Saturday, September 16, 2006

God Bless The Idiots - Volume 9

It’s all about the law stupid. This could be the new rally mantra of the left and the right for the next couple of months, and it’s very annoying to us “have nots” out in the non beltway regions of America. It’s pretty simple really, if you need to know, but I know how these things get so misconstrued throughout the media and in the minds of those that think they have a dog in the fight, so I am going to break it down for you all. The President regardless of what anyone thinks about him has detailed a plan to have the congress and the senate vote on a specific set of rules as to how we are to deal with the enemy as they are taken into our custody. Regardless of what they are, or what side of the isle you are on this makes sense because the opposition to the party that is in power now wants to treat our troops like HAIG criminals when they get back from active duty and prosecute them individually for anything that they deem as a war crime during the duties they performed while under orders. This is an age old European strategy to take the will to fight a war out of whatever leaders the opposition opposes.

The problem with such tactics is that the definitions of what is a war crime, or torture, or any old hair that gets across these peoples asses is so skewed that all it ever takes is the right judge with the wrong policy to completely ruin a soldiers life, as had been proven by many various legal wrangling that has gone on through the last half century. The president has drawn a line in the sand and has demanded that the congress write the laws that specifically list what IS and IS NOT torture in their eyes and then the soldiers can follow that blue print when interrogating prisoners. It is the job of congress to make laws and the job of the President to sign them into law, but the problem is that it has become a Vietnam style political football and there are now troops all over the world that have fear of coming home because they could at any moment be taken in for questioning of how they carry out the governments orders. The congress that wants the war effort to fail is citing that the Geneva Convention is the only document needed despite how vague it is and the people who are supposedly on the side of the war that are going against writing the clear rules of engagement are enjoying the publicity that going against their party affords them.

In an effort to place some haste on these proceedings the president has stated that he will discontinue the interrogation program if there are no rules in place on how it is to be dictated, and this is a smart move as the world community is changing their rules on what our abuses are so rapidly that it simply proves that the rules of the Geneva Convention are simply out dated and far too misread. This of course leads me back to the issue that, all some kook organization needs to do is find the right judge in the right location to prove that the simplest of things is a war crime in an attempt to bully anyone who would wish to serve in the armed forces. It’s a very bad situation to be in for anyone that doesn’t hold the sort of power that the congressmen and the legislators get so drunk with at these times, and I thank the president for placing some clear emphasis on it for a change.

Here’s where being a total right wing whacko comes in handy as I demonstrate to all of you how I would handle this if I were in complete control of this situation. It will have some people nodding their heads in agreement {and you people should be ashamed of yourselves because I am a looney} and some people who will think that it is nothing but a mean spirited attempt to demonstrate the ills of the world as a whole. The context is pretty sincere so I don’t want you all to think that I am being over the top, I just understand that what I want and what is viable in the world theatre is not plausible. In other words it is all a pipe dream, but I want people to think long and hard about the ramifications of what would actually happen if America actually did the bulk of what the rest of the world is constantly complaining about, or actually did leave everywhere as they pretend to want.

Now we of course are assuming that I wouldn’t just use the age old argument that most of the world {that has access to the news media at least} views us as being “wrong” on everything in the first place. Assuming that America is simply narrow minded and totally out of touch and just plain wrong on the way we do everything, the easiest solution would be to simply proclaim that perhaps the terrorists, and Muslim Nazis are right in the way they wage war, and who are we to try to fight a war our way. We could then simply endorse diversity and go into battle with the same set of rules that all of the Persian Extremists and Arabic Extremists use against anyone that doesn’t subscribe to the letter of religious law like them. I would assume that after using the full force of the American military with the added benefits of simply grabbing these people in the middle of the night and cutting their heads off on television and broadcasting it on various media sources at will, would probably completely end all of it. Unfortunately I don’t support that sort of behavior because again despite what the enlightened among us have to say about me and my country that has never been the way we do things. This leads me to the only legitimate idea that would satisfy a majority of the world that has an opinion worthy of my consideration.

The very first thing that I would do in this situation if it were to come to pass that the congress is absolutely NOT going to enact the laws defining the rules of interrogation is to close down all of it. There is no real reason to have prisoners of a war if the people who are to interrogate can only sit and watch them eat tax payer supported food, and get some new clothes etc. After closing down the program all of the prisoners at these various bases around the world would be sent back to whatever land it has been that they were claiming to be their homes throughout it all. This probably got a lot of the anti-war people thinking goodie, but there are ramifications to this. Most of those countries don’t want these people and don’t know what to do with them, despite what any of you have heard, and a lot of them will simply be released to go back to whatever terror cell they had been in with whatever intelligence they have acquired while in captivity. They will be reenergized in their belief that if they simply wait us out, that the useful idiots of the world will place enough pressure on whomever to simply release them and they will make up things to tell the Arabic news media and the same useful idiots will consider it gospel. This will continue until one of them finally accomplishes some sort of heinous act against society and the same people who wanted them released will be crying about how we dropped the ball. The good news is that these people will most likely carry out terrorist acts against European targets as it is at least well known to them that the US will in the end kill them and Europe won’t, even if America doesn’t have the teeth to interrogate them and stop these things ahead of time.

