Monday, May 29, 2006

Superdaddyman Takes on The Mother of All The Evils's - Volume 2

It’s a brave new day for the world’s greatest superhero as he takes his show on the road in the Superdaddymobile. Yes, it is I, the Superdaddyman, defender of the Evils’s, the pervader of the beautiful young maidens throughout the downtown area, and the last line of defense against the dreaded Pink Mafia! We are off for many of the essentials that any good crime fighter should want to have on hand for fighting The Terrorist Organization Known as The Evils’s {TOKE} and the evil Mophaka Al Queholic {MAQ} and to do that we must go to the special place, the Superdaddycave away from Superdaddycave, a wonderful little place I personally call Wal-Mart.

You see, it isn’t a very good paying job defending the world from the evil TOKE operatives that plague the fair city of Megalopolis, and don’t even go there on what it pays to infiltrate the ranks of King George the Blind and the Pink Mafia. Our friends at the friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart at least make it somewhat tolerable. The hard part is having to look the fair maiden behind the scanner doohickey {techno speak for a money eating thingamabob} as she scans the big ass box of tampons, the economy size thing of lice treatment, the humongous size thing of beef jerky, and of course the carton of swisher sweets. Oh my Gawd, what’s with the Superdaddyman theme song being played on a banjo? Needless to say the Superdaddyman is quite tired since the Evils’s have had to be refrained from seeing the dreaded Mother of All The Evils’s! {MOA … T … Oh Fuck it … codenamed … “That Woman!”}

Now mind you several different judges have sat query to this diabolical Harpy’s attempts to corrupted TOKE, and they have all said No Way Jose {techno speak for “Are You Nuts Woman, You Can’t Take care of a Puppy!”} but the Superdaddyman being of kinder heart {and desperately in need of breaks from defending the Evils’s} has always managed to find a way to get the Evils’s to see The Whicked Bitch of the East … Oops … That Woman despite the fact that she has no drivers license, no job, no home, no morals, and no parental instincts what so ever, and at great work and effort on his part. It was always repaid in spades through no child support, bad influences, and usually someone dangerous that she has decided to sleep with this week. It went to far last month, and finally had to be cut off completely though, as we finally realized that the little enemy invaders that the Evils’s had been recruiting and sneaking into the Superdaddycave in their hair were given to them by HER every two weeks.

For those of you that don’t hang out in Whitetrashland with the Superdaddyman and the Evils’s these little enemy invaders are very expensive to deal with every two weeks like clockwork, so when Superdaddyman finally had to confront his arch nemesis on this issue the retaliation of “Nut uh” was not taken too well at all. As a matter of fact it was not TAKEN at all, and Superdaddyman has been forced to cease all contact between the Evils’s and the Bitch … Oops … That Woman, which has resulted in not having any enemy invaders for over a month now well until the Superdaddyman discovered enemy invaders all over Lazius Boycrazius’s head this week. Superdaddyman of course used his keen powers of perception to inquire “So is there something you want to tell me?”

Heaven forbid that a woman who has been told by 4 judges that she is rotten and can’t be trusted with her own children, to actually accept that. Heaven forbid that she act like a mother and improve or get better after losing her children 4 years ago, or at the very least change a bit. No, of course not, as we all know that the better solution is to commit an actual crime by sneaking out to see your daughter on school property to which 2 other judges told her she was banned. None of the afore mentioned things were ever asked for by the Superdaddyman mind you. She would go to court, ask for a trial, get Superdaddyman dragged out of work and then tell the judge that she should have the Evils’s and the judge after listening to her for about a half hour talk about how she finally got rid of that last boyfriend because he was running a meth lab or selling fire arms would take away more of her parental rights without the Superdaddyman saying anything. The school finally pressed charges against her for trespassing because other parents were complaining. Yes she’s that evil and diabolical!

So now that I have you all on the edge of your seats wondering what the wonderful thing was that forced That Woman to violate the law yet again? You are probably pondering what motherly bit of dealings she has that forces her to reach out to see her children like any mother would want to? Your thoughts of such must have strayed wildly as the poor misunderstood diabolical genius that had managed to yet again spread enemy invaders throughout the Superdaddycave forcing the Superdaddyman to spend money he doesn’t have to combat them! … She wanted to show her the new tattoo she got of her boyfriend’s last name, but didn’t have time to stick around and hear about how Lazius Boycrazius just tied the state record for home runs in softball. I think the Superdaddyman can find a little extra cash to pick her up an ice cream on the way home ;8o)

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