Saturday, September 9, 2006

Let's Talk About History Baby - Volume 4

Well when certain things come home to roost the best among us I guess go out whining and crying. It’s a sad day when ABC {a Disney corporation, firmly anti-God, and as always totally in the back pockets of anything liberal} is getting threatening letters that it’s license is going to be pulled because of a docudrama that they are planning to air this weekend. It absolutely sickens me to think that a company that has done nothing but pander to the left wing nut bags in this country has finally gotten to the point that they have to be reigned in by the very Democrats that they have desperately tried to indoctrinate into every facet of society for the last several decades.

The two part miniseries in general is a dramatic adaptation of the years leading up to 911 and describing a bit about all of the wonderful warning signs that we had that these things were on the horizon, and the acts of terrorism that leaders of this nation had ignored. Prominent Democrats in this country are furious over this as it will not portray Bill Clinton in a very good light, but for the record it doesn’t portray either of the Bush’s or Ronald Reagan in a good light either. I for one have blamed the greatest president of my generation {that being Ronald Reagan} for not going after Hezbollah when they killed all of those Marines in Lebanon thus giving them the credibility amongst the Islamic shit that infests the middle east now. The big problem here as I see it is that Bill Clinton and the people who he had around him can not handle the truth that will be mixed in with the conjecture, and the proof of this being that you don’t see any of the Republicans up in arms over this despite the fact that it WILL make them look as bad {and if it is an ABC production … far worse I am sure} so I figured I would put my two cents in on this.

The biggest problem that we have in all of this is that Sandy Berger {aka Sandy Burglar} went into the national archives right after 911 and stole all of the documents that pertained to Bill Clinton and Bin Laden and then had them destroyed, so all we can go off of is conjecture about these things. Sandy of course paid a large fine for stealing the national records and of course didn’t serve any jail time, but anyone who doubts the info can look it up as he had to plead guilty for it. Then you have the little problem that under the Clinton administration we had the opportunity to have Bin Laden handed to us between 8 to 10 times which has been substantiated by top FBI and CIA officials either under oath or not under oath to the 911 commission amongst other things. One of those times being the really famous one where he was watching the Masters or some other golf tournament and the Chief of Staff told the CIA that nobody was brave enough to disturb him.

Aside from the obvious arm-chair quarterbacking as we are now aware of what that lunatic is capable of, I have given Clinton a pass on these things because at the time the diplomatic approach of taking in Bin Laden or killing him with a sniper bullet was unfortunately unjustified except for a few important issues that came up along the way, and here is where I stand on those. It has been revealed that Bin Laden and his “people” were behind the violence that took place in Mogadishu that claimed the lives of our Army Rangers as it was depicted in the movie “Black Hawk Down” and it has also been revealed that the Clinton administration damn well knew it. That entire country has been handed over to Al Qaeda, and is now it’s chief operational home base since we ran away scared with the United Nations assisting in the rock throwing at us on the way out. The entire botched operation to take on an entire city of many millions of people with a dozen men, and then running away scared when the news media gleefully showed pictures of dead Rangers being carried around naked by the people has been the very basis of Bin Laden’s theories of how weak we are. Seeing the way that we did absolutely nothing after the Cole was bombed in Yemen {which our naval ships shouldn’t have been refueling in an unfriendly port anyway except under the Clinton administration we had eliminated the tankers that used to refuel our ships at sea} didn’t help matters at all either.

I will be the first to admit that many of the things that Bill Clinton and his administration did scare the be Jesus out of me {handing over the reactors that North Korea uses to make the nuclear weapons with on a promise that they wouldn’t, allowing our missile technologies to be sold to China, remaining totally ignorant to all of the slaughter that was going on in Africa allowing those 4th world nations to become terrorist breeding grounds, authorizing the theft of different forms of documents throughout his presidency and afterwards as well, etc etc etc} but the fear that he displays over anything revealing coming about from his reign really has me worried. The oldest of sayings that “Nothing disinfects like sunlight” is not lost on me either. He shouldn’t actually be afraid at all because the 40 percent of the country that blindly loves him no matter what will never listen to anything that anyone shows them anyway, another 40 percent will never like him and/or believe he did anything good, and the other 20 percent don’t care unless he is on Oprah. The revisionism and gotcha journalism that runs rampant through society today has the country totally crippled to learn anything from the past as it is.

