Monday, May 1, 2006

Tales From The New Communist Manifesto

So here’s my dilemma as it stands at 3:30 pm on a Monday afternoon, May 1, 2006 as I was pondering whether to post another volume to my story, or to go live for the most part with some daily commentary. I had stopped writing basically out of my own disgust with the current situations in the world and my inability to get past any of them without ranting. After you throw in a rather raging bout of depression with it all and it was a raging psycho cocktail that I didn’t want to impose on anyone, and quite frankly was sick of looking at myself, but I can’t let today pass without a few of MY musings on what today is. Today in history {more commonly referred to as May Day} is one of the greatest holidays in the history of the communist revolution, and I won’t bore you with the history of it as there are two firm camps and I don’t want to placate either. The big problem is that we are starting a rather frothy journey towards that wonderful communism experiment that always starts with words like “oppression”, “socialism”, “underclass”, and a bevy of other lies that are propagandized by enemy invaders that want nothing more than to destroy YOUR world.

How dare I speak of illegal immigrants in the terms of being enemy invaders you might say to yourself, but as the news media is ramming their plight down your throat and over 80% of Americans want them the fuck out of this country, it is important for you all to understand that ALL communist nations start off this way. You create a totally dependant and needy underclass of people, and then flood the voter pool and then socialism gets voted in followed by some sort of maniacal dictator taking the reins. Calling the Mexicans that are flooding the country and demanding the same rights that you were born with, paid for by YOU is all a part of the plan that the disgusting dictator that keeps Mexico impoverished is implementing to “take back Mexican land” while the socialist organizations that are really behind all of these “Undocumented” {fuck you … they are criminals} workers are reaping the benefits of “importing” undereducated and impoverished masses. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish like myself, the chant at most of these rally’s is translated to “Today we march, Tomorrow we vote!” and it was the similar rally cry of most of the invaders of the eastern European countries that lived oppressed under the tyranny of communism for over half of a century.

My data was taken from real life survivors of such tyranny and it happens to be a good thing that I learned how to communicate with all of the Bosnians at work who not only didn’t stay out of work today {as this whole thing makes all 13 of them violently ill to say the least} but were amazed at how the socialist organizations here in this country have the exact same names as the ones that infiltrated Serbian and Bosnian society before Tito flooded Yugoslavia with Albanians and then took it with an iron fist because he had enough undereducated and impoverished people to outweigh any of the at one time overly educated and incredibly cultured that made up the area. The Polish people that I work with told me similar stories, and they too are enraged at the trend that the “ILLEGAL” immigrants are forcing upon us with the help of the unabashedly socialist organizations backing them. I defy any of you {without God's law bashing or calling me a racist like most people with no facts usually do} to tell me any other crime that you can do every day for over 5 years that will be overlooked, given amnesty and then in the end rewarded.

We are living in troubled times and I used to be on the side of the illegal aliens until I started paying attention, and like the pro death zealots in the abortion community, they completely overstepped any lines that would be considered reasonable. Aligning your movement with Iron Fisted dictators like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela have a lot to do with my personal turn around, and the anarchy that is about to come upon the country. Hugo and his ties to Cuba, Iran, China, and any other country that means to kill YOU personally are well documented if you pay attention in that arena as well. His total and complete ownership of Citgo {which of course the news media neglects as it is a dictatorship and thus friends of "Big News" unlike "Big Oile" which loosely translated really only means Exxon Mobile to them} and his desperate need to have an unstable America don't mix very well. The scary trend that this is all taking on reminds me a lot of the issues that the French have right now as the Islamic have invaded their country to the point of them being totally neutered to solve their own problems and nobody in the world arena except the soft underbelly that France has become allies with looks to France as the glimmering example of what the world should be like. Back on the news agencies in this country that also have set off my radars quite well as socialism has been their goal for decades and now lookie here as the 24 – 7 news cycle on Bush Sucks, Illegal Aliens should be given amnesty from committing a crime every day that they wake up on American soil, and any company that makes a profit {especially if they contribute to the American way of life like Oil Companies} should be taxed out of existence, is pretty much it. Heaven forbid that 80% of Americans wants the illegal aliens arrested and deported, the economy is the strongest it has been in almost a decade {wow and the oil companies were allowed to make profits too?} and all bullshitting aside Bush will be gone in 2 and a half years so who gives a fuck!

I can’t take it anymore. You have both political parties in this country pandering to the people who are not allowed to vote, and selling all of US down the river. The Republicans {which if you couldn’t tell I am registered as one of} are a total fucking joke. They have managed to do NOTHING even though they have controlled the House, Senate, and the oval office for it seems like forever, so NOW they need to score brownie points as always by taking what they think is an important issue to us and beating it to death. It has to do with the keeping of power, just like the dictators in other countries. Fix the problems and you have nothing to pander with I suppose, but don’t even go there on the Democrats because we probably would BE socialist by now if they had their way, and the only thing that we have left is our own voices and our own ways of being heard. For now anyway, but let it be known from this day forward that I have no respect for anyone who is in this country illegally. I am no longer a sheep with feelings. I am an American with a cause.

On a side note ... For those of you who have been wondering what I have been doing to keep myself active while I was on vacation from writing, and about the pictures that I have been adding to my blogs ... I have gotten into a program called Incredimail and Paint Shop Pro and I do e-mail groups with them ... It's a lot of fun, but it relaxes me to make quazi art and them make stationeries out of it that people can take and then use in thier Incredimail programs ... If you want to join my Incredimail Group on Google {CreationStation} then please feel free to check it out ... JC

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