Tuesday, May 23, 2006

God Bless The Idiots - Volume 7

Disclaimer – What you are about to read will be offensive to some and for that I apologize to a point, but it is my opinion on a few issues, and unfortunately for many it is also something known as the truth. You see, the truth can be one of those things that the average person that has the freedom to actually read what I am about to write, also has the right to disagree with, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is the truth none the less. If you are easily offended by things that are truthful in nature I would suggest that you stop reading at this point and go back to watching American Idol, or keeping in tune with your favorite sports team or whatever. This is your only warning and from here on out you are only abusing yourself by reading any further and crying to you’re your friends, Google, or even your mommy is not going to change the fact that you asked for this … Thank you for your understanding … The Crow

I have come to the conclusion that I am the only non racist, non bigot, non homophobe left on the planet and I just can’t sit in silence over these issues anymore. I stopped blogging for a period of time because I was getting so political that I couldn’t even tolerate the shit I was writing anymore, and the fun had disappeared. It’s also important to note that sometimes life isn’t fun, or funny, or even acceptable to most, and acceptability is what I decided to sit down and write about today before I lost my mind completely. I watched 50 racists at Boston College make asses out of themselves lately, and entire generations of useless reporters, who are trained to spread hate speech treat them like they were modern day Rosa Park’s when in reality they were nothing more than 50 future Adolf Hitler’s with half his brain. I am a huge fan of descent as a matter of fact, but I am not a huge fan of indoctrination, as I prefer to leave that sort of thing to the dictators who control the United Nations, and will always speak out against it in this country.

Condoleezza Rice spoke at the Boston College graduation yesterday and a whole pile of this country’s finest examples of liberal idiocy, and the kool aid drinkers that believed everything that the pathetic faculty taught them when they should have been teaching job skills instead staged a nice little protest against her because of her policy on the war in Iraq. It’s un-christian as they put it, and that opinion I am quite ok with actually, the problem is that the same faculty that thinks her opinions on liberating Iraq were all huggy and kissy with Queen Nor of Jordan when she spoke at BC. This being a woman who renounced Christianity, in the name of becoming a Muslim and preaching the extermination of Jews and Christians all across the world. The same people who applauded Bill Richardson who held the exact same policy when it came to bombing Serbia back to the stone age when they were dealing with their own civil war with the Albanians that invaded Kosovo, and then started slaughtering Serbians. It’s all a crock of shit, and I am just saddened that it’s considered a great deed to turn your back on the Secretary of State like they did when in reality it was a case of racism, and nobody has the balls to say that.

Condoleezza Rice is a well educated black woman who was raised conservative by her parents who were raised the same way by their parents who came from the deep south and became republicans because they weren’t allowed to become democrats just like all black people at that time. She is the third generation of conservative republican that worked hard and never asked for a hand out, and she is the pride of her family. Her grandfather in particular who became a minister because they would pay for his college, and became a republican when the republican party not only let him vote {which as I had told you the town hall run by the democrats wouldn’t let him register} but actively sought him out and told him that it was his right and they were going to defend it. Here she is, the most powerful black woman in American history, and no hand out ever got her there. She is an accomplished pianist, and her dream is to be the NFL commissioner, and she has never wavered on anything she has ever done. This is the VERY REASON that she is so hated, and you know what? That’s tough shit, because while these 50 students and a pile of faculty whine about the past digressions of white America on the black people, she not only showed that it IS a thing of the past, but she was part of the administration that freed 25 million slaves across the world. To hate her because she is a traitor to her race, when she is a credit to it makes you a racist, period!

Now on to what really pissed me off, and that is the DaVinci code that is huge right now. It’s not a bad book really, but it sparks a rather interesting thing in my mind that I am sick of these days, and that is Christian hate. We are being taught at every level now that Christians are bad people who judge and hate, and should be abolished, but to believe that makes you an idiot, and I have facts to back that up now. There is a movie in the movie theatres right now that is telling all of the Christian people that their God {and yes for all of you tragically uneducated Jesus is God to Christians} is a big sham and that the Catholic church is covering this up. There are a lot of Christians openly upset, there are a lot that are quietly upset, and there are those like me that look at it and go, “blah it’s fiction, by a guy who is serving the lowest common denominator … Christian bigots” but the one thing you don’t see is all of these hateful angry Christians running around being violent, or actually trying to get hate crimes legislation, or anything else. Christians are far too tolerant, and will never get the credit for it. It’s life and I am sorry.

Let’s take a different scenario and say that this was about a certain Islamic profit, and it strayed from the Curran in the minutest of ways, let’s just picture in your mind the mindless chaos that would be filling half of the world right now. There would be threats of death, things would blow up, and a lot of people would die. The same people who are sitting in the theatre saying to themselves, “I knew those Catholics were bad,” would be out there lauding the decision to make such an offensive hateful movie about the religion of peace, and not ONE person in the entire Islamic world would denounce the actions of all of the vicious animals in the name of Allah creating such chaos. NOT ONE, unless you gave that person the opportunity to say a pile of hateful things about everyone else first, then at the very end might say, “but I don’t condone violence”. Contrast that to member of the KKK going out and rousting a black man in the name of what they call Christianity, and you would have about 95% of the Christian world calling for the death of whomever did it, and hell I’d kill the fuckers myself! It’s amazing the racism that passes for “truth” in this world today.

I have had enough of the whole bullshit argument about it all, I had actually started turning on our president until this week when I realized that he does a lot of stupid things, and it might be because he is stupid, but there are millions of people in this country who do stupid things because they are ignorant, and a million more who do stupid things purely on purpose. From this day forward nobody is allowed to speak ill of things around me until they can prove that they are intelligent enough to do so. My first question to the idiots that trash the war {because I am sick of hearing about how men and women are dying for a mistake and a lie} came from the same guy at work who schooled me on the history of Condoleezza Rice {and yes he happens to be a black man}, when one of the uneducated there started giving him a hard time about the war that his son is off fighting right now “So you believe that the people over there deserve to be slaves?” and he was right, because that is unfortunately the answer to the opposition to it all. You don’t have to like the war, but stop being so totally ignorant to the results. He added to it something that I can’t though, but have heard the stories from friends who are either over there or come back and went back willingly, and that is “He’s proud of what he is doing, and so am I,” ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. JC~

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