Regardless of what is actually in that movie, it will probably strengthen the resolve of many Americans to get rid of terrorism, others it will infuriate to get rid of those that want to get rid of terrorism, so in general nothing there changes. The overall capacity of the American people to absorb any more than what they know now is at an all time low as it is. For every person I have heard talk about withdrawing from other countries I have heard at least one reminding us of what happened in the 70’s when we finally did run terrified from Viet Nam. Regardless of what a bullshit war it was {opinions differ on that … my reasoning for it being a bullshit war is based on the fact that we were never allowed to win it a decade earlier by our own congress, but that doesn’t actually matter here} upon leaving the entire region of Asia to became a slaughter ground for any human being that desired freedom. Years before that our cut and run policy in North Korea is still paying dividends today as their leader is one of the greatest menaces on earth. Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, Kim Jung Ill’s dad {what’s his name} and many others firmly enhanced their grip on the people that were too afraid to do anything, and slaughtered millions of innocent people who dared to stand against them. The very same people who cry about their freedom here and giving United States rights to those that aren’t United States citizens seem not to care a wit about anyone in those areas, and it is because they care more about political agendas then actual human rights {back to the Rwanda issue} and again I sit in fear and outrage.

Of course I just got done watching a month of the news media in this country being led around by their hands from the wonderful leaders of Hezbollah {and it actually pisses me off that MS Word has Hezbollah in it’s spell checker} as people in this country believe the propaganda that they are spewing because, let’s face it, anti Semitism is alive and well in this world in general. The best that anyone can come up with is that they are being duped by Hezbollah when in reality if we were to call a spade a spade they are quite willing participants. The very word that the news media uses “Neo Con” was a United Nations codeword for “Fucking Jew” and I have always regarded anyone that uses the term to be the same type of shitbag that would think “Nigger” is an ok terminology for anything. They are now reporting on every single Israeli infraction and not even reminding anyone that Hezbollah {with the willing participants at the United Nations} broke that treaty on day one by not giving back the hostages!

Why have I gone off in this direction? Because it was Bill Clinton who ordered his two minions James Carville and the Paul Bagala over to Israel to overthrow their election so that Benjamin Netanyahu would be out of the way for a “peace negotiation” between Israel and Palestine. Yasser Arafat mind you being the one who coined the phrase of “Show a different face to the enemy, so that we can turn their people against them” was left to deal with the more moderate Ehud Barak who in turn was voted out the very next turn after pulling the Israeli troops out of the section of Lebanon that Hezbollah took over the second they did to plan the annihilation of Israel with the financial backing of Iran and Syria. I too feel sorry at times for the people of Lebanon and have a few Lebanese Christian friends who fled Lebanon when it was obvious that it was going to become another Byzantine lamb for the Muslims to feast, but I am going to let you in on a little secret, if you don’t talk to many Lebanese. 90 percent of the Christians there are ardent anti-Semites as well and could be in the middle of having their head cut off in a Jihad and the last word out of their mouths would be some form of blame for a Jew over it all.

I can’t see any reason that Bill Clinton would have to fear anything coming out in all of this because look at everything that a lowly janitor from New Hampshire knows. The water is rather crystal when looking in the pool of mistakes made by his administration, so anything that ABC might come out with would simply be piling on. I can only think of what might actually be scarier than common knowledge but here’s my conspiracy theory for this week if any of you are still reading this. I can tell you right now that I have been following the pap that ABC has been forcing down everyone’s throats for at least all of my lifetime and there isn’t a chance in hell that they are going to do anything to hurt Bill Clinton, so don’t be surprised if this movie comes out with a few things out of place. They have the wrong person saying something in one part or another part, and then the evidence will be revealed that something wasn’t true, and we can then simply take it to the bank that it will all be dismissed as false, and nobody will ever be able to question Teflon Bill again about these things because of that movie … even all of the stuff that is true. Nothing disinfects like sunlight ;8o)

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