Saturday, March 4, 2006

Update On The 17th Year - Volume 9

Later today the other two rotten little bastards come home, so I decided that I should take Imtoocutus out for a little Daddy/Daughter time. I figured I should get her something since her brother and sister both got new computers as of late, and I still had a little money left over from the tax returns. The friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart awaited us at the young hour of 8:30 am after we had a nice little breakfast at the truck stop {strawberry pancakes for her .. western omelet for her father} and stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a days supply of fuel.

We walked around Wal-Mart looking for something comparable to a new computer {it’s kinda like when you have 3 wives, you have to balance it all out yanno} until we came across these neat little gadgets called V-Smiles, which immediately turned the little light bulb on over my head! I have the wonderful opportunity to kill two birds with one stone here, as she needed something educational, and better yet it is disguised as a video game console, which was another problem we had as the “family babysitters” were a little too complicated for a 5 year old girl to understand on her own. Here I sit after a whopping 3 hours of peace and quiet as she has been rapping away on her new V-Smile system and the 3 extra cartridges that we got along with it. Damn 3 whole hours of peace for a hundred bucks, it’s like having another babysitter in the house.

This gave me time to finally play around with a lot of the neato gadgets that I have acquired, and haven’t had time to play with, like the new Google Desktop. Holy GOD this is THE COOLEST free toy I have gotten in a long time! Just over to the right of this window that I am typing up today’s blog entry the Google Desktop bar is simultaneously keeping a very small and neat copy of MSN Instant Messenger {and even blocks all of it’s spyware while doing it}, a list of all of my e-mails as they come in, a list of the latest news clips as they break {based on the sources I choose through RSS}, a list of all of the blogs I read {right on the little bar, updated the second they come out, and also through RSS}, a little scratch pad to throw mental notes in without worrying about losing them, a continually morphing 125 by 125 photo show of every image on my computer, up to the minute weather updates, a showing of the coolest entertainment clips {free web MP3, and Videos}, a showing of updated Satellite maps of various locations in the world {scrolling and if I am in an IM with someone it will immediately go to that persons location}, and a to do list. This is ALL in a 2 inch wide strip to the right of my computer screen, and it isn’t even one tenth of the things you can download and add to it, aside from the fact that it keeps my entire computer indexed so that I can find anything in a second.

Well now the trick is for me to figure out why I have this and why Google {a billion dollar corporation} would want me to have something like this for the wonderful price of FREE. It’s not that I have been listening to too much Art Bell or anything, but more that lingering remembrance of the Yahole TOS {Yahoo Terms of Service} that has me worried about anything that unveils itself as free, and I love. In the beginning Yahole 360 was the coolest thing on Earth and I couldn’t believe that I was so lucky to have it. Then I started having all of the problems, and found out the hard way that the TOS basically said that I signed over the rights to everything I put there and Yahole had every right to sell it, or even tell you that you weren’t allowed to use it yourself anymore. Like any other sweat shop, they eliminate your identity and throw you away when you stop producing for them. Fear of this type of Licensing Agreement only attached to my very computer itself prompted me to scour through the EUA {End User Agreement} that Google and I have wink wink nudge nudged here. I am happy to report though that I have found no actual statements along the lines of, “we are taking your stuff from you” but did find the usual, “this is beta and if it sets fire to your house … DON’T BLAME US” lingo, which I can live with.

It’s scary times in the online community as the stalkers and people with bad intentions are running around like crazy in some locations, but it’s even worse when you have to be totally paranoid about the services that you are using stealing from you. Be careful about the user agreements that you accept when you sign up for that cool new service, because the end result of that could be standing on the sidelines “confused and depressed” but anyone who wants a free toy that is really really good in my mind, you should see this new Google Desktop. You can get it totally free at and after you get it running the way you like, then have a blast downloading and installing the hundreds of free plugins for it as well. Have a great weekend guys … ;8o)

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