Monday, September 11, 2006

The War The Words - Volume1

Well 5 years ago today I was sitting at my little chair at my job making trip devices for nuclear power plants and water treatment facilities when I heard an important news flash on WRKO that broke into the Daytime Divas {a radio show with two liberal bimbos who giggled a lot and at the time were talking about how Bush was a Nazi and still whining about how Gore should have been president, at the very moment, I kid you not} with the news that an airplane had hit one of the towers of The World Trade Center. My first reaction was not the same one that most people had, and before it was even reported that the second plane had hit the other tower, I had already told the woman at desk next to me that I believed it was terrorism. The second tower was hit and I was about an hour away from being sent home from work. During that time the pentagon was hit, and I was on my way home when I heard about the plane that had gone down in Pennsylvania.

I had already established myself as a total kook among most of my co-workers and was totally vindicated before I had even gotten into my car to leave as the very things I immediately were saying at least became true. I had no doubt in my mind that terrorists had done this and that it was a plot by someone {at the time I honestly thought it was Saddam Hussein or Iraq, because believe it or not I thought that Bin Laden was an imaginary character that Bill Clinton had created to talk about when his zipper got him in trouble} and realistically I am pretty rude to people who didn’t. I am angry at people who don’t know. I had just gone through the most polarizing election process in the history of this country, and a little over a year prior to that I had watched the former president at the time over throw an election in Israel creating larger teeth in the justification to the crazy people that we were the bad guys even more than ever, and it was just as easy for me to believe that they were coming for us as it was for any of the Moonbats now to believe that Bush is coming to get them. All in the name of creating some sort of legacy for himself that didn’t involve semen stains.

This isn’t a new process by any means as it was pretty close to what started the Pacific portion of World War 2 for us here as Americans. Upon sticking our noses in the business of what was going on in Asia we had created the embargos and blockades that made it so that Japan couldn’t get any oil, coal, or other energy in hopes of crushing them early in the conflicts that they were creating in Asia because of their superiority issues that were grounded in religion. The end result was that they felt oppressed by us {meaning the United States} and actually created what was the first mass scale act of terrorism {a philosophy based in scaring the enemy aka terrorizing} as they bombed Pearl Harbor without any warning. We were pissed, of course, and sent more troops to Europe in hopes of finishing off our obligations to defeat Germany and then get back to the work at hand getting even with Japan. When I say getting even with Japan, I mean it exactly as it sounds because a year later we sent our best pilots on a suicide mission specifically geared at creating as much civilian casualties as we possibly could on their biggest city {Tokyo} in an attempt to simply scare the people of Japan and let them know that we were pissed and willing to do anything to get even. None of the pilots were expected to come back alive. None of them minded the idea of that, and it created more civilian casualties and damage then both of the weapons we used at the end of the war.

We hadn’t underestimated Japan in the least. Most intelligent historians believe that Roosevelt knew almost all of these things were going to happen and also knew {as I believe personally} that having an angry America was the easiest way to defeat the two greatest evil empires known to mankind at the time, and also spark the productivity necessary to drag the country out of the great depression. Up until that point the country was starting to hate Roosevelt with the type of passion that they hate our current president, but nothing like a war to change that around. In the end Roosevelt was correct, in a lot of things and we were left playing the role of the “Sleeping Giant” that Yamamoto had feared he was aggravating when he returned from the bombing of Pearl Harbor. As brilliant of a war leader as he was, he knew that aggravating the United States was the end of the war, and took that knowledge to the grave with him as US intelligence did everything necessary to find him and kill him as they did, thus taking away any slim chance that they had of at the very least staving off the United States onslaught that despite what you might have been told growing up was nothing more than a mismatched slaughter throughout all of the war in the Pacific after Pearl Harbor and Midway. Midway Island, although a loss for the US as the 50 or so marines managed to kill countless thousands of Japanese before they could take that island, was another rather loud warning sign to Yamamoto as well. That was pretty much the last military victory that Japan really had over the US as throughout the war they watched at the very least on any given battle 10,000 Japanese die for every 1000 Americans. In the end really being blindly loyal to an evil God {their emperor} only goes so far, and it was an opportunity for the United States to show many cultures in this world what we will do for our freedoms and way of life as to this day the United States is the only country on earth to use nuclear weapons on another culture.

At the time, there was no world outrage, the revisionism about who the United States was and why we should feel bad about ourselves was a long way off, because the world in general was just happy to see a very evil society that used human beings for scientific experiments, and killed based on the belief that all people other than them was unworthy to live anyway. The Germans were the western equivalent of this blind evil, but fortunately like they always do despite their superior intelligence at times, they let their own superiority complex collapse themselves upon their own intentions. The insane coward that led them into the mass slaughter and chaos in the name of their usual superiority issues had killed himself and the country had surrendered as it was obvious that the game was over. Without the blind loyalty to a false deity that the Japanese had there was no need to drop nuclear weapons on them in the interest of simply scaring them into believing that they would be annihilated as easily as atomic weapons made it appear.

Of course despite what was going to be an obvious surrender after the incineration of Hiroshima the country dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki for several more reasons then what was obvious even today. It was important to sink the message in regardless of what people today say because at that time it was well understood. We {meaning the US and the UK} firebombed many portions of Germany after the war had officially ended as well as an exclamation point there as well. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but it was different times.

The basic nature of what I heard on this day 5 years ago was pretty much identical, in my mind. The Islamic Nazi’s that control most of the Middle East today look at us the same way that the Japanese did, and some of it is true as we do have sanctions against Iran, and had sanctions against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. None of these sanctions compared in the least to the ones that we still have on Cuba, but starving and undereducated people in the Middle East don’t know any better. Their culture and religion keeps people that way as it is easier to control weakened and feeble minds. The enemy that we face over there has an ideology of hatred and superiority, with a much bigger difference as we had learned in many of the wars between World War 2 and today in what is only the beginning of World War 3. They wear no uniforms. They have no consciousness. They fight by absolutely no rules as provided by their allies in the United Nations to us. They have no official homeland, as I try to tell people who feel that Al-Qaeda participants deserve to be sent home. They have no loyalty to anything but killing people that are not Al-Qaeda. It’s like taking the worst parts of World War 2 era Japanese, the worst part of the World War 2 era Germans, and adding civilian disguises, and I knew all of this before the towers fell. A lot of people did, and the fact that so many people walked around acting shocked then was just sad, and the fact that people walk around now acting like we aren’t any safer is infuriating. The fact that people walk around now thinking it should be over by now makes me scared. There are too many people in this country that never learn anything, are never going to be willing to learn anything, and still believe that we ourselves are the enemy.

The world community treats us no differently, and the Moonbats in this country would rather believe the words coming from Europe than the words of people who happen to do their best for America. The conversations in this country have reverted totally back to what I was listening to on WRKO the very minute that the report came in 5 years ago that the towers had been hit, and about 33% of the American people get their marching orders from media sources outside of the country that have never been unbiased or less than socialist. The last President had brought running the country to popularity polls to an artform and I may be one of the few people out there that doesn’t agree with everything this president does but I totally support his attitude of not giving a shit what anyone thinks. That’s what a leader does, they lead. … To be continued …

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