Monday, September 11, 2006

The War Of The Words - Volume 3

The biggest problem that the United States faces and still has yet to rectify in our global war on terrorism is the fact that we totally sleep with the enemies. In this I don’t mean that we get our oil from the Saudi’s or that we have some sort of agreement with Pakistan, I am talking about the greatest evil that the world has today. The United Nations sits right in the very city that ground zero happens to be in. The entire thing is almost entirely funded by the American tax payers and all of the diplomats that belong to it are living lives better than most of their entire countries. It’s very easy to see how the eighty percent of them that represent dictatorships and other countries based totally in oppression and slavery of their own people wouldn’t have any reason in the world to want to see any real change in the landscape of society as they see it. The leader of the United Nations himself is a member of one of the two countries that caused World War 2 and simply listening to the man simply demonstrates how that country hasn’t come very far in their superiority complexes. He and the other cronies who have done everything they possibly can to make life difficult for the United States and Israel were taking bribes from Saddam Hussein to look the other way as he was totally defying the cock and bull sanctions that the United Nations had put on him in order to keep the United States from ousting him back in the early 90’s.

There are hardly any good things about the United Nations actually as they are nothing but a bait and switch organization for the dictatorships that they take bribes from, and what little good they may have served in the past doesn’t make up for the Trojan horse that they are now. If a war breaks out somewhere they will interfere with any form of good that will come of it, and then will be the shadow government of the United States, Britain, and Australia ordering our troops to be deployed under their flag to take any of the credit warranted and leaving all of the blame to the countries that they ordered around to do their bidding. NATO is the same thing and I have been very vocal about ending our ties with both of these organizations before the countries that are involved become Muslim theocracies as the trend seems to be going now anyway.

France is now about 40% Muslim as they pretend to be in the best interest of the world as they levy themselves in any way they possibly can against the United States. They have signed pacts with Hugo Chavez {really why call it Venezuela when it is really just Hugo Chavez} the Chinese and Iran all in this last year, and have been heavily involved with selling weapons and technologies to Iran and Iraq as well as Syria. These people have not been our friends for over 200 years and it is important for not only the American public to see this but people from any Anglo society as France has never gotten over it’s own inferiority complexes that have been well deserved through it’s own blundering through the last millennium. World War 1 made them look week and pathetic, and for the civilized world to allow them to dictate the rules of surrender that the Germans were forced to engage in was one of the world’s greatest blunders. They in turn actually created Adolph Hitler out of necessity to overcome the actual hardship, oppression, and spite that the French had cast upon the people of Germany, and now to let them tell us that the Middle East is messed up because of US is a total joke. Within 10 years the nation of France will be more than 50% radical Islam and they will be coming to the United States once again with their hats in their hands either through the United Nations or through NATO to bail them out of their self created problems again and the only intelligent thing to do is not be in either for them to do it.

Again we are back to Vietnam where France originally had set up the conflict to try to save face from how pathetic they were in World War 2 and as I had said before we all know the outcome of that one. France as they always do were out and cowering until they could come back later and through total revisionism and the help of a socialist and willing media could blame us for every last bit of it. It’s time for France to be let go to hang out with their new friends once and for all and for us in the civilized world to not have to allow them to drag us down any more. Seeing them actually teaming up with Germany to create their phalanx against the rest of the civilized world actually puts a smile on my face because I don’t care how far removed from the last two world wars we are, because Germany will always believe they are better than everyone, and especially French.

It actually relates to wars of ideologies now a day. Back in the days of the cold war we had an aggressive and totally evil nation like the Soviet Union to contend with. I always liked to liken the Russians with the Borg from Star Trek {even if it will make me out to look like the Ubra Dork I truly am} for unfortunately the Russian people themselves actually happen to have far to many deficiencies then most people are willing to talk about. They have freely given themselves over to dictator after dictator until they finally had succumb to the most vile and evil of them all over a series of communist revolutions, that had followed Tsar mentalities that were equally as bad. Boris Yeltzin had attempted to drag the Russian people out of their own imprisonments but as soon as he was gone the people themselves {as they always do} voted themselves back into the downward spiral of communism, as unfortunately they always will for my lifetime. In turn the people themselves from the collective “Communist Hive” find themselves in a situation where any and all of the intelligent people do everything they can to flee the country, and again the cycle of having to annex all of the territories around them comes into effect, as they need to compete with the free countries that inspire greatness. The Soviet Union from day one always had to steal, trap and enslave any greatness that they ever had.

The differences in ideologies between the Soviet Union were still based on the fact that the leaders in charge of the mess were evil and all, but still very much into their own power and survival. They had land that could be destroyed and they had leaders that could be killed, and chaos could always ensue at every one of these turning points. The United States was able to stave them off for a long period of time purely based on the theory of “You may get us but YOU will die” and that was enough with the Communists because in the end they had “stuff” to lose. The Islamic scum that we deal with today can not be bargained with in such a manner because they actually have nothing. Sure they are totally supported by nations, and they have millions of places to hide because of this, but they don’t “technically” have any of these things. The United Nations will defend the countries that harbor these people because unlike the United States that fully supports all of the shit that has jobs oppressing their people at the UN, it is these fascist dictatorships that hate for the sake of hating that give all of these diplomats the untraceable money that they sock away in their Swiss bank accounts. Thanks to the invasion of Iraq we have all of the proof of this, as Saddam Hussein always knew that having evidence on people was always the best way to make sure they don’t change their minds.

Now of course this isn’t exactly the weapons of mass destruction that everyone is crying about us not finding but so what? EVERYONE ON EARTH thought that he had weapons of mass destruction and everytime they unearth more of them the UN raises the bar on what is dangerous enough. In my opinion, the proof that all of these people are in the back pockets of everyone that wants ME dead is all of the weapons of mass destruction that I ever needed to make the Iraq invasion worthy, of course. It still created a different battleground than NYC too that has kept all of the people hell bent on the destruction of any freedom in the world quite tied up fighting our trained military personnel instead of our businessmen on a plane even if our businessmen on a plane were willing to die their own way when given the choice above a field in Pennsylvania it is still better watching them die at the hands of a soldier than a civilian. At the same time we just do happen to be doing the thing that the United Nations {despite it’s creation for this very reason} has never once done, and that is freeing the millions of people in a country once held hostage by a brutal killer. I realize that the enlightened people throughout the world would rather see people enslaved then a political victory for someone else, but I am not one of those people, and would be applauding our last president if he had ever cared to save any of the societies he had refused to, because in my best estimation, they were the wrong color … To Be Continued …

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