Friday, September 1, 2006

Things You Learn When You Pay Attention - Volume 1

First of all I want to give a quick "I told you so" to everyone who pointed out that they never heard of these guys. Apparently MTV {which kinda took me by surprise that there even was an MTV anymore} determined that for some reason or another there wasn't a good enough obnoxious Hip Hop artist to give the "Best New Artist" award to at the MTV Video Music Awards, so the honor was bestowed to Avenged Sevenfold despite thier seven years worth of albums before this one. Just because they did something smart doesn't mean they aren't still idiots. Even Adolf Hitler created the Volkswagon. Now the question at hand is "How does this know it all curtail this into something relative to whatever rant he is about to go on" and technically he can't so he's going to wing it as usual.

A nine year old boy died yesterday in the State of Massachusetts which usually doesn't make headlines much past the blurb somewhere in the local newspaper {unless of course they are little blonde beauty queens, and then there is a pathetic worldwide fascination with them of course} but this one was special you see. This poor young boy was the first victim in the side battle of a plot to overthrow the human race that the environmental lunatics have been waging on all of us for over a quarter century. He died of a disease called Eastern Equine Encephalitis {EEE} that is being spread throughout the state of Massachusetts by the common Zebra Mosquito that we all have learned to hate in this country. The good news about EEE is that it only officially kills three out of ten people who contract the virus, or basically a little less than 1/3. The statistics basically state that almost all children and seniors that get it can consider it a death sentence, and the battle to stop the spread is waging on.

You see it is basically illegal for anyone to kill mosquitoes in MA because the well known ways of killing them off {filling in swamps, spraying pesticides} is basically outlawed through all of the many interventions of the Common American Whacko {CAW} who have infiltrated the very fabric of the Public Sector and in states like Massachusetts it is far worse. We have all heard a story about something that goes on in MA whether it is all of the child molesters that they will NOT put in jail {judges always fear that inmates will kill them so they give them house arrest until they are caught in a Chuck E Cheeses with tokens and a camera ... then they get an ankle bracelet} to fighting over wind farms, to the scary way they drive, but what is never talked about is that the legislature there is 85% Democrat and not Truman type, but the ubra weirdos like Barney Frank at times can be considered the moderates. We simply shake our heads and say "You know how they are" and never take them seriously. Now the state is looking at several needless deaths this year that merit some serious scrutiny over whether or not the state is dangerous to the rest of the world as a whole.

The state is in a huge fight right now over something that I am sure is near and dear to every one of you, and if it isn't then it should be unless you truly do want to be drawn back to the 18th century when plagues were common. It's not exactly the same fight that you might be hearing about on the news if your news channels even choose to cover it. They finally started mass spraying to try to control the mosquito population in the southeastern part of the state and every lunatic with a willing accomplice in the mainstream media is crying about all of the environmental impact of it, but that isn't the real story here. The rest of the state is terrified of EEE and are screaming "Why Not US!!" but it is turning a deaf ear. Many of the mosquito bogs that are pumping out millions of potentially disease carrying insects can NOT be filled in because of an endangered species that is common to MA and is ardently defended by not only the CAW but most of the state legislature. This species of MOTH and the that is common in the bogs throughout the state and the Organic Farmers that always seem to set up thier farms in metropolitan areas are the only thing standing in the way of that little under 30% chance that you could die from being bitten by a mosquito, and that is just too far as far as I am concerned. These diseases that are coming back into the mainstream and are replacing the Polio's and Plagues of the past are practically unstoppable now by the voices of the few that are either removed from the reality of these circumstances or are totally devoid of reality in general.

This wonderful event comes weeks after the 10 Billion dollar tunnel system that has been code named "The Big Dig" that every person in this country paid for {through US government pork dutifully brought home by Senators Kennedy and Kerry} collapsed killing a woman weeks after it was finally opened. This of course is going to cost the taxpayers many more millions {probably at least 100 million} in punitive damages to her family {not residents of the US of course} and probably several more billions to fix the tunnels that are BRAND NEW and ten years past due at that. The suspended concrete slabs that were held up with GLUE weigh about 3 tons each and are only there for aesthetic value over the ventilation system. For those of you out there wondering why there are 3 ton {6000 pound} slabs of concrete suspended all throughout the tunnel with bolts and glue, only need to understand MA cronyism. The concrete union {probably owned by the Irish Mafia} is a big contributor to the political structure, and the union gets a "per pound" fee for all concrete used. In other words it would have been 5 ton concrete slabs if they could have found stronger glue.

This is a political nightmare that MA is very lucky to have Mitt Romney {a proven crisis management expert} to help clean up until he officially gives up on the state at the end of the year. The problem with this project {and you can ask Bob Kraft who owns the New England Patriots about this} is that for every dollar that you spend to actually build something in Massachusetts you have to give a dollar to the local politicians to pay off the unions and other things. Any of the actual monies that were earmarked for the big dig had been spent on handouts many years ago and Bektel Parsons Brinkerhoff who was put in charge of the project was basically left to form cost overruns which in turn had to be dually compensated and so on and so on. Once you start that vicious cycle you simply start ,milking it. We are after all talking about a state that had Billy Bulger as the head of the senate at the same time his brother James "Whitey" Bulger was heading the Winter Hill Gang and killing people and raping children all over the state. Billy maintained his crony jobs well after his brother went on the lamb and topped America's Most Wanted for a decade until the governor {now} spent his own money to file the legal work to get him ousted once and for all.

The Pork Bearers are busy working desperately on that huge wind farm that a person is trying to build in Buzzards Bay {which if completed could produce more than half of the electricity for Cape Cod} .. Oh No, they are not working desperately to get it built, they are working desperately against it because you see thier homes are on the beach that would look out into the bay and see those giant windmills. They are using the same old tired liberal playbook of saying that it would kill the birds, and basically I guess making it out that only evil flatlanders are willing to kill birds for non petroleum, nuclear or coal energy that they supposedly are fighting for everyday when they raise the taxes on gasoline to get you to quit using it. Ha Ha ... you been punk'd! For anyone who is nodding in total agreement about how ugly wind farms are and how the beautiful people who own all of the voters in Massachusetts shouldn't have to put up with such an eye sore then do this for me. Hold up your thumb and stretch your arm as far as it can go and stare at your thumbnail. The actual view of the entire wind farm will be smaller than that. It doesn't matter to me because I think they could build a few nuclear power plants and make 10 times that electricity behind thier houses and thier view would be perfectly unimpeded.

I will give a shout out to the biggest nut job in the state of Massachusetts though throughout all of this, and that would be one Barney Frank {he's the one who the house of Representatives censured for being caught living with an underage prostitute in DC ... I will leave the sexual preferences out of this as it doesn't matter} who is actually doing THE RIGHT THING throughout a lot of these things that are going on. He voted against the proposed law that Kerry and Kennedy tried to railroad through the house to protect thier view because he said "The people of my district overwhelmingly want this wind farm" and he is 100% correct! He committed political suicide in most liberally dominated areas by doing that {see Leiberman v. Lamont for more examples of what happens to liberals who don't lock step} but fortunately the people of Cambridge MA {yep the place that voted into it's city code that they are an Illegal Immigration safe zone and Impeached the president in the same night} will vote overwhelmingly for him. Even though Barney Frank refused to submit thier impeachment request ... I guess that would make Right Wing Whacko's like me ... Avenged Sevenfold ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. JC~

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