Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The War Of The Words - Volume 4

This of course brings me to the worst of my problems with the general revisionism that I have had rammed down my throat over the last 5 years since 911 actually happened and forgive me as I just came back from downtown Portsmouth as I write this. The protestors were out in the center of town holding their signs blaming our president for various things, and of course the ones saying that he should be impeached. The one that really got me and is starting to become a trend nowadays was the “Bush brought down the towers” sign that I saw. They are starting to come out into the light now more and more, these “Our own government was behind 911” types who totally defy logic and rationality. I happen to be a rather large fan of Science Fiction, but the best writers of it have always followed the most simple doctrine of “That which is most possible is most probable” and that is what had kept the great ones like Gene Rodenberry and Isaac Asimov so amazingly popular long after they were gone. They never created sensationalistic tales to stimulate your intellect, they simply took things that were possible and extended them out further, so that you were drawn in. There are entire sectors of our political landscapes today who shout out the most off the wall sensationalistic things in order to attract the kooks who yell loudly with no shame of what they do right along with them.

By today’s standards I have to hear about how GW needs to apologize for everything and never once do I hear anyone expecting the same of Al Gore or Bill Clinton. We are so polarized and closed off to everything that we don’t want to believe that we will believe anything. Everyone who thinks my children should read the Curran as it is a well written document, while at the same time tell me that the 10 commandments are not, while even further so expect me to see where the terrorists are coming from were up in arms about a Dubai company owning the rights to the shipping areas of our nations ports. At the same time this was going on one of their hero’s by the name of Hillary Clinton was using this as an opportunity to beat up the president {who damn well deserved it because he didn’t educate a single person to why it was actually a GOOD idea so fuck him} while the whole time these people’s previous hero {meaning her husband} Bill Clinton was a paid employee of that company working the back rooms to get that deal passed. Not a single person beating up the president for it or making this country look like they want no Middle Easter country to participate in our economy said a word about that. Ignorance at the highest levels as it pertains to hatred for a specific set of people.

Al Gore has been working the speaking circuit throughout the Middle East going to countries like Saudi Arabia and getting paid to tell auditoriums full of people that absolutely despise America that we truly do hate them, and that we always will because it gets him bigger speaking fees but like the person that his particular party elected to carry the torch 4 years after he did in front of the United Nation when he told the world that the United States were baby killers and hooked up car batteries to the genitals of the poor Vietnamese he is simply creating propaganda for the enemy and fueling them to hate us more, and with his blessing. We argue now over which of these three characters are going to be the better choice for America in two years and I personally don’t care because all three of them are totally unelectable. You can believe that I am crazy for stating this fact but it is totally true regardless. Al Gore and John Kerry are totally untrustworthy in the eyes of the American public, and nobody is a more polarizing figure than Hillary Clinton. The argument has no teeth of course because their political party is running out of moderates anyway as they have been diligently chasing them out. I need only point to Joe Lieberman who just 6 years ago was their party’s Vice Presidential candidate and now if he has 1 view that differs from the party line then he is trash and to be overthrown. It’s a much smaller tent then they would like you to believe.

Here I sit as I type this with a chuckle going on too as the political process in this country which is still pretty much dictated by that life changing event that happened 5 years ago is about to come to a head this November. The left wing in this country is walking around thumping their chests and talking about a big victory in November and they are all running on the platform of “Bush Sucks” and disguise it in the very thin veil of untruths that they spew at every available instance. The problem with this theory unfortunately is that nobody really likes to be told day in and day out how aweful life is. A very large majority in this country is NOT feeling bad and as they all start talking to one another down the stretch and realize that everyone else doesn’t feel bad, they then start to get angry at the people who are telling them that everybody feels bad, and trying to make them feel sorry for everyone else and then realize that it is all a ploy to actually make them feel bad. They then look at the real data and see that our president right now had the largest attack on the citizenry in this country EVER 9 months into his presidency and withstood it, turned it around and the statistics state that throughout it, despite all of the lying, the unemployment rate is 4% and the rate of economic growth in this country is 3% a year. This is almost identical to the president before him only it isn’t all fake like it was in the last presidency {I give you Pets.Com for those who have forgotten how make believe that economy truly was} and even the people who are totally ignorant to anything but what they hate will have to relent to the fact that the Democrats have done nothing but campaign against a man that is done in two years and will never be able to run again anyway.