This leads me to my next point which is that we as Americans really have no business being in Europe. If we are such a horrible occupying force in the Middle East {where we will remain because it’s an actual war} then there is no reason for us to continue to occupy countries like Germany that has never allowed us to leave after World War 2 and has never done anything but enjoy the protection that America provides it, while at the same time condemning us as a nation for absolutely everything that it 100% knows for sure is untrue. Other than some Eastern European states that we are still committed to {more than likely because of NATO or United Nations mandate like Bosnia} we will be withdrawing from all Western European states that have condemned us for anything and everything we do. Despite the orgasms that many people are feeling over this right now it would bring forth the conundrum that almost all of those countries {despite the media cover up} are within years of Radical Islamic take over on their own. Both France {who is at this time actually 40% Islamic, and most of it is of a Radical nature, and totally uncontrollable by the French government} and Spain {who by Islamic law is still a stolen Islamic territory, which almost all children in the Islamic Theocracies are taught from the age of 2 needs to be reclaimed, and the land itself is weeping for reform} have no chance of stopping their own destinies with the Islamic world and actually have done everything perfectly to allow them to be out bred by cultures that believe in having several wives and many children by each. It is part of the philosophy, and is not my problem for simply admitting it out loud. The territorial nature of the Theocracy would in turn spread throughout Western Europe pretty quickly, unless some sort of Communism formed to wipe it out ahead of time, which is what Russia is trying to accomplish again anyway.

Now the advantages of this to the United States are endless because with Europe becoming an actual enemy to the United States there is no “back door” chicanery going on like we have now. I have always believed that Europe is a hell of a lot more dangerous as our friends then they are as our enemies outright. England would be a sticking point because of the alliance that we have with them but it appears that the way they are demanding Tony Blair out of office that they could perhaps elect another Neville Chamberlain type and make that a moot decision anyway. Years of appeasement wouldn’t last weeks with the new enemy that will be pounding on their door, so unfortunately I would miss many of the people in England but they would have to answer for their decisions, whichever way it goes. We’ll never know until that day comes, but the United States would still be staying out of it’s own personal occupation as it was desired.

I would of course continue to foster the relationships in Asia that are being reinforced by the inevitable poor decision making of Europe and the United Nations in their “as long as it isn’t white Europeans” mentality that forces the United States to fight their battles like in Bosnia, and Kosovo, while areas like Rwanda were being denied human decency. Japan is in desperate need of our help because unlike Germany and other enlightened European countries that were not allowed to make a military and did, the Japanese stayed with their contract at the end of World War 2 and did not. They are now chomping at the bit to create a military so that they can deal with North Korea who is threatening them as China soon will if the European Union and the United Nations had their wishes. Of course this would probably strengthen our relationship with Australia who always seems to have it’s hands full with all of the Asian issues that Europe ignores, as well as having to along with the United States bail Europe out of everything. That alliance has always been a strong one as Australia is realistically the only country that has almost always supported the United States in all of it’s problems, and perhaps it was time that the United States assisted the Australians with the patrols of the Pacific Ocean so that it didn’t have to put up with all of the lesser known territory issues with Indonesia and other Asian dictatorships that Europe and the United Nations could care less about.

The new alliances that would form would make the world a much stronger place even if Europe finally had to be taken over by whoever they are without United States involvement but it is finally time for the world to stop allowing Europe to dictate who the enemies are in this world. America has to deal with freaks like Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela, Kim Jong Il over in North Korea, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad over in Iran, and all of the saber rattling that China does over whether they are going to reclaim Taiwan or not, and the growing and constant unrest in many African Nations. Europe totally ignores these things and in most instances are perfectly willing to align themselves with these people and in most cases specifically against the United States. We would be better served to simply help the people around those lunatics and start forming some stronger alliances with those that are worthy. If you just read what I have written and you find yourself afraid of the scenarios then perhaps you should start paying more attention to the actual ramifications of the ideas that are being floated around as fact by the popular mainstream media in the world. This actually was a blueprint of what could happen, more than a fantasy of a right wing whacko in New England. ;8o)

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