Friday, April 7, 2006

The Further Decline of Western Civilization - Volume 1

Well for those of you that were wondering I took a hiatus from writing because all I could think of to write was angry, violent, depressing, or otherwise vile tempered stuff for the last few weeks so I decided that rather than force things out, I would simply let it pass and come back when the feelings passed. The good news is that I am back; the bad news is it is NOT because the temperament has improved any. I was listening to the radio today, and I was treated to the ramblings of Laurie David {a woman whose only real claim to fame is that she sleeps with Larry David} and she was prattling on and on about how we are destroying the Earth, and that Global Warming is the worst thing ever.

Her enlightenment happened when she was out walking her child one day and noticed all the SUVs on the road, and then was struck intelligent {in her mind anyway} by how these things are just polluting and wasting gas. I am going to let everyone in on a little secret about Global Warming, The Sky Falling and other assorted Insanities that people who somehow became famous enough to get a microphone in front of them, or follow the news media’s agenda will never get … 70 percent of the United States {according to Gallop} don’t CARE! It’s quite simple really as I got to thinking about the wonderful representatives of TSIFAIOF {The Sky Is Falling And It’s Our Fault} if you all didn’t fall into 3 distinct categories then perhaps you would be taken seriously.

  1. The Totally Off The Wall Nutbags – This includes such wonderful representatives of the human race as Ed Begley Jr. who {at least I will give him credit for taking the steps in his own life at least} is so freaking insane that NOBODY has taken him seriously in forever. When anyone see’s him talking about the environment they totally shut themselves off from it, because there is a serious fear that you can catch whatever the hell it is that he has by contagion!
  2. The Total And Complete Liars – Such amazing representatives of the human genus like Michael Moore are very funny at first, but after a while the outrageous shit that he says does have to be looked into by about half of the people who actually like him {he’s fortunate in the fact that the other half are too lazy} and what ends up happening is that you quite easily find out that he has never let the truth get in the way of a good line of hatred. The liar jerk even had an Oscar taken away from him {from the people who would love nothing better than to sell his BS, but still had to worry about their own credibility … again the 50% of the Academy who went on to read about things} for fabricating things that he was selling as fact. It’s called propaganda, and again THAT will turn away people from what might be a good argument.
  3. The Totally Fraudulent and Disingenuous – Here is where Ms Laurie David comes in. Her obsessive ramblings about what YOU and I can do to save the environment as she drives around in her Hybrid automobile to show us all how wonderfully enlightened she is. Nobody talks about how she drives that Prius over to the Airport and hops on that G5 that seats about 20 people at best and burns up at least TWICE the amount of Jet Fuel {Kerosene} that any normal Passenger Planes use and Jets back and forth from East Coast to West Coast SEVERAL TIMES A MONTH! One of those trips puts more dangerous greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than a Chevy Suburban driving the whole way! This is the type of shit we are so desensitized to thanks to the John Kerry’s and the Al Gore’s whining about pollution before they get into their armor plated SUVs which get HALF the gas mileage of one that you or I could buy.

This shit in general pisses me off. I could go on and say that I actually believe in Global Warming myself but that would be self defeating, because I am not following a bunch of lying, hypocritical lunatics anywhere. My whole system these days is totally shot, as I am starting to believe that it is possible that I draw my little pictures, and I sit in my little e-mail groups playing the “one liner” game because the amount of stupidity that goes around today is hard to deal with, and then I think I am crazy for seeing it differently.

On a couple of other notes … The Massachusetts court system finally got an answer to the question of whether or not prisoners in Massachusetts prisons that are convicted of child molesting are allowed to write offensive kiddie porn stories, and send them to whomever they want, and are even allowed to make a profit on it. It is now in the books in a Boston courtroom that it is a RIGHT of prisoners to write stories about raping children, and they are allowed to send them to prisoners in other prisons. YAY MASS!! Before we get up in arms about how the Politicians, and the lawyers, and the whomever, let me stress to you that it was A JURY. This means that 12 people who are just like you and I who were hand picked by lawyers on both sides decided this, so blame what people today are learning. I have said it before and this proves it. We get EXACTLY the government we deserve.

Antonin Scalia was in town a few weeks ago and he went to church services, where he did the under chin brush to a reporter {common Italian gesture for “I don’t have time for you” or “Go away you bother me”} and the feeding frenzy by the news media over whether or not he disrespected the church, and the way that he should be disbarred or what not is downright comical, especially considering that it is totally coming from a pile of anti-God, anti-decency, left wing Zealots that only want to cripple a Supreme Court Justice that happens to be very conservative. Makes you wonder why politicians are disingenuous. Perhaps it’s because everyone makes them that way, by picking apart the very way they take a shit even. Wish they would start doing that to the shit that occupies Hollywood, that gets paid to pretend, and gets treated like what they have to say is important or intelligent, when all they have proven is that they are good at pretending. I think I know how the world gets so confused now ;8o)

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