process is already sickening as the race card was pulled out immediately. The head of the Democratic Party came right out and called Kerry Healey a racist because she is against giving “In State” tuition and drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Deval immediately came out and said that he didn’t want race brought into this, but was not going to speak out against it. In other words “Good job, way to go get her for me” and then hiding behind something large. It is a legitimate political issue and to deduce it to a race issue is the worst form of cowardice. Up here in New England we don’t have race issues because the whole area is nothing but guilty white liberals! Even if this was a debate down south in one of those supposedly “racist” states it isn’t a race issue because it does involve breaking the law, and it would involve “Anglo” illegal immigrants as well, except it is commonly accepted that there aren’t really any of those and at the same time “racist” to say that. See how this works in the “racism” game? The ONLY racists we have up here are those that cry “racism” and you can’t argue it.

The other side of the coin is what really makes me sick. Kerry Healey is the wife of a multi-millionaire named Sean Healey who is President and Chief Executive of AMG in Beverly which affords her the luxury of being in politics for most of the last decade. They don’t mention that Deval has been as well, as a corporate attorney he had plenty of time to work in the Clinton Administration, to which I say more power to him and I don’t think it’s a big deal. The other sides of this story though where the other side trashes her for only “standing by her man” is beneath comment on it’s own merits, but also a very huge lie. Kerry Healey graduated college before Sean after paying her way through it working 3 jobs. This was what she had to do as her father had been incapable of working from the time she was 15 when she started working her 3 jobs so that she could help her mother support the family. This also carried on to when she was working, and supporting her and her husband so that Sean could finish College himself. She was never kept in any way, and you can look it up. It’s sickening that people are allowed to trash a woman in this manner anyway, but horribly disingenuous at best. Deval better get some issues pretty quick, because I know the immigrants that actually CAN vote for him won’t. Did I mention that my Bosnian and Dominican friends all live in Massachusetts? You’d be surprised to know how most “legal immigrants” stand on that issue, and it isn’t that it is racist. ;8o)

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