Friday, March 17, 2006

Throwing Truth Disguised as Stones - Volume 2

This is going to be a hard blog to write actually as I have to admit that I am going to be very critical of one of my greatest benefactors on the internet, and that is Google. I'm rather furious at thier greedy behavior and water chumming for all of the people who don't pay attention in the United States and all over the world. No amount of explanations are going to explain away what I think is blatant lying and people herding and as a matter of fact I can honestly proclaim that Google is now a co-conspirator in human rights abuses. While nobody pays attention, they have totally justified and supported the easy distribution of kiddy porn while everyone applauds them. Now technically to be fair, Google isn't actually participating in the kiddy porn trafficking, but they do encourage it through the entire legal process that they are going through with the Federal Government over whether they are going to hand over “sensitive” data to the Feds. Those of you applauding Google for this decision might actually want to get your facts strait before you find yourself on the sick end of a very bad cover up.

In reality the ONLY statistic that the federal government is looking for is how many times certain words that are related to kiddy porn are actually searched. They don't want the names, no IP addresses, they simply asked {originally} for the numbers. Google happens to be horribly full of shit on this one and I can't defend them at all despite the Feds going overboard and then demanding those numbers, when what they should have done was just launch a smear campaign of their own. They could have sent statements to the Washington Post and the New York Times saying “We wanted the statistical numbers of how many people use Google to look for Kiddy Porn, but they consider that to be too embarrassing to them. I suppose that they must be a very large gateway to that illegal lifestyle and we here in Washington are rather upset that they feel the need to distribute these sorts of materials to everyone,” and as the world goes mental over that statement {being only half true but not completely false} they could have then let the people of the country DEMAND that they go get these things from Google!

Here’s the placement of Google’s bullshit you see, because if an organization that Google favors came along with a check and said, “Yanno, we would like to pay you to see how many people put in the word 'cars'” then your “privacy” will be violated 10 ways to Sunday, and not only will Google give them that erroneous number ... say 1.3 million for instance, but for a few dollars more they will make sure that YOUR link will be fed to everyone first when they search for the word 'cars'. They seem to think that if you are searching for an Isuzu, that you are not entitled to the info prioritized to the way you want it, but if the federal government simply asks “Can we get a number on how many people looked up “Sex with 10 year olds” then it is a free speech violation and NOT to be trifled with. That's total shit and we all know it. Wait until the next presidential election and Google will be out there showing their cock every time a poll is out, and they will get one of their people out there to tell you which of the candidates names was entered most and every little demographic that they can pull from it too.

It's easy for Google to get away with these things too because a good deal of the population has been propagandized to believe that anything this “government” does is to violate the rights of everyone, and fail to mention the interesting facts like what happened yesterday as this “evil government” using the information that it has been collecting on the “Kiddy Porn Disease” that is infesting the internet and collaborated with the Australian government to actually take down the largest Kiddy Porn ring in the history of the internet. I am not going to over glamorize it here because I don't want people looking for these pieces of scum from here, but these disgusting creatures were actually showing streaming video of babies as young as 18 months being raped. In the end other search engines actually went TO the Feds and said that this needs to be taken care of, and thank God it was. Feel free to look it up yourself. I’m sure Google has that in it’s database.

The final straw in this whole privacy argument that Google is trying to hammer home to the masses of those that don't pay attention is what they also did a few weeks ago, when they signed thier blockbuster agreement with The Peoples Republic of China. Now here is a good government in the eyes of Google. Google likes them so much that they are going to block searches from the really rotten words in China, like “Freedom” “Tiananmen Square” and “Liberty” and by agreement will give the Chinese government a list of the people who use these terms so that they can be dealt with by the Chinese. In other words, for a dollar, your friends at Google will block you from finding information, hand you over to people that will interrogate you, possibly torture you, and most likely kill you for simply putting in “Tiananmen Square!” The difference here is actually which government will put up with more than the other one, and has nothing to do with freedom of speech and in my opinion has to do with assisting global oppression, not only to the people of China who live in slavery while Google feeds off of them {I call it as I see it} but for the babies who will be raped and tortured and perhaps live a good 60 years of nightmares from what Google actually considers “Free Speech” ;8o)

Assorted Mental NotesIn full disclosure I must tell you that Blogger, who actually serves my blogs through my site is a Google company, and the ads that are scattered throughout all of my pages are Google Adsense ads, so you can call me a traitor as well I suppose as I think about it. I actually held back on this for a couple of weeks out of fear of reprisal, but I was rather proud of the Feds and the Aussie equivalents for making such a huge score, and I figured I owed the info in my head, but they are all about free speech after all so I should be fine right? It’s hard to find anything that isn’t based on someone being hurt and stick to my moral guns. I am a total capitalist yet I have not owned a pair of Nikes in almost 12 years since I found out about their slave trading in Indonesia, so that Michael Jordan can get his 10 million a year, amongst other things, but as I said it is getting almost impossible to quietly protest it all as there are almost no good companies left. … JC~

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