If we were to contrast this to pre 911 then we actually have a very good template in which to look at this for the last president was in office for a month when a bomb went off in the basement of the World Trade Center. Most of us gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was way to new to deal with it properly at all, but the complete incompetence that went into that was a lot worse than anyone actually remembers. He immediately went into operation “cover up” on the whole thing. Gave speeches on how it was NOT a terrorist attack and then treated it like a law enforcement issue. By doing this the levels of red tape that separated the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department kicked in and it was not allowed for anyone in the FBI to share the information that they had that linked the event to terrorism. The characters that were finally indicted were Arabic nationals from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc and the ones that were still in the country were never interrogated despite the fact that they WERE pieces of a much bigger puzzle that did in the end lead to 911. Since then we were treated to watching military actions against our own citizens {in Waco & Ruby Ridge}, the bombing of a US federal building in retaliation to that with Saddam Hussein’s fingerprints all over it and nobody accepting any of the reporting that led to that. A war against a sovereign nation that was being invaded by outside enemies and then the United Nations and NATO ordering us to bomb that country back to the stone age {they were white people so it was ok I guess by UN standards. It might have been unnecessary if they were black because the United Nations doesn’t protect black people} and one of our naval ships is attacked in a hostile port because that president refused funding for sea refueling.

The most curious of all of these factors is the whole “Could we have had Bin Laden” issue. We have played around with this one over and over again. Bill Clinton himself has gone on record saying that he was so distraught that he could have had Bin Laden but there was no legal precedent for him to take Bin Laden when he was offered to the United States after the Yemeni people begged us to take him. This lie had been perpetrated so many times that it is impossible to pinpoint the whole truth beside it but here are some interesting facts that I take as such and I will let the two or three people that are reading this decide. Buzz Paterson who has come to be known as the man who carried the “nuclear football” in his book Dereliction of Duty pointed out that during the time that they could have had Bin Laden the president {meaning Bill Clinton} was NOT to be disturbed because he was watching Golf, and even if we were to take Bill Clinton’s word over his, we can then wonder about the legal precedent of the whole affair and get back to the whole legal action that took place over the World Trade Center bombing that wasn’t terrorism the entire time that the trial was going on and look in the paperwork. There was actually a subpoena in there for Osama Bin Laden that had never been served {even though of course it wasn’t terrorism} and he could have been brought to this country perfectly legally with that.

The questions that circle around 911 that are left over are actually all answered I am sorry to tell all of the revisionist history people out there. As far as all of the question of what reason we had to go into Iraq we needed only go back to 1998 when Bill Clinton in an attempt to get more Monica Lewinsky headlines out of the papers declared a new war on Saddam Hussein and changed the official policy of the United States to one of “Removal of the Dictator”, we can ignore that like he did and go onto the fact that we were actually serving a United Nations war crimes warrant for the arrest of Saddam Hussein. We could say that it was clearly a pronounced statement of the Bush Doctrine that we go to any country that harbors terrorists and remove their leadership. By finding Abu Abbas in an apartment in Baghdad we accomplished that, or we can merely raise the bar every time in an attempt to make the president look bad. Like him, I just don’t give a shit what people think anymore. His statement to Matt Lauer this morning finally reminded me once and for all {coupled with the freaks that listen to air America and swear that our own Government took the towers down} as he was asked 3 times if we torture our prisoners “I am going to protect you and your family no matter what it takes as long as it is within the law” …

September 11th is not a holiday and it is not a day to protest. It is a day to remember when THEY started a war with US. It is a day for us to remember that WE are not the bad guys, and that a world without America has no freedom anywhere. I have seen what the European countries call freedom and they are quite jaded, but it is still far superior to what the Islamic extremists have in store for them when they go back to claim what is rightfully there’s in the eyes of Islamic law. You notice that there have been no more bombings in America since September 11, 2001. It’s because it didn’t change our political system like it did in Spain, and like it is going to in England. In other words, it’s a waste of their time here. I hope the rest of the world learns before it is too late. The Crusades have started again, it’s just that the sides have changed ;8o)

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