Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More About Keeping Americans Safe - Volume 1

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If I have my facts correct then it appears that the city of New York is trying to make it illegal to sell foods that use partially hydrogenated oil under the auspices that it is a health concern, and it has the media circles all abuzz about the ramifications and/or benefits of such a law on the books. It’s all a part of the usual policy of most overwhelmingly over populated communities these days of “taking care of the citizenry” for whatever reason they deem fit. In this case it is of course another one of those polarizing issues that has the far left pulling out all of the stops, and reminding the people of New York that things like this of course victimize the poor. Their belief system that the poor can’t afford anything other than fried food, and are not subject to the media attention that such fatty foods have gotten over the last decade, should be insulting to poor people but as usual isn’t.

We’ve been down this road before in most of the country, and as always it is a far greater problem in the metropolis regions of the country, with cigarettes. We were told that they were going to give us cancer and the poor people and the children have not been given the information necessary to make a good decision on their own. The only way, in the case of cigarettes was to tax the ever loving shit out of them, so that the poor people and teenagers “supposedly” could not afford them. What it actually did was make it so that organized crime would have a new outlet to make money, since you could simply send a van to New Hampshire or Virginia and pay twenty dollars a carton, and then anything between 20 dollars and seventy dollars that they sell them for in New York City is cheaper and profitable. The organized crime angle didn’t convince New York City that it was a bad idea to do this, and the fact that it’s been proven that terrorist organizations are raising their funds this way won’t either. You know that they both will find a way to make money off of French fries now too.

Costing it all down the real truth is that sixty five cents is the amount of money that is distributed between the cigarette companies, the distributors and the retail outlets that sell them. The other six dollars and eighty five cents is a combination of State, Federal, City, and County taxes as well as the percentage of monies that has to be paid to each state in the money grab legal suit that was handed down eight or nine years ago. If anyone gets lung cancer they should be suing the government agencies that actually make a profit for doing absolutely nothing but mandating a sticker. Still as the fatty acid argument takes form, then it would be logical to assume that outlawing smoking outright is the only logical solution to dealing with that problem too, but it would never happen for the afore mentioned reason. Realistically though, more people die from actually BEING in New York City than smoking or eating fatty foods, and that is a fact that seldom gets brought up, unless it is to remind people that the 570 people that were murdered in New York City is way down compared to decades past and still far lower than any other big city in the country. YAY!

A while back I had written an article on Imette St. Guillen who had been brutally raped, bound, murdered, and dumped in a lot in Brooklyn. At first we were subjected to the talk of her disappearance, while her friends said they had last seen her in a bar in SOHO, and she was too drunk to really conduct herself properly, and didn’t want to leave with them. Later her body was found in the condition that I just mentioned, and the majority of the talk around and the newspaper articles were based pretty much on whether she was a stupid girl, a slut, or basically someone who got what she deserved because everyone knows that women should know better to be out at 4am in the morning and drunk. Not one person at the time took into account at the time that 4am or 4pm didn’t matter in that particular section of New York City, the streets are packed regardless {it is after all the city that never sleeps} and all of THAT talk shouldn’t have been happening because no matter WHAT the circumstances, NO woman should be raped and/or murdered. What went on afterwards is what puzzles me in all of this, as the facts of what actually happened were revealed.

The first glaring reality that we have all forgotten about was that this coverage after her death went on for weeks, the first of which was while nobody had any idea of what actually happened, or should I say that nobody was admitting it. It finally came out, after the prosecutors went and threatened the manager of the club who had actually witnessed who she had left with {with the owner standing there with him who finally had to admit it as well} that she had done EXACTLY what she was supposed to do. She asked the manager to get the bouncer to escort her to a cab, and they both knew that the bouncer, never returned. The bouncer who was working in the club was on parole for violent assault, and was only on parole because the state HAD TO set him free early because he met the guidelines of early release. Here I am looking at this incident from my memory, and I am trying to apply it to what the City of New York is trying to tell me about looking out for the people who are incapable of making a decision for themselves as to what is, and is not healthy for them and it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Here is a violent criminal who was released from prison after EVERY member of the parole board at his hearing begged the judge to keep him, not past his sentence but simply for THE REST of his sentence{issue 1}. He is working in a nightclub at 4am, in direct violation of his parole {issue 2}. He is in charge of the safety of the patrons {issue 3}. This places him in direct violation of the state required background checks on bouncers {issue 4}. This is happening while the owner and manager of the club both knew that she was last seen with this animal, and then didn’t return to work, simply to NOT report it until cornered {issue 5}. Keeping in mind that THE CLUB IS STILL OPEN and booming with business {issue 6}. Which leads me to the last bone of contention as nothing has been done whatsoever to the owner or the manager who still run it {issue 7} which for some reason forces me to question the simple safety and security issues that the City Of New York is so concerned with. Then again it really is easier to take down a hardened criminal with a bag of French fries then to pay attention to a potential murderer that you knew about I suppose.

Here I sit, of course probably a little confused and jaded to the whole argument on the side of the City Of New York, in their decision making skills. Of course I will be driving to my job as a janitor in the morning, eating my donut {soon to be illegal in New York}, smoking my cigarettes {banned in all restaurants and bars in New York, but gleefully supporting the governments at large}, drinking my coffee {they’ll come for that sooner or later}, and all because it makes me happy. What doesn’t make me happy is the knowledge that criminals are let out of prison early, allowed to take jobs that they aren’t supposed to have, during times that they aren’t supposed to have them, with no sort of follow up on whether they are actually integrating back into society properly. They can then simply commit atrocities and we will blame the victims. It keeps in good timing with the whole idea of treating people that are simply earning a living like they are committing atrocities. Good thing I live in New Hampshire, because in New York City, any of my beleifs fall under the category of "tough shit" ;8o)

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