Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things You Learn When You Read A Blog - Volume 1

I decided to look into the speech that the South American Dictator “Hugo Chavez” gave at the United Nations today so that I could see for myself what the “snippets” that were being played throughout the daily news cycle was all about, and as usual I see that every headline is exactly the same. “Hugo Chavez Calls Bush The Devil” is blazoned across every news service on the internet, and it doesn’t surprise me. Whether the website is for or against this dictator or not, we all must accept that this is what is going to make the headlines. Red Meat for whatever side of the isle anyone happens to be sitting on actually is the way all news services work. Unfortunately as I am writing this right now I do not have the full transcript of the speech because it obviously hasn’t been placed on the internet yet.

By placing “Transcript” in the search query I was able to pick up every left wing whacko websites different transcripts of things that Hugo Chavez has said over the years and decided to poke through some of them and realized that this guy is good. I have always assumed that he was merely your average communist that hated all of the free world and I never realized that he actually appears to be one hell of a good con man too. His speech at the United Nations today was nothing different than what he always does. He rants about America, calls us imperialists, and then goes on a rant about the United Nations being useless {which I happen to agree with} and then he gives “The Real Version” to his website, and then it is picked up by the MoveOn.Org’s and Salon.Com’s and considered to be an enlightened look into the mind of a great person, without taking into consideration the larger ramifications of what this evil little dictator is truly doing. It just depends on who’s dog is in the fight actually.

I seriously have no doubt in my mind that in the end of it all that Hugo Chavez is the new Benito Mussolini only with a much larger advantage over the fascist leader of Italy’s old shtick in the fact that Venezuela is a huge oil producer, and he actually can be the money man behind the New World Order that is going on throughout every dark corner of the world. The man is in bed with every evil element that roams this planet today, including Cuba, Iran, China, Russia, France, and North Korea and in the end it is our own ignorance of his abilities as a manipulator that will be the end of the civilized world. We just watched the leader of Iran come to the United States and give a speech excoriating our country two hours after the President of the United States spoke, and then the very next day we allowed the most heinous dictator on this part of the planet {next to his best friend Fidel} come in and make a statement like “George W Bush is the Devil and this place still wreaks of sulfur” the very next day. This is because as a civilized country, these dictators and bag men for all of the evil that happens in this world are not afraid of us one bit.

An interesting case in point is all of those poor detainees down at GitMo who are now living better than they had when we found them. Each and every one of them like the terrorists that we are rounding up today has absolutely no fear of capture, and why should they? All of the detainees down in GitMo have all gained weight since being taken, they still have all of their freedoms of religion, and other things that the average insects that they are do not deserve {most of all being alive} and the world community will always just beat America down no matter how we execute the war on terror. The leaders of evil in this world know that, and they always have fresh bodies to throw out there anyway because blinding oppression will always create martyrs for any old cause assuming that life on this planet is bad enough. The saddest part is that after the CIA released what it does that constitutes torture in the eyes of the world it totally sickened me that it wasn’t half as bad as I wanted to hear about.

The useful idiots in the United States senate like John McCain will always do whatever will get him in front of a television camera and have the media on his side, so waiting out the inevitable sabotage of anything is a strong advantage of people like this. As John McCain is complaining about “Cold Rooms”, “Prolonged Standing”, and “Lack of Sleep” being torture, he sights that we are in danger of being at the mercy of some other Attorney General’s interpretation of the Geneva Convention and this places Americans at risk. The folly to all of this {and sorry to break it to you people, but McCain knows this too} is that none of the rat infested dictatorships that we have been at war with HAVE Attorney Generals, and more over, none of them have Geneva Convention signatures either. Then we of course need to remind the Senator, and his gang of useful idiots that trail him right now screaming about how he should know because of what the Vietnamese did to him, that THE VIETNAMESE DID SIGN THE GENEVA ACCORDS and simply didn’t abide by them. This of course is the double edged sword that slices on the way back.

Again we come back to Ahmedinejad yesterday telling the world that his country will do what they want despite all of the “sanctions” that have been threatened upon them several times, and never committed at every deadline. The fact that Hugo Chavez gives France cheap oil along with Iran to make sure that that never happens, and mix it in with Russia and China having their say on these matters and we have nothing more than a large cartel, with the dictator of Venezuela at the center of it. I implore anyone that is reading this article to do what I have done and stop buying anything from Citgo. It is the wholly owned company of the country of Venezuela, and while Hugo is traveling this country to tell us how aweful we are, and how our days are numbered, the people of his country are starving and dying. The money that anyone puts into the Citgo Corporation is funding his tyranny, and his ability to rally the enemies of civilization to the call of global incident.

I have to agree with Hugo Chavez on one thing in all of this. The United Nations is a total joke and needs to be thrown out of America at the very least. He seems to think {as he stated} that it is because we as Americans are killing the world with their blessing, and I happen to believe it is because they support the killing of Americans and Israelis but at least we agree on the premise. Today, the United Nations is allowing thousands of Sudanese to die at the hands of the Fascist Muslim dictators that have taken that country over. The African Christians are being slaughtered for uprising as they were in Rwanda, and most of this is happening by HORSEBACK and you mean to tell me that the representative of THE WORLD can’t raise an army to deal with this. We watched all of this death happen a decade ago, and now their tools to combat the atrocities that go on in Africa are a pile of useful idiots that they recruit from Hollywood to whine for them. As I have said before, the United Nations are nothing more than dictators living in 10 million dollar mansions paid for by the United States that don’t want to solve anything. You wouldn’t either if you could live better than anyone in your own country here too. Let them all go back to the hell holes they came from, and then save a fortune on funding the whole thing. It would actually pay for our war effort if you consider all of the shake down money that we are forced to pay all the other nations as well. ;8o)

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