Monday, September 11, 2006

The War The Words - Volume 2

So now the question of “What have we learned from any of this?” comes to mind. I personally believe that our President did the right thing proclaiming a global war on terrorism, and I am not in a position to question the way it has been done. I like to believe that I know it all if you haven’t noticed through the way I write, but realistically what I don’t know when it comes to executing a world wide war against an enemy that flies no country’s flag, wears no uniform, and hides in every shadow on Earth is quite limited and I like it that way. We fought this war back in the 60’s and 70’s in a place called Viet Nam that every “more enlightened” person at the time had an opinion on. A rather small minority of society that felt it was far more enlightened than most walked around flaunting it’s disregard for the laws of the country and society in general while making their feelings known to anyone and everyone. They gummed up the works on that war and relished in the body counts that came out of it as it was somehow their proof of their enlightenment. The governing bodies of this country dictated that entire war from Washington under some insane groundwork set forth by the French who started that war, and as they always do ran away like cowards.

Fortunately most of the people of my generation look back on these people with scorn and shame as we should, but the vast clingers on of those totally ludicrous philosophies are still slowly being weeded out of our politics now. Most of them still run the news media as Karl Marx would have wanted them to, and slowly they are losing that stranglehold as well despite any of the lying and propaganda that they spew to try to keep control of it. I have always had a hard time listening to any of them anyway as what they did was a horribly unreported tragedy on the human race. The first true measure of a humanist is to want everyone to be free and to enjoy life, not to be rooting against the people that try to help them get there, and to see the same thing go on today makes me every bit as ill as it would have then. Fortunately I wasn’t alive to be ill then but am now.

I live within a stones throw of the state with the biggest pandering lunatics of them all today. One of which about 47% of the voting public voted for to be president after his biggest accomplishment realistically was being the star of one of the most used footage of propaganda for the enemies that tortured our soldiers in that war back in the 60’s and 70’s. The other one’s biggest accomplishment was murdering a woman out on the Chappaquiddick River. These two have not shown up to one send off for any of the troops going over to Iraq {even though the senators from two other states did in THEIR state for the National Guard that happen to be serving in that state} but have shown up with television cameras to every funeral and have insisted that the dead bodies be viewed by the news media. What a wonderful way to treat our soldiers but what do you expect from these two.

I have come to the conclusion that people who talk about utter freedoms {like free condoms in school without the parents knowledge, free abortions for 14 year olds without the parents knowledge, free needles on every street corner without any form of education on perhaps not doing heroine to begin with} hate the thought of other countries being free, and I don’t think it is really a joke to say that it makes them sad to see another communist or fascist dictatorship fall because it is the model of what their politics are. These two after all were totally in the pockets of every communist dictator throughout Central America. They have never failed to get a photo op with a wonderful man like Daniel Ortega or Hugo Chavez while denouncing any form of actions that we or any other country may take to try to stop these lunatics. They were all for going into Iraq when Bill Clinton needed a different news story because the one about the fat intern, and the alleged rape were going really poorly for him. John Kerry made one of the most powerful speeches about invading Iraq back in 98 when it was politically advantageous. Now he is in the same pap that he was trying to do when he was shooting off mortars on the side of cliffs to build up the Purple Heart count. He votes to send troops to war, and then votes against funding the war effort, while screaming that the other party is creating a Viet Nam.

Now of course here are the statistics on Viet Nam for the people out there who think there is a similarity. 58,226 Americans died or are missing in action from the Viet Nam War in the 11 years that the United States was involved with it. Australia and New Zealand {the other countries left holding the bag when France left it’s little fiasco} lost about 550 soldiers. When we left, after the French negotiated peace agreement, the North Invaded the South within two years, and slaughtered millions while taking the entire country as a communist dictatorship to this very day. The unofficial {but undisputed} death count of North Vietnam leading up to our departure was around 1.5 million. I find it hard to believe that we were actually losing despite the congress and senate actively rooting for the enemy. Had the country been allowed to win that war from the beginning it could have been over about 6 years earlier with another form of Japanese rebuilding in place by the time we had officially left the country.

The 3 and a half years of war that has been going on in the Iraq “The Guardian” {a UK newspaper} reports “As of Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006, at least 2,666 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes seven military civilians. At least 2,119 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The AP count is four more than the Defense Department's tally, last updated Friday at 10 a.m. EDT. The British military has reported 118 deaths; Italy, 32; Ukraine, 18; Poland, 17; Bulgaria, 13; Spain, 11; Denmark, El Salvador, four each; Slovakia, three; Estonia, Netherlands, Thailand, two each; and Australia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania, one death each” … That is a far different picture considering that there IS a new government installed. They have taken control of their own military, and even if the country has to be split up into 3 countries to keep the peace this is no Vietnam by any stretch. More notable there has been no draft like there was in Vietnam {I’m still waiting for ANY Kerry supporter to apologize for saying there would be a draft in 05 by the way, but of course I am not holding my breath}, and the recruitment numbers for the United States armed forces are UP this year despite the 24/7 news cycle of doom and gloom.

Again, despite the propaganda wing of the anti war movement these days making sure that the American public only knows about the bad things happening, there is still a large volume of true information coming out of the Middle East from soldiers and those that choose to report the war as it actually is. This was not predominant during the Vietnam War to this day. Most people believe that we lost the TET Offensive which was actually quite the opposite. We still have the same “gotcha” journalism that we had at that time that was and is actively rooting against the country who use words like “quagmire” in hopes that the average person watching the news will be more impressed with such complicated words and less likely to explore more than just a sound bite. The Iraqi people from all reasonable first hand accounts actually do love America, more and more each day and pray that we do not leave them the way we were forced to leave the South Vietnamese or the South Koreans and my information does not come from a poll that any major news organization conducts during dinner time when the average person with a family doesn’t want to talk with them. It comes strait from the people I have personally met, or have listened to who still have family over there. All it takes is one “random search” of a home in Iraq to create a friend to the United States.

The gentleman who owns the gas station down the road is an Iraqi escapee as he calls himself who now can actually talk to his sister as before it would have meant her death to call her on the phone. Initially she would barely talk to him when he called her after Saddam had been ousted and it wasn’t until her house door got knocked on by an American soldier telling her that her house was to be searched that she started talking to her brother again like his long lost sister. She told him of how the Americans searched the house and then played with the kids before they left, giving them candy and new shoes that looked just like the ones they wore and how the kids still to this day pretend to be their new hero’s Americans. She finally felt safe as she went back into her home to find that she couldn’t even tell that the soldiers had been in there. She told him all about how they fixed her running water for her, and how in the old days a random search meant that your house was destroyed and your valuables had been stolen. We are not the enemy and the news doesn’t want you to know that Again, the striking differences between then and now are being kept from us all. Although the way it is being done is from the same old and tired playbook. … To Be Continued …

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